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1'''Beware of unmarked spoilers.''' ²----²!!Subpages²[[index]]²* [[BaseBreakingCharacter/YuriOnIce Base-Breaking Character]]²* [[BrokenBase/YuriOnIce Broken Base]]²* [[Fanon/YuriOnIce Fanon]]²* [[Memes/YuriOnIce Memes]] ²[[/index]]²----²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder: A-D]]²* AbandonShipping: ²** Almost all ships with Yurio were eventually dropped through the show, with only Otabek/Yurio remaining.²*** Right at the start of the show, Yurio/Yuri and Yurio/Victor both had a certain following, despite the controversy about their age difference. This changed as it became clearer that Yuri and Victor were the main couple within the show, they had more parental/familiar feelings toward Yurio, and Yurio fell a bit OutOfFocus between the "Hot Springs on Ice" challenge and the Rostelecom Cup. The fans almost all moved toward Victor/Yuri. Not even the implications by Episode 12 that [[spoiler:Yurio might have been in love with Yuri all along]] were enough to bring the ships back. At best, the former ship is treated as a guilty pleasure than a mainstream enjoyment, or Yurio's crush on [[spoiler: Yuri]] is just an obstacle to his true love with another character (usually Otabek).²*** J.J./Yurio gained a following during the Rostelecom Cup, which had their fiery dynamic in the spotlight. Plus fans were getting desperate for a potential Yurio love interest, and they didn't like J.J.'s snobby canon fiancée Isabella. Both of those changed in the following two episodes: Otabek was finally introduced as genuine Yurio ShipTease, and Isabella rooting for J.J. even at his lowest redeemed her in fans' eyes. The ship died off for most after that.²** Pretty much all ships with Christophe were abandoned when [[FanNickname Mystery Man/Masumi]] showed up in Episode 11, a man who is implied to be Christophe's boyfriend. To be fair, no pairing with him was ever all that popular.²*** ZigZagged, as recently [[ShipsThatPassInTheNight Christophe and Phichit]] have become a popular form of PairTheSpares in Yuri/Victor-focused fanfiction.²* AllThereIsToKnowAboutTheCryingGame: The show's status as a respectful and accurate QueerRomance is now as much, if not more, a part of its larger reputation than its focus on professional figure skating, to the point that it's commonly referred to as "that gay figure skating anime" or "the one about gay figure skaters." When it was airing, though, the fact that [[spoiler:Yuri and Victor]] eventually became an OfficialCouple rather than keeping to subtext was a pretty huge shock (mostly in a [[YaoiFangirl good]] [[LGBTFanbase way]]) to its weekly viewership.²* AlternateCharacterInterpretation:²** ''Victor''. No matter what side of the fence you're on, you're going to have an opinion about him whether you like it or not. Most people just don't know what he is or is trying to be to Yuri, something even he lampshades in Episode 4. And Yuri's reply of wanting him to just be himself left more opinions up in the air, since we don't know ''who'' Victor's real self is.²*** Episode 3 has caused heated debate over Victor as a character and his role in the competition he sets up between the two Yuris. Some fans believe that Victor's behavior towards Yuri -- giving him more attention and being more obviously constructive -- was clearly biased in comparison to the way he treats Yurio, who's given no concrete instruction, to the extent that some think that he was set up to fail. Meanwhile, others believe that while Yurio had the harder theme to convey, he was given the same opportunity as Yuri and performed well, only failing because he couldn't incorporate his emotions into the routine, which was the entire point of the contest in the first place.²*** Some people started discussing whether Victor is fluent in Japanese, as there are many moments while talking with Yuri and the Hasetsu citizens where he doesn't seem to understand them, though this one is more because of TranslationConvention than anything else. The creators, for their part, have stated that Victor and Yuri converse primarily in English. ²*** It's possible to interpret that Victor practices, or is interested in, BDSM. The ''eros'' outfit that he used when younger was stated to be made in order to summon imagery of BDSM and lingerie. Also in Episode 6, Christophe, who is Victor's OnlyFriend and possibly [[spoiler:aware of Victor's feelings for Yuri and of the former's personal life]], passingly refers to Victor as Yuri's "master" (and yes, in ''that'' context), implying an interest of Victor in this kind of thing. Victor and Yuri having scenes that involve elements of bondage/submission doesn't help matters either: lace tying, NecktieLeash, IKissYourFoot (well, skate), Yuri kneeling in ''dogeza'' while talking about how having Victor around is more like having a god than a coach... The list goes on.²** Yurio's attitude towards Victor and Yuri. It's clear that he feels betrayed by Victor taking off and not fulfilling his promise (although Victor ''did'' keep his word and choreographed a program for him). But the debates of the fandom rage on whether he's mad because he's concerned about his senior debut not going as planned thanks to Yuri, or because [[spoiler: [[GreenEyedMonster he also harbors a crush on Yuri or Victor]]]], considering his reactions every time [[spoiler: he sees Yuri and Victor share a romantic moment]]. ²*** Other fans speculate that he wanted to compete against Victor -- which Victor even lampshades himself -- albeit Victor's departure from the sport made that impossible, therefore he blames Yuri for it and also resents Victor for essentially abandoning his career. Some fans even guess that the reason why he mocked [[spoiler: their engagement]] to Victor's face was because it served as the final straw (or the ultimate sign that Victor is never returning to the sport), leading Yurio to lash out the way he did. ²*** There's also the issue about ''who'' he's actually angry at. His scene with Yuri on Episode 9 implies that he doesn't hate or dislike Yuri at all, or has already gotten past his grudge against him, and is mad only at Victor, only speaking badly about Yuri in Episode 10 in an attempt to get a rise out of Victor. ²*** Or he ''is'' pissed at both of them and the time he acted nice to Yuri was an OutOfCharacterMoment for him and had only happened because he scored higher than Yuri that time around, and he would've acted differently if that wasn't the case. Episode 11 strongly hints towards this, since he still continues to take jabs at Yuri's self-esteem, as if the events of Episode 9 didn't happen at all. ²*** Another party theorized that Yurio actually ''admires'' Yuri, and the reason why he acted the way he did in Episode 1 was because he attempted to bring Yuri out of his slump, albeit ended up snapping at him after hearing his breakdown, and that his kindness towards Yuri in Episode 9 is genuine. Additionally, the same party believe that the reason why Yurio suddenly became resentful again after [[spoiler: Yuri and Victor got engaged]] was because he [[spoiler: has a crush on ''Yuri'' and not on Victor]], even adding that while his actions are still unjustified, he doesn't actually mean to hurt Yuri's feelings. WordOfGod even [[ hints at it]], and Episode 12 confirms, at least, that [[spoiler:Yurio feels ''agape'' for Yuri.]]²** After Episode 11, J.J.. There has been some discussion about how much of his confidence is there to serve as self-reassurance to keep himself from being pressured, and whether [[NoSocialSkills his attempts to socialize with the other skaters being shot down]] led to [[spoiler: him seeing the other skaters as exaggeratedly cruel figures during his anxiety attack]].²** After Episode 12, Yuri himself. Many people had pegged him as an UnreliableNarrator with anxiety problems, but ultimately a good person. In some interviews, Kubo had pegged him as a somewhat cold person and kind of a terrible friend, which gets emphasized when he acts aloof to Minami in Episode 4 and [[spoiler:subtly pushes the blame to Victor when he cries about Yuri's sudden declaration to break off their professional relationship]]. ²* AndYouThoughtItWouldFail: ²** A lot of people--while not necessarily expecting the anime to flop--expected it to have an average run during the Fall 2016 season, because it was an anime original that centered around an unconventional sport, and it was already flanked by ''two'' dude-centric anime from wildly popular franchises (''Anime/ToukenRanbuHanamaru'' and the fourth season of ''VisualNovel/UtaNoPrinceSama''). Instead, it became the [[ third best-selling anime of the last two decades]] in terms of raw UsefulNotes/BluRay[=/=]DVD sales unadjusted for boxsets (which haven't been released as of this writing), and launched itself as a franchise worth billions of yen. It didn't just succeed, ''it blew the competition out of the water''.²** More specifically, the creators had trouble finding studios willing to put faith in it, as Yamamoto's two previous anime had been flops, and it was so different from the sorts of sports anime that had been previous successes (like being about adult professional athletes rather than a high school club, including so many non-Japanese characters, and of course Yuri and Victor's relationship). It turned out what made it different was exactly why it was such a massive global success. ²* AssPull: [[spoiler: Yurio winning gold and J.J. placing higher than Otabek in the Grand Prix Final are analyzed as being grossly over-scored by the fandom, as real life skating would have placed them at different scores]]. See BrokenBase for the explanations.²* SugarWiki/AwesomeArt: ²** Though the art and animation aren't always of consistent quality, there are some very noteworthy instances of AnimationBump, ''especially'' during the figure skating scenes (Yuri and Victor's simultaneous performances of "Stay Close to Me" in the first episode is probably the biggest highlight in this regard). It helps that the figure skating routines in this anime were choreographed by [[ Kenji Miyamoto]], a former ice skater who is now a choreographer and coach.²** The entire opening sequence is practically flawless from beginning to end. Kudos to the key animator for doing it single-handedly within ''two weeks''. ²** The OVA for Yurio's exhibition skate "Welcome to The Madness" is roughly three minutes of pure animated eye candy. It's film-quality from beginning to end, and no sequences in the series proper (aside from the opening) match it in terms of stylishness or attention to detail.²* BestKnownForTheFanservice: As one person claims: "It's [[HoYay homolust]] with skating as window dressing." Though the skating sequences can be noteworthy and the team behind the anime has clearly ShownTheirWork when it comes to the sport, what most people tend to associate with it are the high amounts of HoYay and how the boys milk their sex appeal for everything they've got.²* CrackShip: ²** Many with Yurio. He has been shipped with many skaters that haven't interacted with him, with Minami as an example. ²** A few fans have decided to ship J.J. and Seung-Gil.²** Phichit gets a fair amount of this as well, often being paired with Seung-Gil despite the two never interacting on screen, and with Christophe after they didn't do much more than sit next to each other. Surprisingly, he doesn't often get shipped with Guang-Hong (whose official profile says that he admires Phichit), likely because in the anime itself Guang-Hong has more chemistry with Leo.²* CreatorWorship: To the writer Mitsurou Kubo and, to a lesser extent, the director Sayo Yamamoto.²** There has even been fandom drama over the relative lack of focus on Yamamoto among the fandom compared to Kubo, especially since Yamamoto already had a strong cult following among older female anime fans for her previous series ''Anime/MichikoToHatchin'' and ''Anime/LupinIIITheWomanCalledFujikoMine''. It was resolved by pointing out that Kubo is more active on social media, thereby making her more visible to fans who weren't familiar with Yamamoto's previous work.²** Yamamoto seems to have received more of this as she's done more interviews and appeared at conventions since the show wrapped, especially after a comment about how she had to fight to include the famous [[SignatureScene kiss scene]] in Episode 7. According to Yamamoto in [[ this ANN interview]], she simply didn't have time to do interviews while the show was airing since she was so busy.²* DieForOurShip: Briefly happened to Milla, Sara and Isabella during the show's run.²** Milla and Sara were believed to be canon threats to [[OneTruePairing Victor/Yuri]]. Some fans believed that the show would be just teasing about their relationship and ultimately utilize Milla and Sara to prove that both main characters were straight, with Milla ending up with Victor and Sara with Yuri. Comparisons between Sara and a girl in Yuri's college who was implied to have a crush on him didn't help. However, after it became extensively clear that [[spoiler:Victor and Yuri were the show's OfficialCouple]] as well as the growing popularity of Milla/Sara, this quickly died down.²** Isabella was initially viewed as TheScrappy after her introduction put a damp on the Yurio/J.J. ship, which was at the time a FanPreferredCouple, as well as coming off as a {{Jerkass}}. She earned more good will later after supporting J.J. when he [[spoiler: flubbed his short program at the Grand Prix Final]], and Yurio/J.J. was abandoned with fans migrating to Otabek/Yurio. ²* DiscreditedMeme: The "More like Yaoi on Ice" meme eventually became this due to being repeated so many times.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: E-H]]²* EarWorm: The ending theme, "You Only Live Once", has a catchy electronic beat that's hard to get out of your head once you hear it.²* EnsembleDarkhorse: ²** Milla, the female redhead skater first seen in Episode 2 in Yurio's rink, who attracted a lot of fans on account of her stoic beauty alone. In Episode 4, it's revealed that she actually isn't stoic at all, but fans still liked her for how she [[TheGadfly teases Yurio]] and casually lifts him above her head like it's nothing.²** Phichit has gathered quite a nice fanbase for being an {{Adorkable}} NiceGuy.²** Christophe's overblown sexuality (this man literally orgasms on the ice in an internationally-televised competition, and more than once at that) won him as many fans as it put people off him, though the fandom's reception of him got better after Episode 10. ²** Georgi gets a lot of material on him not because he's attractive or a nice person, but, interestingly, just because of how [[FountainOfMemes hilariously]] [[HamAndCheese over-the-top]] he is. He's also the only male skater so far completely uninvolved in any amount of HoYay, which makes fans joke about him being the token straight character.²** Leo de la Iglesia is also quite popular, due to his Mexican heritage and being an aversion of the typical [[PhenotypeStereotype blonde, blue-eyed American]] common in anime.²** Jean-Jacques Leroy immediately became popular after Episode 8 due to his looks, his AwesomeEgo, and the fact that he's voiced by Creator/MamoruMiyano. ²** Sara Crispino gathered a lot of fans due to her beauty, insights about her very complicated relationship with her brother that points out her depth as a character and the growing popularity of the CrackShip Milla/Sara.²** Seung-Gil Lee was already fairly popular before he made his proper debut due to his good looks and the fact that he's Korean, and Episode 8 just heightened his popularity even more. ²** Emil Nekola gained the attention of fans due to his uncanny resemblance to LetsPlay/PewDiePie. He became even more well-liked due to being one of the friendliest skaters in the cast besides Phichit.²** Otabek Altin became very popular, even with his late introduction, by [[spoiler: saving Yurio from rabid fangirls, telling him he admires him, asking to be his friend ''and then'' becoming Yurio's first friend. A lot of it is amplified by shipping fuel, with them looking very happy in a restaurant together, when both are described as not being super friendly overall]].²** After Episode 11, Isabella got a lot of love and positivity from the fandom. Quite impressive for someone who started out as TheScrappy before being [[RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap redeemed]].²** The unnamed man who appeared in Episode 11 and is affiliated with Christophe in some way is surprisingly popular. ²* FandomRivalry:²** At the start, with ''Manga/{{Keijo}}'', of all things. They both aired in the same season, both centered around unusual sports anime topics (with ''Keijo!!!!!!!!'' not even being a real life professional sport), and both have tons of fanservice. The official ''Keijo!!!!!!!!'' Twitter even fueled the fire a bit, playfully calling their show the best sports anime on land, air, or ''on ice''.²** An ugly one with ''Anime/{{Free}}'', as the two shows share the distinction of being unexpected hits, being a sports anime, and having HoYay in the cast interactions. If one series shows up while the other is being discussed, expect both sides to start arguing about who did what better.²** One definitely arose with ''LightNovel/No6'' after Episode 7 aired. Whenever someone mentions ''Yuri!!! on Ice'' being groundbreaking for [[spoiler: making the main leads into a canon pairing]], expect a ''No. 6'' fan to point out that Nezumi and Shion's relationship was established in a similar way several years earlier. Of course, some fans on either side try to defuse the conflict by saying that ''Yuri!!! on Ice'' is the first ''mainstream'' anime to have a canonical gay male romance between its leading pair. ''No. 6'' is well-known among the LGBT+ community and yaoi/BL circles despite being marketed as a sci-fi dystopia, but, for various reasons, the show never picked up the same momentum outside of the mentioned demographics. ''Yuri!!! on Ice'', on the other hand, managed to amass an insane amount of popularity before Episode 7 even aired, and [[spoiler:the kiss]] only doubled it.²*** There's been similar strife with fans of ''Franchise/SailorMoon'' and ''Anime/RevolutionaryGirlUtena'' for similar reasons (both much older anime known for groundbreaking ''lesbian'' romances).²** When the popularity of ''Yuri!!! on Ice'' meant it swept the 2016 Crunchyroll Awards, they had this with fans of other series who felt they'd suffered an AwardSnub. This was particularly true for fans of ''Manga/MobPsycho100'' (see the note about the animation award in "Hype Backlash" below) and ''Manga/JojosBizarreAdventure'', which had the adaptation of ''Diamond is Unbreakable'' released in 2016.²* FanficFuel: ²** When the anime itself referred to Otabek rescuing Yurio from his crazed fans as "The Hero of Kazakhstan takes away the Russian Fairy", this sparked a lot of fanart and fanfics depicting them in a fantasy setting, with Yurio as a fairy and Otabek as a knight and both eventually falling in love with each other.²** J.J. imagines the [[ five other competitors]] as a sort of villainous group during his mental breakdown in the middle of his short program and it gave people the need for a ''Film/MeanGirls'' AU. The fact that Yurio stands at the forefront like he's Regina George and Yuri is portrayed as a [[TheVamp vampy]] FemmeFatale only cements the cravings.²** Victor was a LongHairedPrettyBoy when he was younger, but now has much shorter hair. Naturally, this has led to fans coming up with many different theories as to why he decided to cut it.²** The anime itself became one, as, due to it's popularity, drawing or writing characters of several other shows in a [[AlternateUniverseFic figure skating AU]] became increasingly popular.²* FanPreferredCouple: ²** J.J./Yurio was this for a bit even after the introduction of J.J.'s girlfriend Isabella, who shared his arrogance. It died down both when Isabella showed her sweeter side (supporting J.J. after [[spoiler: his disastrous GPF short program]]) and when Otabek was introduced and overtook J.J. as the fandom's preferred Yurio love interest.²** Christophe is shown to be close with a nameless man who may or may not be his boyfriend, but their relationship is rarely found in fanfiction other than as a secondary couple. When Christophe is the focus, it's way more common for fans to pair him with [[PairTheSpares Phichit]] or other major characters.²%%Please note: canon couples cannot be FPCs, and neither can ones involving characters who don't have a canon love interest in the first place. Read the trope page before adding to this example.²* FetishRetardant: Christophe's character was supposed to ooze sex appeal, especially during his performance in Episode 6, but to some fans, he just came off as hilariously over-the-top and/or downright creepy instead of sexy.²* FriendlyFandoms: ²** In the west, the fandom of ''Webcomic/CheckPlease'' grew to love ''Yuri!!! on Ice'', prompting a lot of crossover fanworks. Both series focus on [[spoiler: QueerRomance]] and sports that take place on an ice rink, though ''Yuri!!! on Ice'' focuses on ice skating and ''Check, Please!'' focuses on ice hockey. In fact, the main character of ''Check, Please!'', Bitty, is a former ice skater and the other main character, Jack, also suffers from anxiety problems similar to Yuri's. Interestingly, the creator of ''Check, Please!'' is a fan of ''Yuri!!! on Ice'', even posting on her twitter:²-->'''"Watching Yuri On Ice: can't let gays on ice distract me from writing about gays on ice."'''²** The manhwa ''Manhwa/KillingStalking'' has, inexplicably, a large amount of ''Yuri!!! on Ice'' fans among its fandom, despite (or perhaps ''because'' of) being the complete opposite of the anime in terms of its genre (psychological horror vs. sports drama) and the nature of the relationship between its leads (abusive to the highest degree vs. sweet and consensual). ²** Both ''Yuri!!! on Ice'' fans and ''Manga/{{Haikyuu}}'' fans get along really well. It helps that many characters from both series share the same voice actors, and are both the most popular sports anime that aired in the 2016 Fall season.²** There's a 85% chance that a ''Yuri!!! on Ice'' fan is also a fan of ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'', especially since both series are universally-praised for its positive and depthful representation of the LGBT+ community. ²** There may be a chance you could see ''Yuri!!! on Ice'' and ''Manga/{{Kakegurui}}'' placed on the same boat, given that both series are produced by Creator/{{MAPPA}} and are filled to the brim with homosexual subtext. There's also the tidbit of the director of ''Yuri!!! on Ice'' also directing the opening of the latter anime. ²** Despite the aforementioned FandomRivalry, overall there's a lot of overlap between ''Anime/{{Free}}'' fans and ''Yuri!!! on Ice'' fans, as like with ''Haikyuu!'', both are popular homoerotic sports anime. ²** ''Manga/BananaFish'', as an iconic LGBT-themed manga with a (more subtextual in ''Banana Fish's'' case) gay male romance which also has an anime adaptation by Creator/{{MAPPA}}, has unsurprisingly attracted a lot of ''Yuri!!! on Ice'' fans its way.²* HarsherInHindsight: ²** Yuri turning down Victor when he asks him for them to sleep together. Victor cries a bit while he sleeps, and it seems like he is being overdramatic, but [[spoiler:with Episode 10 revealing about their ForgottenFirstMeeting, to Victor the entire situation was actually him being turned down by the guy he was interested in]].²** The other skaters leaving their party as soon as J.J. showed up was a funny moment in Episode 10. However, after Episode 11, when [[spoiler: J.J. has an anxiety attack on the ice from the pressure and has a mental image that portrays the other skaters as threatening and intimidating ]], one might see that scene from his perspective as being purposely isolated and ignored by the others.²** Just looking at Otabek, knowing he had been modeled after Kazakh figure skater Denis Ten, becomes this after Ten was murdered in a carjacking incident in July 2018.²* SugarWiki/HeReallyCanAct: ²** Creator/JerryJewell is a well-regarded voice actor; albeit his role as Victor leaves fans very divided (even though it's mostly the choice to add an accent, and not his voice, that the detractors find an issue with). However, everyone agrees that he did an excellently heartbreaking job with Victor's breakdown in Episode 12. ²** Creator/ToshiyukiToyonaga has already been lauded in some of his previous roles, specifically in ''Manga/ZetsuenNoTempest'' due to '''immensely''' PlayingAgainstType. While his overall performance as Yuri is also impressive, he was highly praised particularly for the way he acted out Yuri's emotional outburst in Episode 7. ²* HeartwarmingInHindsight: Episode 10 shows that [[spoiler:before Yuri, Victor was a workaholic who never did much living or loving, and strongly implies that he has been interested in Yuri ever since the Grand Prix Final of the prior year]]. By rewatching the anime with this light, it's clear that [[spoiler: all the times Victor was being TheTease to Yuri, he was actually hitting on him]]. In fact, the entirety of Yuri and Victor's relationship is this after Episode 10.²* HilariousInHindsight: ²** J.J. wearing an outfit resembling [[Franchise/SouthPark Eric Cartman's]] IconicOutfit, when just a week earlier the show itself referenced the anime by having it appear on the browsing history of Ike's computer.²** In the English dub, Yuri, voiced by Creator/JoshGrelle, [[spoiler: soon enters in a romantic relationship with a man named Victor]]... and if you played ''VideoGame/TalesOfXillia2'', the protagonist's name is Ludger -- who has the same voice actor as Yuri [[spoiler: and also has an evil counterpart of himself named Victor]].²** Yurio's EstablishingCharacterMoment is confronting Yuri in the midst of his HeroicBSOD and mocking him for crying before calling him an idiot. Well, Yurio himself gets similar treatment in ''Anime/DevilmanCrybaby'', where ''he's'' the crybaby and confuses others with his tendency to suddenly shed tears (even if it's due to his empathy and not self-deprecation), and at one point gets called an idiot for it. It's easy to see the whole as some morbidly hilarious form of karma, with the morbid part coming from the type of anime ''Crybaby'' is compared to ''Yuri!!! on Ice''. ²* HypeBacklash: ²** Between the claims of the show being revolutionary for a sports anime and the positive press the show received from the figure skating and LGBT+ communities, mainstream watchers, and many critics, some viewers come out of the whole experience with different criticisms for how the show was handled or thinking the show, while good, comes off as overhyped.²** Website/{{Crunchyroll}}'s voter-chosen 2016 Anime Awards only added fuel to the fire, with ''Yuri!!! on Ice'' winning almost every category it was nominated in. A large number of people call bias to it, stating if the show had aired earlier in the year and not ''right before'' the polls, the winners might have been more balanced. ²*** Some had argued that while the votes are indeed biased because ''Yuri!!! on Ice'' aired late in the year, then the same rule would apply for any other popular anime that would air in the Fall season, which is when the Anime Awards would normally start (e.g. if ''LightNovel/ReZero'' aired in the Fall season and ''Yuri!!! on Ice'' aired in the Summer season, then the former would have dominated the polls the same way the latter did). They added to that argument, stating that the detractors wouldn't complain about the results if the likes of ''Manga/MyHeroAcademia'' and ''LightNovel/ReZero'' won all the categories instead. ²** The flame wars got even worse when it was eventually announced that ''Yuri!!! on Ice'' won the "Anime of the Year" award. Look up at your own risk. ²*** The fact that the series won the "Best Animation" award above the uniquely animated ''Manga/MobPsycho100'' is a particular spot of contention for some fans. While ''Yuri!!! on Ice'' is by no means bad-looking, it has a rather standard art style and level of animation, and its quality significantly dropped mid-cour. ''Mob Psycho 100'' is extremely experimental and looks different from most other anime, leaving some feeling that ''Yuri!!! on Ice'' won on FanMyopia alone and not for its actual animation merit. ²** After the Website/{{Crunchyroll}} awards, several critics who had previously recommended or lauded the show were quick to post analyses on why it was "overhyped". While such critiques were normally prefaced with "it's still a good/decent show!" the complete 180 from singing praises about the anime to complaining about its (supposedly unjustified) popularity within a very short space of time was noticeable, suggesting frustration at the awards... or trying to distance themselves from the "FanMyopia-inflicted fangirls" who got the blame for its domination of the contest. ²* HypocriticalFandom: ²** When the first episodes started airing, there was a small minority who shipped Yuri and [[ChildhoodFriends Yuko]] together, even though she's already married. As a result, a small ship war ensued between fans who shipped Yuri with her and those who shipped him with any of the other men in-series, particularly Victor. The camp in favor of the same-sex pairings insisted that he was over his crush, that she [[JustFriends doesn't see him that way]], and that [[HypocriticalHumor it wasn't a romance show]]... even though at the time it was just as unlikely that Yuri would end up with ''anyone''. [[DoubleStandard Then some of those people enthusiastically paired her up with Yurio after she showed some attachment to him]].²*** On the topic of Yuri and Yuko, quite a few fans who insisted that Victor and Yuri never did enough to be a "canon" OfficialCouple [[spoiler: even after TheBigDamnKiss ''and'' the engagement!]] saw Yuri as "canonically" bisexual based on him calling Yuko "cute" in episode 1, and the scene being framed as like a confession.... even if it's clearly apparent right after that that's not what it was. It illustrated a strong DoubleStandard in fandom between how much "evidence" fans require to believe in heterosexual desires, compared to gay ones. Which may or may not have been the point of that scene, with how much Yamamoto loves playing with conventional viewer expectations in her anime.²** J.J.'s girlfriend was immediately disliked by fans for making comments about J.J.'s fans being better than Yurio's and generally just fervently supporting J.J. in her few seconds of screen-time. Yurio retaliates by calling her an "ugly-ass bitch", and he's mean to others in general, [[DoubleStandard yet he's a fan-favorite]], partially because he gets more screen-time and has undergone some CharacterDevelopment.²** Yurio makes several insulting comments about Yuri's weight, and continues to call him a pig and the like even ''after'' Yuri had already lost weight and toned up -- and fans treat this is a hilarious RunningGag, even though this would be seen as fat-shaming in real life. When [[TheGadfly J.J. teases Yurio]] ''once'' by saying [[DudeLooksLikeALady "Ladies first,"]] he's immediately hated on by fans since they see it as him making a sexist comment, when he said it in an attempt to lighten Yurio up.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: I-R]]²* IdiosyncraticShipNaming: ²** In a case unique only to Website/FourChan, the fans decided to dub the Victor/Yuri ship "Baldfat" because of Victor's hair thinning and Yuri's initial weight and pig motif.²** Some fans refer to the Yuri/Yurio (or Yurio/Yuri) ship as "Bakayuri", possibly due to Yurio's penchant of calling Yuri an idiot at times.²** Ships with Phichit usually have "chuchu" as a part of a name ("Leochuchu", "Seungchuchu" etc) .²* IncestYayShipping: The Crispino siblings' intensely codependent relationship attracted a few shippers even though the anime goes out of its way to portray it as being troublesome for both of them, if not textbook unhealthy. However, the fandom overall prefers to ship them with Emil (in Michele's case) and Milla (in Sara's case). ²* ItWasHisSled: ²** Even people who weren't fans of the show knew within a day of airing that [[spoiler:Victor kisses Yuri in Episode 7]].²** To a lesser extent, a lot of people outside the fandom know that in Episode 10, [[spoiler:Victor and Yuri get engaged.]]²* ItsPopularNowItSucks: Interestingly enough, the anime had little to no detractors during its run. But once the results of Crunchyroll's 2016 Anime Awards were announced, the anime began receiving this treatment, and the amount of haters and naysayers have continued to increase since then, with the series winning "Anime of the Year" award adding fuel to the fire.²* JerkassWoobie:²** Yurio, to a degree. His age ''does not'' '''''and will never''''' justify his rude behavior or the downright cruel actions he makes. On the other hand, he's the breadwinner of his family and his career as a figure skater is his source of income, which would explain his unusually strong drive to win, besides personal ambition. ²** J.J. may be self-centered, egocentric and even a little annoying, but it's impossible to not feel sorry for him, after [[spoiler:the pressure and his nervousness of performing leads him to fumble most if not all his jumps for his short program in Episode 11, resulting in him getting a score so low that he can no longer win the Grand Prix Final. Still, [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments all his fans cheer on him greatly, particularly his girlfriend]]]].²* LauncherOfAThousandShips: ²** The fanbase has pretty much gifted Yuri with a gay harem consisting entirely of the other skaters. It's gotten to the point where you can count on one hand the number of ships he ''hasn't'' been in.²** Interestingly enough (and in spite of the moral questions this raises), fanfiction writers tend to pair off Yurio with any of the other attractive male skaters even if the two characters haven't necessarily met in-series, either in competition or otherwise.²** As the two Yuris got their own canon (Victor, for Yuri) and heavily implied (Otabek, for Yurio) love interests, fandom bicycle duty seems to have shifted to Phichit and SexGod Chris. This extends to commonly pairing them with each other, [[PairTheSpares mostly so they can go on double dates with their best friends]].²* LGBTFanbase: While a good chunk of the fanbase is made of YaoiFangirls, the anime has attracted a huge following from the queer community for [[spoiler: finally being a non-YaoiGenre anime that goes beyond subtext]]. Gay and bisexual men, in particular, like the series because [[spoiler: it depicts a normalized relationship between two men]], especially after Episode 7 when [[spoiler:[[TheBigDamnKiss Victor kisses Yuri]].]]²* MemeticBadass: Otabek started to get a larger following in the second half of the show, with some fans stating that ''he'd'' be the one to win the Grand Prix Final instead of Yuri or Yurio, and often bring up his surname meaning "gold" to foreshadow his victory.²* MemeticMutation: Has its [[Memes/YuriOnIce own page]].²* MentorShip: Pretty much out of the starting gate with Victor/Yuri and Victor/Yurio.²* MexicansLoveSpeedyGonzales: Save yourself a bit of time and just match up each skater to the country they're supposed to be from.²* {{Moe}}:²** Yuri can be rather endearing in an {{Adorkable}} way despite being so anxious and insecure. ²** Victor, while treated as more of a SexGod InUniverse, can still be this whenever he's being goofy, and especially when he puts out his heart-shaped smile. ²** Minami, the {{Keet}} who admires Yuri and competes with him in a national competition. In his routine he's very relaxed and free-flowing to a jazz number and is a GracefulLoser about Yuri beating him. For him, competing with Yuri was enough of a reward.²* SugarWiki/MostWonderfulSound: ²** There’s just something pleasant about how the skating blades sound when they glide and step against the ice.²** For most fans, there's also the final line in the after-credits scene in Episode 10: [[spoiler: Yuri's adorable slurring of "Be my coach, Victor!", which is immediately followed by Victor's love-struck gasp]].²* {{Narm}}: ²** There's one thing about the dub that the fandom unequivocally finds terrible: J.J.'s voice. Why? Listen for yourself and see if you can put up a straight face from beginning to end, let alone want to listen for another second.²*** There's also the fact that the dub went with a generic Canadian dudebro accent, rather than giving him a more specifically ''French''-Canadian accent. ²** There's just something awkward about every time "ThePowerOfLove" is said word-for-word in the English dub, even if it's by no means the fault of the voice actors. Admit it, you can't help but cringe whenever you hear those four words in other media. By contrast, the Japanese equivalent of the same words (''"ai no chikara"'') sounds relatively normal, if slightly sappy. ²* NeverLiveItDown: While Yurio is a popular character among the fandom, there are some fans who won't let go of the fact that he intentionally talked down Yuri -- and he knew that the latter was breaking down at the time -- just so that he wouldn't have a competitor who shares the same name. [[spoiler: Though this dies down to an extent after Episode 12, which reveals that the scene wasn't all it seemed to be]]. ²* NightmareFuel: While the script in the ''Yuri!!! on Festival'' event is ''not'' canon, and the whole premise behind it is far-fetched (though not without a bit of charm), the image of [[spoiler: Yuri being possessed by a rage-filled OmnicidalManiac demon, and the resulting deranged laughter,]] is terrifying.²* OlderThanTheyThink: The source of the FandomRivalry with ''LightNovel/No6'' is the fact that it has been pointed out that the anime is not as groundbreaking as it seems, since ''No. 6'' had already [[spoiler: featured a QueerRomance between the main characters, even though the series isn't of the BoysLove genre]]. Although this is true, ''Yuri!!! on Ice'' is a far more well-known and more mainstream anime that adopted a greater focus on [[spoiler: the romance between two men]], so it's still pretty groundbreaking. ²* OnlyTheAuthorCanSaveThemNow: In light of recent explanations given by fans that understand more of the scoring system used in ice skating and the large difference between [[spoiler:Yuri and Yurio's scores in the short program of the Grand Prix Final]], this is a reaction of a large quantity of fans that believe that [[spoiler:either Yuri will pull out an EleventhHourSuperpower and give the performance of a lifetime or Yurio will fumble his performance in some way while Otabek and Christophe will score mediocrely enough that Yuri can win]]. The fact that [[spoiler:Yuri underscored for some reason while Yurio overscored]] and the large variety of plotlines and [[CharacterArc Character Arcs]] that need to be solved in the last episode, a lot of people are now thinking what would make sense to happen plot-wise to predict the end of the anime.²** There are some fans who state that [[spoiler: it isn't entirely impossible for Yuri to still win gold, since Phichit was able to win first place in the China Cup despite placing fourth in the short program and having a 20-point difference with Yuri (who ranked first then) -- which almost perfectly mirrors Yuri and Yurio's standings in the Grand Prix Final]].²** [[spoiler: Ultimately downplayed: while Yuri does set a new personal best (smashing Victor's long standing free-skate record in the process), it isn't enough to stop Yurio from winning gold. On the bright side, he's only beaten by a very narrow margin of 0.12 points, and Yurio isn't exactly pleased with the results, ultimately making his victory a hollow one. There's also the fact that Yurio wanted to win for ''Yuri's'' sake since he didn't want Yuri to retire after winning the gold medal, and WordOfGod confirmed that Yuri would have retired if he won instead]]. ²* OneTrueThreesome: ²** Yuri/Victor/Yurio was this from the start.²** As of Episode 6, some fans have taken up shipping Victor/Yuri/Christophe, as some people believe that the latter's first sentence to Yuri was a proposal for a threesome.²-->'''Christophe:''' "Yuri, why didn't you invite me?" ²** Fans also like to pair Phichit for threesomes with Victor/Yuri. Sometimes he and Christophe join the main couple in a One True Foursome.²** Emil seems to hit on ''both'' the Crispino siblings at one point. And he does so with both of them at the same time.²** Fans who didn't [[AbandonShipping abandon]] J.J./Yurio with the arrival of [[ShipTease Otabek]] often will ship all three of them together. ²** Yuri/Yuko/Takeshi is gaining traction in some fan circles, due to all three of them being ChildhoodFriends (with Yuko and Takeshi having a ChildhoodFriendRomance) and Takeshi being AmbiguouslyBi towards Yuri.²* PeripheryDemographic: ²** Despite the large female fanbase, combined with the LGBTFanbase, there are several fans of the anime who are ''straight men''. Even anime fans who aren't [[spoiler: fond of the YaoiGenre love the series for not using any BoysLove tropes and for what can be interpreted as its realistic and mature depiction of a romantic relationship between two men]].²*** Lesbians are also a much bigger fan of this series than most YaoiGenre titles, likely again because of the more realistic, less sensationalized depiction of a gay romance. Even if they're not into men, they can relate to the way that it depicts same-sex love.²** The global skating community has a big love for the series (which qualifies for the trope since it's quite rare for sports anime and manga to gain such a big following from real athletes), including [[JustForFun/OneOfUs known anime fan]] Evgenia Medvedeva (who's cosplayed as Yuri), but other figure skaters who don't normally watch anime, such as Johnny Weir, have also enjoyed it. The skating community feel a number of aspects of the show capture their own experiences quite accurately and can relate to the characters.²* PortmanteauCoupleName: ²** "Victuri" for Victor/Yuri, and [[SpellMyNameWithAnS all the variants of spelling]].[[note]]Said variants are Victuri, Victuuri, Vikturi and Viktuuri.[[/note]] Bonus points for their ship name actually sounding like the word "victory". In the Japanese fandom, the ship is called "Vikuyuu" or "Yuuvik," depending on who they think tops.²** "Otayuri" or "Otaburi" for the Otabek/Yurio ship.²** "Leoji" for Leo/Guang-Hong.²* RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap: ²** While he's far from TheScrappy, Yurio has been a target of fan hate for his jackassery towards Yuri. Episode 9 fixed it when he consoles Yuri and gives him a bit of his TrademarkFavoriteFood, showing that off the ice, they are able to keep their rivalry friendly. ²*** However, Episode 10 Yurio seems to have been thrown back into the heap after [[TookALevelInJerkass his degreading and completely rude remarks about Yuri to Victor's face]]. Many chalk it up to him being just a bratty, whiny teenager with an overblown ego but the other party call people out for using his age as a poor excuse for his rude behavior and frankly uncalled-for comments about someone Victor ''really'' cares about. It gets even worse in Episode 11, where he persists in talking Yuri down for no good reason. ²*** Episode 12 redeemed him once more (to an extent) after it's revealed that Yurio [[spoiler: ''admires'' Yuri, and wants to beat him so that Yuri would ''continue'' skating; he was even shaken and angered when Victor stated that Yuri might retire once he wins the Grand Prix Final, and it's probably the reason why he ''broke down crying'' after his performance]]. Overall, the reveal of [[spoiler: how he actually feels about Yuri]] paints Yurio's character in a bit of a better light, making his actions, while still unjustified, mainly misguided and somewhat more sympathetic. Alas, this still doesn't stop him from having his fair share of haters, since they think it's far from enough to improve their opinions of his character. ²** Episode 10 rescued Christophe from his BaseBreakingCharacter status. With the photos that show him and Yuri pole-dancing semi-naked together, the issue with him grabbing Yuri's ass that came off as harassment to fans was eased, as [[spoiler:Christophe believed that Yuri remembered that night]]. Not only that, but as the episode is told from Victor's point of view, he gets shown in a much more positive light as he is Victor's OnlyFriend and the end of the episode confirms that he is a ShipperOnDeck for Victor/Yuri. ²** While he is more of a BaseBreakingCharacter, Episode 11 placed J.J. in a more sympathetic light for fans. Despite having been portrayed as overconfident and narcissistic for the past three episodes, much like Yuri [[spoiler: [[NotSoDifferent he can also fall victim to pressure and stage fright]], which led to him flubbing almost all his jumps in his short program]]. Additionally, the fandom feels sorry for him when [[spoiler: he places dead last in the short program, and the fans who didn't like him grew to appreciate him from [[GracefulLoser how he accepted his defeat with a smile]]]].²** J.J.'s fiancee Isabella was redeemed to many fans after Episode 11 shows that she genuinely loves him when [[spoiler: she cheers for him even after the latter's loss in the short program]], even becoming an EnsembleDarkhorse. ²* RewatchBonus: Once you've watched Episode 10, [[spoiler: particularly the after-credits scene]], watch the series from the beginning once more. You'll see everything -- and we mean ''everything'' -- in a completely different light. ²* RonTheDeathEater: ²** Although he got quite a bit of fans, J.J. gets this a lot. It became an unspoken rule among fans that if you want a villain for your fanwork, you use J.J.; his prideful self is exaggerated and fans often ignore the hints that J.J. is actually a NiceGuy (although a ''very'' narcissistic one) with NoSocialSkills. He is sometimes portrayed as an InnocentBigot at the best cases and at worst, there are fanworks of him as a rapist.²*** J.J. also seems to be a popular RomanticFalseLead for either character in Otabek/Yurio fanfiction, though this may also just be a remnant of when J.J./Yurio were the FanPreferredCouple before Otabek was introduced. Regardless, he's usually portrayed as an insensitive {{Jerkass}} in those fics.²** To a lesser extent, Victor is sometimes portrayed as far more insensitive (or even outright heartless) than he can be in canon in fanworks that involve Yuri and Yurio as a couple. Again, this is only to an extent, since most other fanworks featuring the same ship portray him as a ShipperOnDeck and/or CoolBigBro to both Yuris instead. ²*** The portrayal of Victor is a particularly interesting case. In fanworks written prior to TheReveal in Episode 10, which made clear [[spoiler:that Victor was more "smitten sweetheart" than "heartless playboy"]], Victor is generally portrayed as far more seductive, manipulative and/or dangerous than the canon version -- which made sense, as writers could only go on [[UnreliableNarrator what they knew about him at the time]]. That said, there are a bizarrely high number of fanfics where Victor is a serial cheat, kidnapper, abuser, rapist and/or mafia kingpin (and not the "noble and conflicted" type either)... and most of these were written long after the series aired.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: S-W]]²* TheScrappy: Although she's a minor character, most people don't like Isabella Yang (J.J.'s girlfriend). Her words about Yurio's fans made her look like a bitch, besides the fact that her presence puts a damp on the J.J./Yurio ship. Although she was RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap for many when she showed that she really does love J.J., even [[spoiler: leading the cheer for him when he screws up terribly in the Grand Prix Final]] in Episode 11, to the point where she became an EnsembleDarkhorse.²* ShipMates: ²** It's a given that almost anyone who ships Otabek/Yurio also ships Victor/Yuri.²** In the Japanese fandom and the Russian fandom, many would ship Victor/Yuri and Yurio/Yuri at the same time... or even ship all three together, with Yuri at the center of course. ²** Increasingly common is Victor/Yuri fanfiction writers pairing Christophe and Phichit together as a secondary couple or in a companion story. It's pretty clear that this is for PairTheSpares, since Phichit and Christophe are Yuri and Victor's respective best friends, so this allows the couples to go on double dates and be [[ShipperOnDeck Shippers On Deck]] to each other.²** Writers who pair Sara with Milla often put Sara's brother Michele with Emil Nekola. In general, the Milla/Sara ship sort of started out as this, a TakeThat to fans who insisted that Sara or Milla ''must'' be there to end up with one of the guys in the OfficialCouple, including those who [[DieForOurShip preemptively hated them for that]]. So savvy fans instead put the two girls together in their CastFullOfGay to [[ShipperOnDeck cheer on the boys, or be cheered on by them]].²* ShipsThatPassInTheNight: ²** A faction of fans took up shipping Milla/Sara, even before they exchanged some brief lines of conversation while watching the free program in Episode 9. Prior to that, fans had already guessed that they had met before; Milla ranks third and Sara fourth in the women's division. The creators seem to have caught on to this enough to insert ShipTease in official material for them, such as a note in the Yuri!!! on Festival stage play about them taking a "girls' trip" to Canada together that made Michele jealous.²** A significant portion has also taken to shipping Phichit with Seung-Gil, probably because of their opposing styles and personalities; although they're never seen interacting in the show.²** Phichit (a LauncherOfAThousandShips in general) is also popularly paired with Chris, though their most significant interaction is sitting next to each other at the dinner where Yuri and Victor announce their engagement. This is more understandable as a form of PairTheSpares: they're OfficialCouple Yuri and Victor's best friends and so make easy ShipMates with each other.²** J.J. and Otabek only speak to each other once, but are common enough in fanfiction together or [[OneTrueThreesome combined with Yurio]] to qualify as this. Potentially justified in that Otabek used to train in Canada, so he might have shared a rink with or at least known J.J. in the past. The creators did confirm that J.J. and Otabek ''were'' rinkmates before, and used to be friends of a sort before eventually drifting apart.²** Minako and Lilia never interact at all, though there are still fans who ship them since they're both retired prima ballerinas (and given how famous they both were in the ballet world during their heydays, it's likely that they would have at least heard of each other). ²* SignatureScene: [[spoiler: Victor tackling and kissing Yuri]] in Episode 7, which became ''the'' most recognizable scene in and out of the fanbase. ²* SignatureSong: "History Makers", "Yuri on Ice" and "On Love: Eros". Depending on who you ask, "Stammi Vicino" and "You Only Live Once" too.²* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter: ²** The other skaters competing this season have very different and very memorable personalities, and the audience would love to see more of them, but some lose their competition and others don't get expanded upon beyond their initial episodes.²** Some fans felt this way about Victor come Episode 10. The unexplained reasons for coming into Yuri's life and being his coach made them think that Victor has some sort of calculated motive for taking him on, and when it was revealed that [[spoiler: Yuri enchanted him at the previous Grand Prix banquet and asked him to be his coach]], while many found it SugarWiki/{{Heartwarming|Moments}}, others found it cheap.²** Otabek. His initial introduction as well as a large amount of his character only serves to add to [[SatelliteCharacter Yurio's character]]. Given more screen-time, the writers could have focused more on how he wants to win for Kazakhstan and how he wants to overcome his lack of "natural talent" (compared to Yurio's natural talent).²* UncannyValley: Due to the drop in animation quality midway through the series, some of the skating sequences can appear particularly jarring. Luckily, this is fixed in the Blu-ray. ²* ValuesDissonance: ²** A big part of the discussion about the age gap between Otabek and Yurio, with them being 18 and 15 respectively. Since Otabek only has been 18 for a month and Yurio isn't that far away from 16, making their age gap closer to two years than 3, most people don't find it any different than shipping Leo and Guang-Hong who are 19 and 17 years old. Some hardline fans, though, insist it is inherently abusive because Otabek is legally an adult and Yurio a child, even though those lines vary from country to country and even in many places where Yurio would still be a minor, exceptions are made for small age differences. There are even lines between those who are more okay with it aged-up, vs. those who insist the ship is problematic no matter what and aging-up "normalizes" the initial age difference. It's all a part of larger debates and discourse around fanfiction that probably come off as puzzling ValuesDissonance to anyone who's not deeply involved in social-justice-oriented online fan culture.²** Some fans were confused about no one making a stink of [[spoiler:Victor and Yuri]]'s relationship, not because it was same-sex, but because it was [[spoiler:between [[TeacherStudentRomance a coach and the man he's training]]]]. ²** A lot of the debate around whether the show ultimately "went far enough" in portraying [[spoiler: Victor and Yuri]] as an OfficialCouple can be seen as this. Some fans have argued either that it does go pretty far and is pretty progressive for a country where LGBTQ relationships are far less normalized than they are in the U.S. Others come from the angle of pointing out that Japan is a far less physically-affectionate culture, especially with public displays of affection (and despite this, they still get TheBigDamnKiss very publicly), or that Japanese audiences are more used to subtle indications and don't need physical relationship milestones and "I love you" statements to indicate a romance. The milestones that [[spoiler: Yuri and Victor]] hit aren't really that different from many popular ''heterosexual'' anime romances. It's worth noting that this variety of ValuesDissonance seems to be especially common with Americans, as European viewers have similar expectations for subtlety in their media compared to Japan. ²*** A specific difference is that, like most other LGBT characters in anime and manga (including in most YaoiGenre and YuriGenre works), neither [[spoiler:Victor]] nor [[spoiler:Yuri]] has a "coming out" scene or announces their specific sexuality label. This is a pretty big sign of "canonicity" in Western LGBT media (often treated as more important than how it's reflected in their relationships on-screen, to [[SuddenlySexuality sometimes frustrating results]]) and may reflect the difference in Western viewers' debating if the couple has "gone far enough" to be canon. This reflects a larger cultural difference, with Japan being a far less individual-focused culture, and as mentioned above, viewers preferring to figure out things on their own rather than have them specifically spelled out to them.²** In the first two episodes, several characters don't hesitate to point out that Yuri has gained weight (and Yurio continually [[YouAreFat calls Yuri a pig]] even after he's gotten back in shape) which many western viewers find to be in poor taste. However, in Japan people are far more blunt about telling larger people that they need to lose weight for various reasons (the overall pressure for societal conformity being just one of them). This could also be an issue of getting lost in translation, since the specific Japanese word used to call Yuri a "pig" is more of an affectionate one... but in English, calling someone a "pig" is a huge insult regardless of how you put it.²* ViewerGenderConfusion: A small one, but there have been some fans who actually have mistaken Minami for a girl. It doesn't help that his [[Creator/AyumuMurase Japanese voice actor]] is capable of sounding feminine, and his [[Creator/TrinaNishimura English voice actor]] is a woman herself. ²* WhatAnIdiot: ²** [[spoiler:Yurio]] -- while wanting Yuri to keep competing -- [[spoiler:belittles him almost every time they encounter, mocks his weight, and does all he can to kick the poor guy while he's down]]. Not to mention, the first time they met he violently told him that he should just quit... and yet he's surprised on hearing that [[spoiler:Yuri may retire after the Grand Prix Final]].²** On a lighter note, Yurio, while searching for Victor, flies out to Japan on a whim when he's supposed to be training, walks around the city, and thinks if he shouts Victor's name then he can find him. He finds him by pure luck rather than deducing that Victor would be at the local ice rink. For good reason, Yakov chews him out on the phone.²** Victor, thinking that Yuri is shy and embarrassed about [[spoiler:pole-dancing and begging him to be his coach]], ''never'' brings it up during their months together while training and only finds out [[spoiler:Yuri doesn't remember anything at an informal dinner held before the Grand Prix Final]]. To be fair, he may not have brought it up on the assumption that the event is a shameful memory to Yuri, given the difference in Yuri's personality when he's sober and when he's drunk.²* TheWoobie: Yuri seems to have the world out for him at the beginning of the show. The audience's real introduction to his character has him hanging up the phone on his mother and crying alone in a bathroom stall after he blew his chance at the Grand Prix Final; his anxiety, depression, and cripplingly low self-esteem follow, and he's no longer as passionate about ice-skating as he once was. His voice actor, Creator/ToshiyukiToyonaga, admitted that he cried from empathizing with Yuri during recording.²[[/folder]]²----


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