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The Power Of Insanity

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A character's broken down mental state saves the day.

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To win their obstacles, a motivation is a good thing to keep going. Some have faith because of their big love, others because of their big hate, others because of their friend's faith on them, and some even because of them not giving a darn.

Even Insanity can save the day as well. That is The Power of Insanity.

Someone with their heads far gone or at least in the very clouds aren't automatically doomed to be useless. Their Power Born of Madness can be something the powers of a antagonist won't be able to go out against (either because their destroyed states can' be further destroyed by them or simply the powers aren't capable of reading destroyed minds) and ultimately they'll have a big paper on defeating (and probably can even stuck the killing blow) the villain.


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Power Born Of Madness... Is already there. Eh.

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In the Discworld, the Bursar is a wizard who has been driven to the other side of sanity by the demands of his job. But he is often the one to wander to the blackboard and thoughtfully correct a mathematical equation, or to notice the one thing that helps make sense of a situation that is confusing the hell out of the other senior Wizards...