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Context YMMV / WakeInFright

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1* HarsherInHindsight: The soundtrack features contributions by Rolf Harris, at the time a beloved and seemingly friendly, avuncular entertainer and icon of Australian culture, but since revealed to be a sexual deviant who was convicted in 2014 for four counts of sexual assault against minors. Considering that the film is about how seemingly friendly, avuncular Australians are possibly the worst people alive, the choice of Harris' wobbleboard is surprisingly fitting.
2* RetroactiveRecognition: Creator/JackThompson[[note]]no, not [[MurderSimulators that one]][[/note]] (star of ''Film/BreakerMorant'' and ''Sunday Too Far Away'', among others) has an early role as one of Doc's drunken friends.
3* ValuesDissonance: What the film runs on, particularly the kangaroo shooting scenes.
4* VindicatedByHistory: Did okay critically, but completely bombed because of protests and limited release, it eventually became one of the most loved Australian films of all time and is now considered a pivotal film of the Australian New Wave movement.