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1[[quoteright:350:]] 께Andrade "Cien" Almas (born November 3, 1989 at Gómez Palacio, UsefulNotes/{{Mexico}} as Manuel Alfonso Andrade Oropeza) is a {{professional wrestl|ing}}er performing for the ''Wrestling/WWESmackDown'' brand of Wrestling/{{WWE}}.께Manuel began his career at 14, working initially as Brillante Jr. In 2007, he was hired by Wrestling/{{CMLL}} and performed as La Sombra, winning the 2007 Torneo Gran Alternativa and the 2011 Universal Championship. He also performed at Wrestling/NewJapanProWrestling and was one of the founders of the mexican PowerStable Los Ingobernables, from which a more popular [[Wrestling/LosIngobernablesDeJapon Japanese branch]] later flourished. His stint in CMLL came to an end after he lost his mask in a [[HumiliatingWager Lucha de Apuestas]] against Atlantis.께In 2015 he was hired by the WWE, and began performing in the ''[[Wrestling/{{WWENXT}} NXT]]'' brand as Manny Andrade, before settling onto Andrade "Cien" Almas as his ring name. Initially a {{face}} wrestler who could never connect with the audience, he turned {{heel}} and got [[Wrestling/TheaTrinidad Zelina Vega]] as his manager, getting a proper propulsion to his career ending with him conquering the NXT Championship, losing the title to Wrestling/AleisterBlack on ''NXT [=TakeOver=]: New Orléans'', before being called to the ''[=SmackDown=]'' brand on the 2018 Superstar Shakeup. In 2019, he was drafted to ''Raw'' during that year's Shakeup.께Among his accolades, as La Sombra, he's 1x NWA World Welterweight Champion, 2x NWA World Historic Welterweight Champion, 1x CMLL World Tag Team Champion (w/Volador Jr.), 1x CMLL World Trios Champion (2/La Máscara and Máscara Dorada), 1x IWGP Intercontinental Champion and 1x NWA World Historic Middleweight Champion. As Andrade "Cien" Almas, he's 1x WWE NXT Champion. He also ''never'' missed the [[Wrestling/ProWrestlingInsider PWI 500]] ever since entering in 2007, his best rankings being 2010 (91), 2013 (52) and 2018 (13).께As usual, you can find more info about him on [[ that other wiki]], [[ Cagematch]] and [[ WrestlingData]].----!! Tropos Tranquilos[[foldercontrol]]께[[folder:In general]]* FinishingMove: The Hammerlock DDT.* MaskedLuchador: Formerly. And unlike some of his ilk that unmask, his past as a luchador was referenced and discussed on commentary. He even made his entrance to ''NXT [=TakeOver=]: Philadelphia'' being played in by a full masked mariachi band and wearing his old mask, which he removed before entering the ring.* SignatureMove: A running double knee strike to the head of an opponent seated in the corner.[[/folder]]께[[folder:As La Sombra]]* BashBrothers: With Wrestling/{{Mistico}}.%% * CoolMask* EvilMentor: To Wrestling/TetsuyaNaito, who was part of the original Los Ingobernables during his stint in Mexico before returning to Japan and forming Wrestling/LosIngobernablesDeJapon. This means that rather than Sombra being an {{expy}} of Naito as some may think, Rush and Andrade pretty much [[InvertedTrope taught Naito how to get over]].* FaceHeelDoubleTurn: Wrestling/{{CMLL}} set up a [[HumiliatingWager revelos suicidas]] between two teams of rivals at their 80th anniversary show, which lead to Wrestling/LaSombra and Volador Jr getting XPacHeat when they lost to Atlantis and Último Guerrero, as the latter had a longer, more heated feud and fans [[ReplacementScrappy were more interested in seeing them]] in the resulting Lucha de Apuestas for their masks. However, Volador Jr was already a rudo, so booing hardly affected him and fans felt sympathy for him after he was forced to unmask, leading to him becoming a tecnico, while La Sombra became more violent and short tempered as a result of being booed at the biggest show of the year, becoming a rudo, ([[WildCard sort of]]).%% * IHaveTheHighGround* NominalHero: Only avoided being officially designated rudos by the latter's sheer insistence that he and his teammates La Máscara and Rush were merely "Los Ingobernables, técnicos diferentes", and that the other técnicos they typically opposed like Volador Jr. and Wrestling/{{Mistico}} were still their brothers. This resulted in them becoming {{Tweener}}s in the sense that they could feud with both tecnicos and rudos alike.* PowerStable:** "Los Ingobernables", with Marco Corleone, La Máscara, Rush and Wrestling/TetsuyaNaito.** "La Ola Lagunera", with Black Warrior, Blue Panther, Dragón Rojo Jr., Misterioso #2, Último Guerrero, Ephesto and Stuka Jr.* PowerTrio:** "Los Comandos del Aire", with El Sagrado and Volador Jr.** "La Generación de Oro", with La Máscara and Máscara Dorada.** "Super Sky Team", with Wrestling/{{Mistico}} and Volador Jr.** "Los Indeseables", with Rush and La Máscara.* RedBaron: 밣rince of CMLL.[[/folder]]께[[folder:As Andrade ("Cien" Almas)]]* AlliterativeName: His 'proper' ring name, Andrade Almas.* ArchEnemy:** Has had several major rivals in ''NXT'' over the NXT Championship, namely Wrestling/DrewMcIntyre, Wrestling/JohnnyGargano, and Wrestling/AleisterBlack.** His first feud in ''Smackdown'' was against Wrestling/SinCara.** Also in ''Smackdown'', Rusev Day (Wrestling/RusevAndLana and Aiden English).** 2019 saw him feuding with Wrestling/ReyMysterio and Apollo Crews. * AwesomeMcCoolname: "Cien Almas" is Spanish for "Hundred Souls." Given that his ''former'' ring name was ''La Sombra'' (The Shadow)... [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast make of that what you will.]]* TheBully: He often picks on other wrestlers who are weaker or meeker than him such as Ho Ho Lun and Wrestling/ReyMysterioJr.* BullyingADragon: Tried to bully Wrestling/DrewMcIntyre and was crushed by him in a match.* FaceHeelTurn: After he and Cedric Alexander lost in the first round of the 2016 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, Almas viciously attacked Cedric out of frustration and anger due to his losing streak and the crowd's consistent hostile reaction to him.* IShallTauntYou: His in-ring antics are ''incredibly'' cocky. He'll even pass up opportunities to attack if it means he can mock his opponent.* ManInWhite: After his heel turn, Almas starts wearing white suits extensively.* NiceHat: Wears a trilby down the ramp for his entrance.* OnlyOneName: "Cien Almas" was dropped as of the January 15th episode of Wrestling/WWESmackDown Live.* RedBaron: "''El Ídolo''", or "The Idol."* TookALevelInBadass: Since Zelina Vega joined him as a manager, he started winning more, with Vega either psyching him up or cheating on his behalf. Although coupled with this, his skill in the ring became more apparent as well, and was eventually paid off with an NXT championship reign as well as being one half (along with Wrestling/JohnnyGargano) of the first five-star match awarded by Dave Meltzer under the WWE banner in six-plus years (Cena v. CM Punk, MITB 2011)* WorthyOpponent: After Cedric Alexander defeated him, Almas congratulated him and shook his hand. The next episode they were one of the first teams announced for the 2016 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Unfortunately this respect didn't last long, as noted above.* YouAreNumberSix: Plus BilingualBonus. 'Cien' is Spanish for 100.[[/folder]]----


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