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Music, blood, creepy women and singing clay: Let's Watch RahXephon
Ohoh, fun !

Your take on the show is interesting, as you've got a good grasp on some of the basics... but there's at least one point where I laughed out loud due to how wrong you were. (I'm not telling where for obvious reasons.)

Half the fun in this series is to puzzle the truth of what's really going on beyond all the pyrotechnics, and it should be fascinating to watch you put the pieces together.
It'll be interesting to see your comments, then! And don't worry. As I said in the first post, I've seen half of the series, though my memory is vague. At least a few of the off comments I made in this set are deliberately misleading.
This should be good. The show is a favourite of mine, and your style is both evocative and informative. You've managed to pick up on several details that are easily missed on first viewing but still keep the flow going.

Last liveblog for this series I added comments on the Gratuitous Nahuatl used in some of the technobabble and helped provide Dolem names that were only given in liner notes not in the show proper, but that's all still available in Ponacalica's thread and you have the DV Ds yourself. For the new readers of the livblog I'll just state that "ollin" is Nahuatl for "movement" and part of the name of a sun-god, but the in-show meaning will become clear from context later.

I don't want to say too much at this point for fear of spoilers and because I don't have access to my DV Ds until after Christmas so I can't double-check when certain scenes occur. But I look forward to your next episode commentary.
I've always had a thing for Rah Xephon, and I'm enjoying seeing your take on it. Makes me wish I got the series for Christmas.
Um - I don't want to be pushy, but is this still going? Or is there a curse upon Rah Xephon liveblogs?
Yes, eventually, I've been busy. Also yes.