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Launched By Working Title Final Title Date
trumpton360 Vacation Films VacationFilms Dec 25th 2017
AHI-3000 Insanely International Ancestry InsanelyInternationalAncestry Dec 23rd 2017
Scifimaster92 Canadian Movies CanadianMovies Dec 22nd 2017
yisfidri No Listening Skills NoListeningSkills Dec 21st 2017
TheGreatConversation Majority-Share Dictator MajorityShareDictator Dec 20th 2017
Rytex Iconic Sequel Song IconicSequelSong Dec 20th 2017
Owlorange1995 Sinister Switchblade SinisterSwitchblade Dec 17th 2017
Drakos25 Eat The Summoner EatTheSummoner Dec 15th 2017
marcoasalazarm Failed Execution, No Sentence FailedExecutionNoSentence Dec 15th 2017
JoieDeCombat Eccentric Artist EccentricArtist Dec 15th 2017
Chabal2 Crime-Concealing Hobby CrimeConcealingHobby Dec 15th 2017
Piterpicher Visual Novels Of The 2010s VisualNovelsOfThe2010s Dec 14th 2017
BoukenDutch Brig Ball Bouncing BrigBallBouncing Dec 14th 2017
Pichu-kun Fan Animation FanAnimation Dec 13th 2017
Jubileus57 Glowing Flora GlowingFlora Dec 13th 2017
lakingsif Bittersweet Seventeen BittersweetSeventeen Dec 13th 2017
DustSnitch Clickbait Gag ClickbaitGag Dec 10th 2017
Stolen_Moment Expressive Skull ExpressiveSkull Dec 9th 2017
JesseMB27 Meat Sack Robot MeatSackRobot Dec 8th 2017
Pichu-kun Abandoned Mascot AbandonedMascot Dec 5th 2017
tioseafj Identically-Powered Team IdenticallyPoweredTeam Dec 4th 2017
Pichu-kun Stray Animal Story StrayAnimalStory Dec 4th 2017
Unicorndance One-Episode Fear OneEpisodeFear Dec 4th 2017
DaFlabbagasta Pants Pulling Prank PantsPullingPrank Dec 3rd 2017
Piterpicher Web Originals Of The 2010s WebOriginalsOfThe2010s Dec 3rd 2017
AndreaTx Disneyland Dad DisneylandDad Dec 2nd 2017
Theharbo Flaming Meteor FlamingMeteor Dec 2nd 2017
Tuckerscreator Villainous Gentrification VillainousGentrification Dec 1st 2017
Kalaong Super-Sargasso Sea SuperSargassoSea Dec 1st 2017
Josef5678 Pet Fad Starter PetFadStarter Dec 1st 2017
foxley Cars Without Tires Are Trains CarsWithoutTiresAreTrains Dec 1st 2017
foxley Cars Without Tires Are Trains CarsWithoutTiresAreTrains Dec 1st 2017
tioseafj Anachronistic Soundtrack AnachronisticSoundtrack Nov 30th 2017
Luppercus A Cat In A Gang of Dogs ACatInAGangOfDogs Nov 30th 2017
Eievie Pining After Protagonist's Parent PiningAfterProtagonistsParent Nov 30th 2017
Mr.Phorcys Strong Empire, Shriveled Emperor StrongEmpireShriveledEmperor Nov 29th 2017
StarSong212 Druidic Sickle DruidicSickle Nov 29th 2017
ZuTheSkunk Exposed Eyeballs As Eyes ExposedEyeballsAsEyes Nov 29th 2017
KZN02 Dimensional Cutter DimensionalCutter Nov 28th 2017
Pichu-kun Parent Never Came Back From The Store ParentNeverCameBackFromTheStore Nov 28th 2017
lakingsif Safe Driving Aesop SafeDrivingAesop Nov 28th 2017
ZuTheSkunk Staging The Eavesdrop StagingTheEavesdrop Nov 28th 2017
Mhazard Great Bow GreatBow Nov 27th 2017
WhirlRX Artificial Family Member ArtificialFamilyMember Nov 26th 2017
Jubileus57 Madame Fortune MadameFortune Nov 26th 2017
Piterpicher Films Of 2010-2014 FilmsOf20102014 Nov 25th 2017
alnair20aug93 Same Surname Means Related SameSurnameMeansRelated Nov 25th 2017
TheOrbOfConfusion "Just Frame" Bonus JustFrameBonus Nov 24th 2017
Pichu-kun Inconsistent Coloring InconsistentColoring Nov 24th 2017
Zuxtron Character Model Karma Meter CharacterModelKarmaMeter Nov 23rd 2017