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New Zealand On Air

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New Zealand On Air

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Proposed By:
AquaticSquab on Oct 12th 2017 at 2:18:26 PM
Last Edited By:
PistolsAtDawn on Oct 12th 2017 at 4:36:28 PM
Name Space: Main
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NZ on Air is an independent New Zealand broadcast funding agency. It is an autonomous crown entity separate from central Government and governed by a Board of six appointed by the Minister of Broadcasting.

shows that have been made with funding from New Zealand On Air:

Feedback: 4 replies

Oct 12th 2017 at 2:31:18 PM

I'm not sure this is tropeable. It sure as hell isn't in this form. See TLP Guidelines

Oct 12th 2017 at 2:46:41 PM

fixed markup. its fine with me as a creator page

Oct 12th 2017 at 3:43:40 PM

Is it actually a creator, though? The current definition reads like these guys are just providing money for media projects. We have Creator/ pages because creators often have a Signature Style and favorite tropes that give their body of work an overarching personality. I do not think a Creator/ page can exist if said "creator" has no creative input in the works associated with them (just financial input).

Oct 12th 2017 at 4:36:28 PM

This should probably be under creator like PBS, NPR, BBC, and CBC. I can't imagine this being a common trope.