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Let's Laugh at IdiotsTogether! Spain Sun's Liveblog of "Edit Banned"
Ah, Edit Banned, such a beautiful trainwreck, where the fun never ends, and that's how we like it :p
Heh. Think if he showed up now, he'd have been given a lighter sentence?
pretty coo'.
This may be one of the best Liveblog ideas around.
:D And Inner Spain Sun is happy. As am I. Keep it up, you're doing fine!
This oughta be good.

Heh, yeah, I love reading that thread. Seeing other's reactions to it will be quite entertaining.
Good start. Nice Quips.
Eight comments already? I wish my LB (which I should continue some time) would get any...

Anyway, I liked it. I had my doubts when the idea of an "Edit Banned" LB was mentioned the first time, since I couldn't really imagine it, but this start convinced me that it could get quite good. Can't wait for the next entry!
Ahh, Chuck G. I remember trying to clarify the situation to him, but all he took was "So other people can delete my stuff?!?"
Some people just don't quite grasp that whole thing about how a wiki works, it would seem. Chuck is definitely one of them, he's one of the more entertaining for a while in that thread, if memory serves :D
Heh. Good use of the war joke, although I think you should have ended it with a bigger bang (first thing off the top of my head is genocide / armageddon, but that might be too big).
What happened to Page 2?

This is great, I can't wait 'till you get to some of the really obnoxious assholes so I can laugh at them again.
Nice dude, I can't wait til you get to the really bad stuff.
Yeah, Kanye West has a long history of being banned from wikis, mostly for his refusal to stop typing so hard he might fucking break his fucking Mac book Air!!!!!!!!
merton (edited by: merton)
Oh god. I almost miss that little bastard.
I think you're kind of reaching for things to mock on this one.

Dragon Booster is a show. He was saying he wanted to spruce it up some, admittedly in odd words.

The "Jesse avatar" is the avatar he had when he typed that message. The first one visible in his avatar gallery.

The reference to Kanye West is... odd, but not really out there. He's saying he screwed up.
TriggerLoaded (edited by: TriggerLoaded)
...You know, I myself am the subject of a forum ban that I don't much appreciate, but dang. Some people, you know?
Imma let you finish, but THE GENERALS BATTLE was the funniest part reviewed so far.