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1* ArchivePanic: Considering how each strip tends to be very text heavy, you can see why you should panic.* SugarWiki/FunnyMoments:** Meji's attempts to get an A on her final project by means of SextraCredit, and her teacher's complete NoSell reaction.-->'''Meji:''' I could sleep with you, I'm still a virgin!\'''Yukiri:''' Not according to some of the graffiti I've seen in the men's room stalls.\'''Meji:''' Well, er, you could still take my, um, oral virginity?-->'''Yukiri:''' No. And again, not according to what I've seen written in the restrooms.** [[ Jon's embrace of willful self-denial to maintain his peace of mind when traveling with Meji.]]** [[ Jon's reasons for not wanting to seduce Meji's mother.]]-->'''Jon:''' I really don't think I'd want to stick my dick into something that the scary little devil girl came out of... [[VaginaDentata who knows what other horrors might still be lurking in that thing,]] y'know?* TearJerker:** Sarine looking down at Meji one night, wondering if her daughter would have looked similar to Meji [[spoiler:had she survived birth]] and begging her deity to not make her kill Meji. Sarine then goes on to have a breakdown in front of Jon before [[spoiler:having sex with him to dull the pain, something she immediately regrets doing]].** [[spoiler: Ian's]] final end. He and Meji are wrestling in an anti-magic field that has them both temporarily BroughtDownToNormal, and he's in full VillainousBreakdown mode.--->'''[[spoiler: Ian:]]''' I have to finish this! All the horrible, evil things I've done... They won't be so bad, ''if'' I can just finish the elves off!! Everything will be okay then! [[UtopiaJustifiesTheMeans It'll have been worth it in the end!]] You'll see! ''Meji! Please!'' [[NoPlaceForMeThere I'll even go away afterwards! I'll go away and never come back!]] ''I promise!'' I'm trying to help everyone! Damnit, Meji! Why can't you understand that?! ''I just wanted to help! That's all I ever wanted to do! I just wanted to help!''\'''Meji:''' (manages to get a gun pointed at his head)\'''[[spoiler: Ian:]]''' (deflates, defeated) ... I just wanted to help...\'''Meji:''' (sadly) I know... (pulls the trigger)----


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