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The Overlord raises hell liveblogging Overlord: Raising Hell
Congratulations, sire! Such a gluttonous buffoon as Melvin surely did not deserve an afterlife of indulgence! He shall certainly curse your name for all eternity as he rots away in the netherworld, warning all those in the netherworld that our great and powerful liege is not a force to be trifled with! All hail the Overlord!

...Moving on, if Melvin could come back (in one form or another), something tells me that Sir William and King Oberon might also be making the most of their afterlives. However, it would probably be best to restock the barracks and treasury before going on a ghost hunt. Dwarves have a reputation for being excellent blacksmiths, do they not? Perhaps they should be targeted prior to those envious desert bandits...
Great goin', almighty Ovah...Overla...Boss Man, dood! *hic* That'll show them dwarfy idjitsh who da rightful ruler of thish land should be! *hic* May your reign be as glary...glear...aweshome as dat ale is shtrong, dood!
My lord, I would recommend just killing the Rock Giant. He may be tough, but he's not invincible.

Also, it appears that you have not yet visited the private quarters of the tower. Shouldn't keep Rose waiting, now should we?
Yeesh, and I thought I was wanting for comments. Seriously, it's weak how nobody's talking about this, since you're actually constructing a narrative here.
It's no problem. The older posts were carried over from the forum before the LB section was archived. Too bad I couldn't preserve them all..