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When The Power Of Love (or All Your Powers Combined) meets Polyamory.

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When The Power of Love meets Polyamory. This trope is to the Harem Genre what Combining Mecha is to the Mecha Genre.

A character becomes Harem-Powered when some or all members of their harem of Love Interests (wanted or otherwise) grant them powers, equipment, abilities or immunities. This can be in general (granting Life Energy to the central character) or very specific (granting one unique item/ability). In narrative terms, this trope typically acts as an unspoken justification for why the character can't choose only partner, as rebuking any member of the harem would affect their optimal combat ability. In some cases, the character may only be able to access one power at a time, but still needs to keep members of the harem around in case they need that specific power at a specific time.

Sister trope to Battle Harem, and the two can overlap. It can also overlap with the aforementioned Combining Mecha such as in the series Vandread, described below.

In videogames, this is related to Level-Up at Intimacy 5.


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    Light Novels 
  • Asura Cryin': A regular human is able to access two types of power.
    • By sacrificing the physical body of a partner, they can draw power from their bonds/love and use them to power a Humongous Mecha called an "Asura Machina". The partner in question literally has their emotions drained to supply energy to the mech and its attacks. Eventually, that partner will lose all emotions, run out of Life Energy completely, and disappear.
    • By forming a "contract" (usually a romantic/sexual relationship) with a demon, humans can create a Familiar called a "Daughter". The demon and the Daughter will gain power from the contract, but it will not only drain Life Energy from the demon (who will crumble into crystal once depleted) but also slowly erode the human's ability to love.
    • The only way to circumvent the energy issue is by taking BOTH of these options and creating what's called an "Asura Cryin". This allows the Machina and the Daughter to circulate magic with each other, both increasing their power and slowing down (but not stopping) the energy depletion. However, this does NOT solve the emotion/mind drain problem. This is reason is why Asura Cryin are feared and typically killed on sight: they're a nigh-unstoppable Person of Mass Destruction who's had their empathy and mental state eroded to the point of insanity.
    • In addition to this, Tomoharu ALSO gains powers from Nia, a demon who has luck-granting/draining abilities, which she can bestow upon him with a kiss.
  • Campione!: Godou's most powerful ability, which is essentially an Instant-Win Condition, can only be activated once he sufficiently understands a god, as well as their powers and origins. The Girl of the Week is usually the only person who has that knowledge, which would take years of explanation to cover verbally. It's possible to impart knowledge all at once via magic, but a Campione's skin is Anti-Magic. Thus, the only way said girl can give the hero the power he needs to save the day is to insert the magic inside his body, which typically means through kiss or you-know-what.
  • Hundred: The trope is Played With, in that Hayato gains a Power Limiter through his harem because he's a "Variant"—a Half-Human Hybrid caused by his DNA being infected with the Savage virus. Using too much of his Variant power can cause him to go berserk, unless the Savage virus is put under control. He can do this by "giving" some of the virus to someone else, via a kiss. If the person wasn't already a Variant themselves, they will become one by kissing him. In addition to this, two other women in his harem (Sakura and his little sister Karen) can also calm out-of-control Variants with their music.
  • In Another World with My Smartphone: Touya can use any spell ever created, meaning he can use spells specific to any mages in his Battle Harem, and even combine them to create Required Secondary Powers for more complex abilities, such as Super Mode or Flight. He also gains access to the island of Babylon, which is a base created by Professor Regina Babylon to aid him in his upcoming battle with the Fraze with access to an alchemy lab, a mass-production workshop, and facilities for producing Humongous Mecha. Due to Regina's nature, each piece also comes with a Sex Bot for Touya...including Regina herself.
  • I Saved Too Many Girls and Caused the Apocalypse is a combination of this and Story Breaker Teamup - due to being dragged into multiple stories from different genres, Rekka gets to use abilities and equipment in places where no one sees them coming. Can't pull out the Sword In The Stone? Just borrow the alien girl's teleportation device!
  • Rokujyouma no Shinryakusha!?: This is a very downplayed trope, played in a more practical, long-term method than usual. Satomi finds himself in situations where one of the girls in his harem teaches him some type of skill (such as swordfighting) or bestows upon him an item or skill (like a sword or armor) that slowly starts to turn him from an Ordinary High-School Student into the spitting image of the legendary Blue Knight. This alludes to the fact that Satomi is, in fact, a reincarnation of said Blue Knight and most of the girls have some sort of connection with him.
  • Sekai No Owari No Encore: Due to his resemblance to an ancient hero, Ren ends up travelling with the hero's old Battle Harem - an angel, a demon and a dragon in human form, who each give him a minor boon so that he won't get himself killed by enemies who mistake Ren for the hero himself.
  • Strike the Blood: Kojou is a Pregenitor vampire with the ability to summon highly destructive familiars. However, the familiars will not respect a "virgin" vampire and will only awaken if he drinks blood. In addition to that, some of his familiars require multiple different "blood donors", some require specific types of blood (or Life Energy) and some just become bored from receiving blood from the same partner over and over. Because of that, Kojou is required to keep a harem of women (and possibly men) to access his powers.
  • Unlimited Fafnir: Yuu is a "D", or a human born with the powers of a "Dragon", enormous Kaiju that select humans as "mates" and turn them into a matching "Dragon". Except later it's revealed that he's actually a "Counter-Dragon", and he also has the ability to "mate" with Ds. He thus "mates" with every girl in his school to protect them from being claimed by other Dragons.
  • World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman: In a world where people gain power from Past-Life Memories, Moroha is a rare example of someone able to gain power from two past lives. In one past life, he was a swordsman fighting for his little sister and in another, he was an Arch Mage leading a slave rebellion with his wife. All three of them have been reincarnated into this era, and only through deepening his relationships with them can he remember his past abilities. And on top of this, he also has a regular Battle Harem which provides backup.

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Oct 13th 2017 at 9:58:49 AM

See With Our Swords Scene.

Pretty sure Pretear also counts.

Oct 11th 2017 at 1:24:01 PM

Wow. I've NEVER seen that trope before. Thanks for that.

Oct 13th 2017 at 12:13:54 PM

I think we've got enough examples for some hats, please.

Oct 13th 2017 at 1:14:38 PM

Is this Combinatorial Explosion + some sort of Power Of Love?

'Cause from the title, I was thinking something like Bliss Stage, where the more relationships you have, you get literally stronger just from those relationships, instead of something that comes with the relationships...

Oct 13th 2017 at 1:47:59 PM

It CAN be like that, if polyamory is involved.

Oct 13th 2017 at 1:50:08 PM

For the sake of those not familiar with our tropes, you may want to replace the wicks in the Laconic with the definitions of those tropes.

Oct 13th 2017 at 2:23:01 PM

But...but...most of those trope names are self-explanatory. "All Your Powers Combined", "The Power Of Love", "Combining Mecha"?

Those are some of the most clear trope titles we have in the entire site! Are you sure that's necessary?

Oct 13th 2017 at 3:33:29 PM

They're explanatory in their range, but encompass too many possibilities to give this trope a clear definition.

For example, with The Power Of Love, what kind of power does Love give? Manga.Negima has the Cards, Bliss Stage has the relationships themselves being powerful.

If All Your Powers Combined is a requirement, then each of the Harem members have to contribute a power of some sort...

And how does Polyamory relate to All Your Powers Combined? It sounds sorta redundant...

Oct 13th 2017 at 4:39:43 PM

I think you're just overthinking things.

Let me start off with this: Tropes Are Flexible. There is no narrative limit to he types of power the Power Of Love can encompass. Likewise, All Your Powers Combined does not have the literal limitation of ALL Your Powers Combined; a combination of various abilities is all that's needed. You could semantically argue that the "entire group" portion of the definition gives it that limitation, but if you believe that,I would suggest opening a topic on Trope Repair Shop, because that isn't how the examples ae limited. At all.

And I really don't understand that last part at all. How is All Your Powers Combined in any way redundant to Polyamory?

Oct 13th 2017 at 6:28:40 PM

I guess 'cause they both involve groups? I'm not sure myself, but I felt that, in context, the addition of Polyamory was a bit redundant.

All Your Powers Combined doesn't have a canon Laconic, but it seems like it sorta needs a group, instead of just one other person's powers? Otherwise it's just plain Power Copying, of some kind, 'cause there's no fusion. From the description:

"this character has the ability to duplicate or steal the powers of not just one, but an entire group of people and use them simultaneously. "

Possible entry:

Fanfic.Dark Horse: Gordian Not:

to ponies Friendship is Magic." [...] "As in, you get a bunch of friends and you've got more." My brow furrowed against my arm. "A feedback loop? Really?" [...] "And mechanics aside, it's usually not that noticeable. When Milk Run buys Fast Cashier and Winter Melon salt-licks. Well, to be blunt, one point zero-one to the power of three still ain't that impressive a figure."

Oct 20th 2017 at 11:04:51 AM

Twelve Beast: The main character already has implausible ninja training, but gets superpowers when any of the girls he travels with fuses with his metal gauntlet (the harpy gives agility, the minotauress gives strength, etc.). Unfortunately, this involves him putting his hand on their breast.

Oct 20th 2017 at 5:12:46 PM