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Leradny Liveblogs: The Last Airbender
Glad you're judging the film on its own merits. Must have been some of the longest 10 minutes of your life.
Better you than me. We who love and respect the original series salute you.
I was told off by my sister for saying it wasn't very good when I hadn't watched it.

To my eight-year-old nephew.

When she and my mother put it on to entertain him.

In my defence, I call it like I see it. If capslock_atla, Rotten Tomatoes and The Onion AV Club all think it's horrible,then I don't want to sully my memories by watching this.
You know someone's not cut out to be a screenwriter when they don't think a line needs to be rewritten, despite containing a phrase like "the water of the ocean."
To be honest, the racebending thing doesn't really bother me. I never saw what the problem was. It's the absolutely hack-level writing that's really annoying me.

Character names. You go 15+ minutes without even saying what the main character's name is. Writers have been doing this for millenia, in plays long before movies. This level of writing is beyond belief.