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1* CrazyAwesome: In the books of her fans, easily the best way to describe Mrs. Palmer.* CrossesTheLineTwice: ** The song "Oasis" from ''Who Killed Amanda Palmer''. The narrator is a teen who gets drunk at a party, raped, and harassed first for getting an abortion and then for her former best friend spreading rumors about her. Said narrator deals with her trauma by focusing on her letter to Oasis, the band. Sounds like fuel for angst? But then pair it up with a chipper G major melody, happy backup singers, and [[ some amusing props in the music video]] and you can understand why the audience laughs. It gets even funnier when Amanda at one live performance tried to sing it in a minor key, but only managed through the first verse before she said "Fuck it!" and sang it as originally planned.** "New Zealand" features Amanda talking about a missed period and her public hair turning grey. She even lampshades this in the closing lyrics since "That's what happens when you ask me to write a song about your country in twenty minutes".* EarWorm: "Map of Tasmania"* FunnyAneurysmMoment: ** In "New Zealand," Amanda jokes that she's sure that she's not pregnant despite a missed period. This was before she married Neil, mind. [[spoiler:After she married Neil, she took a strong antibiotic for a kidney infection, assuming that she was not pregnant, she founds out she was carrying his child, and needed an abortion due to the antibiotics' potency]].** Becca Rosenthal aka Becca Darling playing Melissa Mahoney in the "Oasis" video becomes this with [[ Becca's untimely death in 2013]].* GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff: She has her fanbase in America, yes, but she's ''adored'' in Australia and, to a lesser extent, the UK.* MemeticMutation: "Map Of Tasmania" became this in a huge way. [[ Check it out here!]]* OpinionMyopia: The community towards "Map of Tasmania" seems to feel this way. [[ Take a look.]]* SoBadItsGood: Her [[ "Poem for Dhzokhar"]], dedicated to one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.----


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