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Cute Girls Doing X Things

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A show about a group of girls who all share a hobby or interest.

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F1Krazy on Jul 22nd 2016 at 6:54:37 AM
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Tarhalindur on Jan 9th 2018 at 7:02:33 AM
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A Sub-Trope of Slice of Life shows, and most commonly seen in Moe-oriented Anime, Cute Girls Doing X Things shows feature a group of cute girls who all share a particular interest or hobby, around which the show revolves. Usually, there are five of them, and usually they're of High School age, with a school club dedicated to their activities.

Typically, these shows will have more of a plot than standard Slice of Life shows due to the focus on the activity, and may even verge into full-on Action territory depending on what the activity actually is ([1], for example). By and large, however, they still maintain the light-hearted, fairly comedic tone of the Slice of Life genre as a whole.

For a show to count as "Cute Girls Doing X Things", the main cast has to be entirely female - there might not even be any male characters in the entire show - and they have to share a hobby that's central to the show's premise (otherwise it's just "cute girls doing cute things", i.e. Slice of Life). A lot of Idol Singer shows fall into this category, as do some (but not all) Magical Girl shows.

Shows of this type also tend to be Schoolgirl Series and School Club Stories, though not always (and shows under those tropes aren't necessarily this trope either). If it's an anime, it'll usually feature a Japanese School Club. They will often feature an Improbably Female Cast, and may feature a Tournament Arc in which they take their hobby to a competitive level. Some of the girls may count as Otaku depending on the hobby and their level of obsession with it.

The trope name is an example of a Snowclone (when adding entries, replace "X" with whatever activity it is that the show revolves around). Not to be confused with cute girls doing X-rated things.

Examples of this trope include:

Anime and Manga

Western Animation

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Jul 22nd 2016 at 7:39:09 AM

Lumberjanes: Cute Girls Having Supernatural Adventures In The Woods''

Nov 28th 2017 at 12:31:11 PM

Is this an animation-only trope?

Nov 28th 2017 at 11:25:24 PM

The title reminds me of those "Just Girly Things" edit memes.

Nov 29th 2017 at 2:30:11 AM

Almost all of the OP examples are Zero Context Examples and have been marked as such. They need more information to show how they fit the trope, such as specifically what the characters do in the work. Please don't remove the marking unless you add enough context.

Nov 29th 2017 at 4:32:58 AM

Since everything in this draft screams Moe... what about Moe Hobby Group as the name instead the actual one??

Jan 8th 2018 at 2:52:11 PM

well, the anime fan decription os 'Cute Girls Doing Cute Things' so keeping the name as the same would fit.

Would likely be a subtrope of Pink Bishoujo Ghetto

Jan 8th 2018 at 4:03:24 PM

Feels like a Just For Fun trope to me, in the vein of X Meets Y.

Jan 8th 2018 at 4:14:11 PM

@Arivne: Description says examples would be intentionally written that way. The "Doing X Things" part of the examples IS the context.

Subtrope of Improbably Female Cast, supertrope of Military Moe (Cute Girls Doing Military Things)

Jan 8th 2018 at 4:26:27 PM

Admittedly the concept is nice, and I think it would deserve a hat if the examples had more context.

Jan 8th 2018 at 4:31:22 PM

Actually, I changed my mind. The format of the examples is inconsistent with the rest of the site, and this would probably need a rewrite to fit in. Throwing bomb.

Jan 9th 2018 at 3:16:38 AM

Looks like the trope is ready for discard. If no one objects within a few hours I'll do it. (other than the creator)

Jan 9th 2018 at 3:57:53 AM

I kinda wonder though, if the concept of "cute girls doing x things as a premise" is well-known in other places.

Jan 9th 2018 at 7:02:33 AM

Sorry, but without more explanation for every example, this is "Cute Girls Doing Sit On Chairs"