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1* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: The movie's soundtrack, which helps greatly that most of the music is original work for once.** "[[ The Girls (and Boys) of Rock and Roll]]." For any fan of '80s pop, this song is just plain awesome.** Also, [[ "My Mother"]], as far as slower songs go.** "[[ Diamond Dolls]]".* BestKnownForTheFanservice: The movie is often remembered for the Chipettes. More specifically for their several PantyShot scenes and when Brittany and Jeanette, in BellyDancer outfits, have to get past a swarm of snakes charming them and singing a song named "[[IntercourseWithYou Getting Lucky]]".* CoveredUp: "The Girls of Rock and Roll" first appeared in the movie ''Film/TheMalibuBikiniShop'', but people might have stronger memories of The Chipmunks and The Chipettes singing it.* CultClassic: Was only modestly successful at the box office, but has earned itself an appreciative following among many Chipmunk fans. * DesignatedHero: Jamal's co-agents use some rather unheroic ways to retrieve the Chipmunks, Chipettes and diamonds. For example, they ambush the children and scare them, one of them opts to retrieve one of Brittany's dolls instead of saving her from a ThreateningShark, and they essentially sell the Chipettes as sex slaves to an Arabian prince to recover the diamonds later.** To be fair on the latter point, it's made clear that Jamal wanted the Chippettes to be returned and the prince's aide tells him Jamal would be unhappy with the idea of the girls being kept in Egypt. We simply didn't get a chance to see what his response would've been since the girls ultimately escaped under their own power.* DoNotDoThisCoolThing: While the diamond smuggling ring is portrayed as bad, it still leads to the Chipmunks and Chipettes having a big and exciting hot air balloon trip around the world, an adventure that they clearly enjoy. Alvin and Brittany demanding their prize money at the end doesn't help.* IdiotPlot: Two-thirds of the plot - ''at least'' - would have been averted if Inspector Jamal, ''an official of INTERPOL'', had a ten-minute chat with the Chipmunks/Chipettes, instead of trying to track their arrival at the airport.* SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome: The final car chase at the end. All set off with one line: "[[TheReveal INSPECTOR JAMAL!]] LET'S GO!"** Heck, the BaitAndSwitch with Jamal alone was pretty cool.* NightmareFuel: Klaus and Claudia are quite intimidating. Especially Claudia once she starts having her VillainousBreakdown showcases that her temper can turn her into a fury.** The shark attack sequence and how close the Chipettes (especially Brittany, whose air tank the shark destroys) come into becoming chow.* OlderThanTheyThink: The standout song from ''The Chipmunk Adventure'', "Girls of Rock and Roll", originally appeared in a 1986 b-movie called ''Film/TheMalibuBikiniShop''. Listen to it [[ here]].* RetroactiveRecognition: Creator/GlenKeane was a lead animator on this film while still a freelancer, shortly before joining Disney full-time.* SpecialEffectFailure: In the otherwise heartwarming TearJerker song, "My Mother", it becomes especially apparent that only one actor is voicing all three Chippettes, as they pass the melody between each other without any tonal change. * UncannyValley: All in all, a very downplayed case of such. However, the facial expressions on all the human characters can at times look quite exaggerated and awkward, despite them all being drawn in a realistic manner.* UnfortunateImplications: [[ Cracked compared this film to]] "a 'best of' for the cinematic xenophobia of [the 1980's]" because most non-American characters are portrayed in a negative light: the villains are German, the European policemen ambush and scare the children, the Chipettes are given to a young Arabian prince as sex slaves, an African tribe almost kills the Chipmunks, and even some Mexican sombrero-wearing locals act like maniacs by randomly firing their guns into the air.* ValuesDissonance: Various scenes show the Chipettes with exposed panties, they get in a tornado that gives them ClothingDamage in one scene, and they sing the aforementioned "Getting Lucky". Considering they're supposed to be still children, these scenes would obviously be rejected for the film.* WhatAnIdiot: Did Alvin and Brittany honestly believe the Furschteins intended to keep their promise of $100,000 to the winning team? Or that they'd still get it after discovering the crooks' actual scheme and confronting them on it? What makes it even more exasperating is that they demand the prize money even after the two criminals had just tried to ''kidnap'' them and had already been ''arrested''. It takes Dave to remind them that they're not getting a cent for their troubles.* WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids: [[ This Cracked article]] talks about the themes of implied BrotherSisterIncest, the BrokenAesop about diamond smuggling, the cops being ''too'' threatening or ignorant of the children's safety, [[UnfortunateImplications most non-American characters being portrayed as villains or lunatics]], and the apparent pedophilia going on with the Chipettes[[note]]which isn't helped by their humanoid design[[/note]].--> So, to recap, ''The Chipmunk Adventure'' is a movie about incestuous villains tricking children into going on an awesome diamond-smuggling adventure while murderously neglectful cops chase them, people of all races try to kill them, and little girls sing about doing it with animals. On second thought, maybe [[Film/AlvinAndTheChipmunks those CGI movies]] aren't so bad.----


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