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1----* SugarWiki/AwesomeMoments: Captain Falcon's immortal HeroicSacrifice and takedown of Black Shadow in the final episode. Easily the most famous part of the series, [[JustHereForGodzilla and the only reason most have even heard of the anime]].-->'''Captain Falcon''': '''''[[ FALCON PUUUUUNCH!]]'''''* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: [[ The Meaning of Truth]], the anime's opening theme, is considered one of the best things to come from this anime. The fact that it plays during the legendary Falcon Punch scene certainly helps.* BrokenBase: How much one likes this anime seems to be inversely proportional to how much one played the games. Many who started with and/or grew up playing the games tend to despise it for its [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks sheer lack of faithfulness to the source material]], while those who were introduced to the series via the anime tend to be more forgiving.* CommonKnowledge: The [[spoiler:cosmos-wrecking explosion]] that occurs in the series finale came from [[spoiler:the destruction of the Dark Reactor]], not as the result of Captain Falcon being a MemeticBadass with the sheer power of the Falcon Punch. Of course, [[{{Fanon}} the fans prefer their explanation]].* CompleteMonster: [[DiabolicalMastermind Black Shadow]] is the ruler of [[NebulousEvilOrganization Dark Million]], and the always-grinning [[TheChessmaster chessmaster]] behind every single bad event in the series. Black Shadow, atop facilitating general terrorism and [[BadBoss abusing underlings]] as a course of habit, has gone to every length imaginable to prevent [[TheChosenOne Ryu Suzaku]] from stopping him. Black Shadow creates the homicidal criminal Zoda and sends him off to homicidal rampages--at one point powering up Zoda to annihilate all of Mute City--and kidnaps Ryu's girlfriend Haruka to brainwash her into his pet assassin, Miss Killer, trying to use her to kill her own boyfriend. Black Shadow carbonizes Miss Killer when she finally breaks free of Black Shadow's spell, and gleefully torments Ryu with her petrified body. Black Shadow, in the finale, reveals his glorious dream that his every waking moment has been dedicated to: Using his Dark Matter Reactor, Black Shadow throws the entire galaxy into death and destruction, to precede him creating a new Big Bang to annihilate the old universe and create a new one of pure evil on top of it. * DesignatedVillain: Octoman's treatment in the anime is downright painful. While the majority of AdaptationalVillainy among the cast was gratuitous and forced, Octoman was written in a way that he simply ''couldn't'' be a villain without completely rewriting his character, which they didn't, changing nothing about him other than making him a crook. True, he is portrayed as a JustifiedCriminal and gets a ThrowTheDogABone episode, but this just raises the question of why they bothered with the AdaptationalVillainy at all and makes his punching-bag moments (down to making him the butt of the series' final joke) seem even less justified, especially when you consider that Leon (who ''was'' completely rewritten to the point of being InNameOnly) was also made a JustifiedCriminal and isn't demonized for it at all.* DorkAge: Unlike ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'' and ''[[Anime/KirbyRightBackAtYa Kirby]]'' (the latter of which it had to directly compete with), the ''F-Zero'' anime was ''not'' warmly received. The two games based off it failed to match ''GX''[='s=] sales ''combined'' and ''Climax'' in particular sold poorly enough that [[NoExportForYou its international release was halted]], the anime's second season never came, the dub was CutShort, and [[FranchiseKiller the franchise was thrown into an indefinite hiatus]]. The ''Super Smash Bros.'' series treats ''GX'' as the latest entry, with the ''Falcon Densetsu/GP Legend'' line only getting a paltry mention in the chronicle in ''Brawl''.* FoeYay: Ryu/Rick has so much of this with both Zoda and Miss Killer. ''So much''. [[spoiler:To twist the knife further, it's later revealed that Miss Killer's true identity is that of Misaki Haruka: his girlfriend from the past who was ''also'' [[HumanPopsicle put into cold sleep]].]]* GameBreaker: ''GP Legend'''s RecursiveAdaptation game does not make some sort of obvious effort (such as the escort UFO in the original or spontaneous combustion in ''GX'') to block you from taking massive shortcuts. Making the right jumps will allow you to cut off much more of a given course than the developers intended you to.* HilariousInHindsight: One major plot in the anime involves a masked man and a guy named Suzaku (or surnamed in this case) [[spoiler: which ends with the death of the masked man and said guy ends up becoming the next masked man.]] [[Anime/{{CodeGeass}} Sounds familiar?]]* ItWasHisSled: As virtue of being the unholy lovechild of SignatureScene, MemeticMutation, and SugarWiki/AwesomeMoments, Captain Falcon's HeroicSacrifice and delivering a Falcon Punch to Black Shadow in the final episode is all but spoiled across the entire internet.* MagnificentBastard: Black Shadow is the bombastically evil mastermind behind Dark Million, and a character ten times as devious and stylish as his video game counterpart. Black Shadow manipulates virtually all the conflict across 50 episodes in his scheme to obtain the Reactor Mights and use them to create a universe of evil, a dream Black Shadow has dedicated himself to fulfilling with every inch of his being. Black Shadow plays heroes and allies alike as pawns while rarely ever getting up from his seat, and nearly curbstomping the heroes every time he does finally step in directly. Black Shadow's manipulations even stretch 150 years in the past, having directly arranged for the creation of both his CoDragons and even numerous fail-safes to stop [[TheChosenOne Ryu Suzaku]] from stopping him. Black Shadow has planned [[JustAsPlanned for every failure in advance]], always ready with an EvilLaugh and a wicked grin for every apparent setback, and remains in total control of the series up until Captain Falcon is forced to perform a galaxy-shattering HeroicSacrifice to stop him.* MemeticMutation: ** The entire Falcon Punch scene. To wit:*** Ryu/Rick's [[SayMyName yelling of Captain Falcon's name]] [[spoiler:during Falcon's HeroicSacrifice in the GrandFinale]] has been [[{{Mondegreen}} misheard as]] "CAPTAIN HOTDOG!", [[RuleOfFunny sometimes on purpose]]. In the same vein, there's [[ThisLoserIsYou "You suck,"]] a {{Mondegreen}} of Ryu Suzaku.*** From the same scene, [[FamousLastWords Black Shadow's]] "[[AsLongAsThereIsEvil I will not die]], '''[[VillainousBreakdown NOR WILL MY DREAM!!!]]'''" (provided in Japanese by Creator/NorioWakamoto, of course).*** And of course, the Falcon Punch itself. Even outside of Smash, there's a ''reason'' as to why Captain Falcon is considered a MemeticBadass.* MainstreamObscurity: We all know about the anime's Falcon Punch scene, but very few have actually watched the show.* MoralEventHorizon: Black Shadow's [[spoiler: [[MindScrew screwing with]] and ([[TakenForGranite temporary]]) [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness offing of]] Miss Killer is sadistic and twisted considering [[UndyingLoyalty how devoted she was to him]] (even if she was {{brainwashed|AndCrazy}} to do so).]]* SignatureScene: The famous Falcon Punch scene, of MemeticMutation fame.* WatchItForTheMeme: A number of people consider the famous Falcon Punch scene to be the only reason to watch this series.----


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