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Launched By Working Title Final Title Date
AHI-3000 Comedy Video Games ComedyVideoGames Feb 26th 2018
AHI-3000 Military And Warfare Video Games MilitaryAndWarfareVideoGames Feb 26th 2018
Pichu-kun Outfit Rip Sex Check OutfitRipSexCheck Feb 26th 2018
Pichu-kun Defunct Online Video Games DefunctOnlineVideoGames Feb 25th 2018
AHI-3000 Adaptational Job Change AdaptationalJobChange Feb 25th 2018
Pichu-kun A Pet Into The Wild APetIntoTheWild Feb 25th 2018
Quatic Saved By The Coffin SavedByTheCoffin Feb 25th 2018
Pichu-kun Screwed By The Merchandise ScrewedByTheMerchandise Feb 25th 2018
bulmabriefs144 Suppressed History SuppressedHistory Feb 24th 2018
bulmabriefs144 Doomed Fellow Prisoner DoomedFellowPrisoner Feb 24th 2018
buckmana Financial Test Of Friendship FinancialTestOfFriendship Feb 24th 2018
Lawman592 One for the Money; One for the Art OneForTheMoneyOneForTheArt Feb 22nd 2018
lakingsif Queer Show Ghetto QueerShowGhetto Feb 22nd 2018
lakingsif Gayngst Induced Suicide GayngstInducedSuicide Feb 22nd 2018
lakingsif Preserve Your Gays PreserveYourGays Feb 21st 2018
lakingsif Tragic AIDS Story TragicAIDSStory Feb 21st 2018
Pichu-kun Hiding Your Heritage HidingYourHeritage Feb 20th 2018
Pichu-kun Soulmate AU Fic SoulmateAUFic Feb 20th 2018
AHI-3000 Either/Or Offspring EitherOrOffspring Feb 20th 2018
StarSword Disability Alibi DisabilityAlibi Feb 18th 2018
Miss_Desperado Idiosyncratic Mecha Storage IdiosyncraticMechaStorage Feb 18th 2018
Argon2 Greek Letter Ranks GreekLetterRanks Feb 18th 2018
GirlofMassDeconstruction Voluntary Vampire Victim VoluntaryVampireVictim Feb 16th 2018
eroock Clothesline Stealing ClotheslineStealing Feb 15th 2018
SparkPlugTheTroper Argentine Media ArgentineMedia Feb 15th 2018
WiseMan23753 Effective Knockoff EffectiveKnockoff Feb 14th 2018
Monolaf317 DoubleDoubleTitle DoubleDoubleTitle Feb 14th 2018
Rmpdc Desert Warfare DesertWarfare Feb 14th 2018
eroock Chimney Entry ChimneyEntry Feb 13th 2018
Sniper_Maxter Invented Linguistic Distinction InventedLinguisticDistinction Feb 13th 2018
eroock Home Early Surprise HomeEarlySurprise Feb 12th 2018
BinaryStep Pushy Mooks PushyMooks Feb 12th 2018
BlueCaper A Scar To Remember AScarToRemember Feb 10th 2018
Chabal2 Contempt Crossfire ContemptCrossfire Feb 9th 2018
Camwood Loot Boxes LootBoxes Feb 9th 2018
SeizureFerret Overly Long Hug OverlyLongHug Feb 8th 2018
eroock Stalling the Sip StallingTheSip Feb 7th 2018
Discar Eager Rookie EagerRookie Feb 7th 2018
DemonDuckofDoom Public Domain Comic Books PublicDomainComicBooks Feb 6th 2018
AndreaTx Mistaken for Misogynist MistakenForMisogynist Feb 3rd 2018
xxlogos Healing Factor Burnout HealingFactorBurnout Feb 2nd 2018
Abodos Xenomorph Xerox XenomorphXerox Feb 1st 2018
Piterpicher Web Animation Of The 2010s WebAnimationOfThe2010s Feb 1st 2018
313Bluestreak Quitting Tropes QuittingTropes Jan 31st 2018
HeroGal2347 Weight Loss Horror WeightLossHorror Jan 30th 2018
Theriocephalus Mammoths Mean Ice Age MammothsMeanIceAge Jan 28th 2018
alnair20aug93 Detention Episode DetentionEpisode Jan 28th 2018
Basara-kun Big Anime Eyes BigAnimeEyes Jan 27th 2018
WhirlRX Following in Their Rescuer's Footsteps FollowingInTheirRescuersFootsteps Jan 27th 2018
BrokenEye Somebody Named Nobody SomebodyNamedNobody Jan 26th 2018