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Context YMMV / ScoobyDooAndKissRockAndRollMystery

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1* OlderThanTheyThink: [[Film/KISSMeetsThePhantomOfThePark This isn't the first time]] that Music/{{KISS}} is involved with ''Creator/HannaBarbera'' (through ''Creator/WarnerBros Animation'' that absorbed it this time) and starred in a film where they have superpowers.* UnexpectedCharacter: An odd variation: When it was announced that KISS would be guest starring in a Scooby Doo movie, not many people were surprised, since this wasn't the band's first experience with the franchise. However, what ''was'' surprising was the fact that the film had the super-powered Kiss from the infamous ''Film/KISSMeetsThePhantomOfThePark'', as the band had disliked that film so much that they still consider [[OldShame any mention of that film an insult]]. (That said, they never have disavowed the 1977 Marvel Comic, where they're the {{Superpowered Alter Ego}}s of 4 NYC teenagers.)


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