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Launched By Working Title Final Title Date
MinecraftFan11 Cynic-Idealist Duo CynicIdealistDuo May 14th 2018
Pichu-kun Older Than The Demographic OlderThanTheDemographic May 14th 2018
Piterpicher Smuggling Index SmugglingIndex May 13th 2018
Monolaf317 One-Take Wonder OneTakeWonder May 12th 2018
Bisected8 Canon Identifier CanonIdentifier May 11th 2018
Galaxithea Disproportionate Celebration DisproportionateCelebration May 10th 2018
mahidevrans Good Stepmother GoodStepmother May 10th 2018
Animeking1108 Not-So-Cheap Imitation NotSoCheapImitation May 10th 2018
Piterpicher Pilot Episode Tropes PilotEpisodeTropes May 10th 2018
Destreux Incest-ant Admirer IncestantAdmirer May 9th 2018
Lawman592 Disappointing Older Sibling DisappointingOlderSibling May 9th 2018
313Bluestreak Smile of Approval SmileOfApproval May 9th 2018
MCE Shapeshifting Failure ShapeshiftingFailure May 9th 2018
NubianSatyress Egypt Is Still Ancient EgyptIsStillAncient May 8th 2018
acrobox The Diva TheDiva May 7th 2018
Surenity Armenian Media ArmenianMedia May 6th 2018
Pichu-kun Accent Slip-Up AccentSlipUp May 6th 2018
MinecraftFan11 Hates Being Called Cute HatesBeingCalledCute May 6th 2018
Theriocephalus Seasonal Index SeasonalIndex May 4th 2018
Zuxtron .io Game IoGame May 4th 2018
Kartoonkid95 Company Cross-References CompanyCrossReferences May 4th 2018
Kartoonkid95 Throat-Slitting Gesture ThroatSlittingGesture May 4th 2018
Pichu-kun Wanted A Son Instead WantedASonInstead May 3rd 2018
KZN02 Toll Booth Antics TollBoothAntics May 3rd 2018
313Bluestreak Index of Goodbyes IndexOfGoodbyes May 2nd 2018
JustTroper Mundane Horror MundaneHorror May 2nd 2018
Pichu-kun Writer Conflicts With Canon WriterConflictsWithCanon May 1st 2018
Pichu-kun Curly Hair Is Ugly CurlyHairIsUgly Apr 30th 2018
MetaFour AbileneParadox AbileneParadox Apr 29th 2018
Pichu-kun Humans Are Not The Dominant Species HumansAreNotTheDominantSpecies Apr 29th 2018
Jubileus57 Wintry Auroral Sky WintryAuroralSky Apr 29th 2018
AppleGates Censored Child Death CensoredChildDeath Apr 29th 2018
ScroogeMacDuck Living Hat LivingHat Apr 28th 2018
Pichu-kun Vegetarian For A Day VegetarianForADay Apr 28th 2018
Miss_Desperado Flames of Love FlamesOfLove Apr 27th 2018
313Bluestreak Snarking Thanks SnarkingThanks Apr 26th 2018
pidget_spinner Strict Parents Make Sneaky Kids StrictParentsMakeSneakyKids Apr 26th 2018
Basara-kun Win Her A Prize WinHerAPrize Apr 26th 2018
pidget_spinner Struggling Single Mother StrugglingSingleMother Apr 25th 2018
Pichu-kun Dub Personality Change DubPersonalityChange Apr 24th 2018
Coinage Masquerade Paradox MasqueradeParadox Apr 24th 2018
Piterpicher Belarusian Media BelarusianMedia Apr 24th 2018
LavonPapillon1 Putting the 'Pal' in Principal PuttingThePalInPrincipal Apr 23rd 2018
Pichu-kun Tragic Stillbirth TragicStillbirth Apr 22nd 2018
pidget_spinner Dad's Off Fighting In The War DadsOffFightingInTheWar Apr 22nd 2018
SparkPlugTheTroper Malaysian Media MalaysianMedia Apr 22nd 2018
Bisected8 Tattoo Sharpie TattooSharpie Apr 22nd 2018
Kartoonkid95 Early-Bird Release EarlyBirdRelease Apr 22nd 2018
MathsAngelicVersion Work Info Title WorkInfoTitle Apr 22nd 2018
EdnaWalker Knee High Perspective KneeHighPerspective Apr 21st 2018