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Character Reaction Comic

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Tidal_Wave_17 on Sep 25th 2011 at 8:42:06 PM
Name Space: Main
Page Type: Trope

Needs a better name.

Seen it a million times.

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A fanmade comic strip, that can be only one panel or a whole page, showing a character from any type of media reacting to a scene from their own series, a certain pairing, or even another person's fanart. If the scene/pairing/fanart/whatever is particularly squicky, expect a Heroic BSoD from the character veiwing.

Feedback: 2 replies

Apr 14th 2012 at 9:31:52 AM

There was a comic on the now-defunct website "Encyclopedia Dramatica" that showed Garfield and Jon reacting to the Garfield movie.

And this Deviant Art comic of Twilight Sparkle reacting to the infamous Fanservice image of her Tara Strong posted on Twitter.

Mar 15th 2019 at 3:26:52 AM

I haven't seen this around. Tropeworthy? Would this be a fan-work specific thing?