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The HYBRID Experience 2.0
Aahahahahahahaaaa ... *breathe* ahahahahaaaa.

Sorry. Keep blogging. This is highly entertaining.
Haha, as someone who's currently up-to-date on EMH, I still find this amusing to read. Keep on going! As a warning, though, make sure not just to follow the youtube videos, but all the other various sites the story occurs on as well.
DoomFilledDoom (edited by: DoomFilledDoom)
I agree. This is amusing. I discovered EMH about a month or two ago and did my own Archive Binge to get caught up. I recommend following the timeline on the wiki like I did. I also went over the article for each video after watching them in order to see if there were Slender Man sightings that I missed. I seem to have a hard time picking him out on my own and I still can't see him in the TV Tropes article picture no matter how hard I look.

Also, enjoy sitting through the 2 hour Ustream video.

EDIT: I think we scared him off the series by telling him just how much he has to binge.
TheCuza (edited by: TheCuza)
ha ha, sorry abut that. I'm still here and I'm still gonna finish the liveblog, for some reason I'm just pretty badly stuck on the entry on "A Day In The Life." The Mood Whiplash on this series is just crazy.

(I'm still trying to figure out how my sequence for the spin-offs/background material is gonna go. My original intention was to see how immersion in this series was going to work for someone who just stumbled upon it on You Tube without any knowledge of the series wiki, Unfiction or TV Tropes. I'm hoping Can You See The Words and the one about Jeff's brother actually show up in-story at some point though, if only to make the "segues" easier.)
I know that Can You See The Words shows up in the series itself, in the form of a website a character is visiting, but even though Jeff's brother does show up in a few main-channel videos, the only way to find his youtube channel without leaving youtube would be through related videos. Aside from that, there are a lot of things on the EMH twitter account and IRL cached "boxes", and without them there's no way to fully understand the plot, especially the really recent events where anyone only using the youtube is more-or-less completely lost.

tl;dr: I wish you luck, but figuring everything out without the wiki or UF is... well, I'm not sure it's possible. Still, good luck.