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Family Friendliness

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We shoot for 'family friendly' at TV Tropes.

What does that mean? A couple of things. First, The thing we are marking as "mature content" is our article, not the work the article is about. We can talk about literature (media, that is) which is racy. We just can't be the racy literature.

The second component of "family friendly" is the so-called 'cuss' words.

Look, there is almost always a funnier way to say whatever you'd like to say than just by dumping a bunch of shock-value words out there. If your imagination is failing you to the extent that you need more than one cuss word on a page, you should just back off for a while and let your brain come back on line. We'd actually be a better source of humor with just one cuss word per hundred pages.

The third and last component of family friendliness is pictures. It's real easy. No naked people, thanks. Readers who are wondering what a naked person might look like can just check out the rest of the Internet.