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1%%²%%²%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample entries are not allowed on wiki pages. All such entries have been commented out. Please add context to the entries before uncommenting them.²%%²%%²²[[quoteright:350:]]²[[caption-width-right:350:''"[[ExpositoryThemeTune One boy and ten girls, wouldn't trade it for the world!]]"''[[note]]Clockwise from top left: [[BigSisterBully Lori]], [[DumbBlonde Leni]], [[TheBabyOfTheBunch Lily]], [[TheRockstar Luna]], [[ThePigPen Lana]] and [[SpoiledBrat Lola]], [[ChildProdigy Lisa]], [[TheOneGuy Lincoln]], [[PungeonMaster Luan]], [[{{Goth}} Lucy]], and {{L|ovableJock}}ynn.[[/note]]]]²²->''"Surviving in a big family can be challenging, but it's not impossible."''²-->-- '''Lincoln Loud'''²²''The Loud House'' is an animated series created by Creator/ChrisSavino that premiered on Creator/{{Nickelodeon}} on May 2, 2016. It was the second [[Franchise/{{Nicktoons}} Nicktoon]] to stem from the network's [[WesternAnimation/NickelodeonAnimatedShortsProgram internal shorts program]].[[note]][[ You can see the pilot for the series here.]][[/note]]²²[[WriteWhatYouKnow Based on Savino's own childhood of being the only boy in a large family]] and influenced by his love of NewspaperComics, the series follows the adventures of Lincoln Loud, the middle child in a family of eleven kids, having five older sisters and five younger ones, living in the suburban town of Royal Woods, Michigan. Simply put, think ''Literature/CheaperByTheDozen'' (or the InNameOnly [[Film/CheaperByTheDozen film]]) [[RecycledINSPACE as a cartoon]]. Following the first season, the series would go on to expand past Lincoln and have more stories centered on other members of the family.²²In October 2017, Nick fired Savino amid numerous allegations of sexual harassment and intimidation towards fellow artists, and it was announced that the show would continue to go on without him.[[note]]This is the second time in Nicktoons history that a creator was fired from their own series; Creator/JohnKricfalusi was famously ousted from ''WesternAnimation/TheRenAndStimpyShow'' in 1992, albeit for purely business reasons.[[/note]] In March 2018, it was announced that story editor Michael Rubiner had become the new series showrunner, effective in Season 4.²²A SpinOff series, ''WesternAnimation/TheCasagrandes'' premiered October 14, 2019. Starring the character Ronnie Anne after she moved away from the suburbs, the series follows her adventures in Great Lakes City with her extended family and new friends. Prior to the premiere of ''The Casagrandes'', its cast of characters appeared in scattered episodes of seasons two and three of its home series, in addition to a nine-episode long "[[PoorlyDisguisedPilot ...with the Casagrandes]]" MiniSeries that served as ''The Loud House'' season four premiere. A movie based on ''The Loud House'' is also in development for Creator/{{Netflix}}, slated for 2021. A [[ live-action made-for-TV Christmas movie]] is also in development.²²There is a [[Recap/TheLoudHouse recap]] page, and a [[ Best Episode Crowner.]]²----²!!Tropes pertaining to the series:²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder: A-H]]²* AbsentAnimalCompanion:²** In "The Price of Admission", Lana is seen with a monkey and a pig as well as her usual pets (a frog, snake, rat, and lizard). The monkey and pig are never seen again.²** In "Mall of Duty", Lola, Lisa, and Lucy adopt a duckling each, but the ducklings are never seen again.²* AbsenteeActor: With the main cast consisting of "one boy and ten girls", this is bound to happen with some sisters (or all of them) absent in some episodes. ²** Starting in Season 3, Lincoln ceased to be the focus character and thus episodes didn't include him. "Net Gains" was the first episode without him being named or appearing.²* AbhorrentAdmirer:²** Clyde starts out as one to Lori, as the latter feels uncomfortable with the former's attempts to win her over; however, it's eventually revealed that she uses his PrecociousCrush on her to boost her ego in addition to her relationship with Bobby.²** Lincoln is seen as this in Cristina's eyes, so much so she transferred classes to avoid him.²* AbortedDeclarationOfLove: A plot point of "Stage Plight" is Luan repeatedly trying to come up with excuses to avoid the scene in the play where she has to [[spoiler: kiss Benny]] because she's insecure of her crush.²* AbusiveParents: On rare occasions, the [[GoodParents Loud parents]] of all people can dip into this territory when getting a grasp on the JerkassBall:²** In "April Fools Rules", they lock Luan in a crate as punishment for the havoc she wreaks on April Fool's Day. Granted, Luan ''did'' deserve punishment for her actions, but she didn't deserve one ''that'' cruel and extreme, as staying in that cage for the rest of the day would have caused her to starve and sleep uncomfortably.²** In "No Such Luck", they ''lock Lincoln out of the house'' for the entire night, forcing him to sleep in the rain.²* AccidentalMisnaming: Leni can never seem to get Clyde's name right, nor Lincoln's, whenever she isn't using his nickname.²* AccidentalPervert: Invoked in "Along Came a Sister" when the kids are trying to get the exterminator to leave and Lori does so by pretending to think he was gawking at her in the bathroom.²* ActionGirl: In "Pulp Friction", Lincoln makes a comic involving ''ten'' action girls, based on his sisters, who fight off goons.²* ActorAllusion:²** In "One of the Boys", the four eldest Loud brothers are voiced by Creator/SethGreen, Creator/SeanAstin, Creator/GregCipes, and Creator/RobPaulsen. [[WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2012 Sound familiar from Nickelodeon?]]²** The episode "Legends" has a father son duo voiced by Cooper Barnes and Jace Norman. Now where did the staff get [[Series/HenryDanger that idea]]?²* AddedAlliterativeAppeal: ²** In "Out of the Picture", Coach Pacowski says "tough toenails".²** There's also a gas station called Flip's Food and Fuel and two restaurants called Gus' Games and Grub and Burpin' Burger.²* {{Adorkable}}: This show is filled to the brim with adorably dorky characters.²** All of the siblings have some quirk that makes them endearing, but the ones who really stand out are as follows:²*** Lincoln is a sweet, innocent boy who can even come across as fun-loving and awkward at times. Helps that he has freckles, white hair, and chipped buck teeth.²*** Leni's KindheartedSimpleton status makes her this.²*** Luna is a kind-hearted rocking girl who plays a CoolBigSis role to Lincoln out of all his sisters. Adding to her adorkable status is her YouthfulFreckles and insecure [[spoiler: same-sex]] crush.²*** Lynn Jr. has an energetic demeanor and passion for sports, in addition to her cute YouthfulFreckles and [[TeensAreShort short height]].²*** Luan is a goofy, fun-loving sweetheart with a passion for puns. To boot, she has a buck tooth overbite and wears braces. She also comes off as this when playing with her [[{{Ventriloquism}} ventriloquist]], Mr. Coconuts.²*** Lisa may be a ChildProdigy genius but she's still a cute and dorky four-year-old whose experiments tend to backfire. Additionally, she wears NerdGlasses, saggy clothes, talks with a lisp, and sports unkempt hair. She brings this into even more spotlight when her [[NotSoAboveItAll sillier]] side is exhibited.²** Lynn Sr., like most cartoon dads, has a quirky and childish personality that makes him charming.²** Lincoln's best friend Clyde qualifies due to his attempts to win Lori's heart, in addition to his nerdiness, social awkwardness, accident-prone tendencies, glasses, and freckles.²** A majority of Lincoln's friend circle in fact qualifies, as a lot of them are nerds with misshapen appearances.²** Lori's boyfriend Bobby, due to how silly and innocently dumb he is.²* AdultsAreUseless: Both Lynn Sr. and Rita have rules around the house, but they're usually too oblivious to notice when they're being broken, let alone around to see them be broken.²* AnAesop: In most episodes, but not every episode, Lincoln or any of his sisters learn their lesson. Lincoln especially offers us advice.²* AesopAmnesia: Due to the show's NegativeContinuity and usage of the ResetButton, Lincoln has to learn the same lesson over and over again. Well, he's eleven after all.²* AffectionateNickname:²** Lori calls Bobby "Boo-boo Bear".²** Lincoln's sisters sometimes call him "Linky".²* AffectionHatingKid: Lincoln and Ronnie Anne (who are both eleven) are often disgusted whenever Lori (Lincoln's big sister) and Bobby (Ronnie Anne's big brother) are being romantic.²* AgonyOfTheFeet: In "A Fridge Too Far", as a result of a booby trap set up by Lincoln, Luan gets her foot smashed by a watermelon.²* AllAnimalsAreDogs: Lynn and Lana acted like dogs in "Picture Perfect" and "Undie Pressure", respectively. Taken a step further in "Study Muffin", where Lana drinks from ''her own dog bowl''. Luna literally pants after the titular study assistant.²* AllStereotypeCast: The entire cast enforces some sort of stereotype and have little depth beyond their default personalities (although they become less shallow as the series progresses):²** Lincoln is a [[TheGenericGuy generic]] fun-loving [[TheEveryman everyman]] boy who is by default the main ButtMonkey and [[OnlySaneMan voice of reason]].²** Lori is a stereotypical teenage ValleyGirl who's obsessed with [[PhoneaholicTeenager her phone]], her boyfriend, and holds an assertive BigSisterBully status above her younger siblings, but [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold has her heart in the right place at the end of the day]].²** Leni is a typical DumbBlonde (although played with because she's clearly not dumb ''because'' she's blonde).²** Luan is a typical PluckyComicRelief, albeit a rare teenage girl example.²** Lynn is your average PassionateSportsGirl.²** Luna is a typical metalhead, albeit a rare female example.²** Lisa is a ChildProdigy genius.²** Lucy is a typical goth girl, though one of the few child examples of such.²** Lana is an average filth-loving tomboy.²** Lola is a typical SpoiledBrat beauty pageant.²** Lily is TheBabyOfTheBunch and thus little more than a LivingProp.²** Lastly, the Loud parents are typical {{good parents}} but are somewhat oblivious and aren't always there to support their 11 children.²* TheAllegedHouse: Although the house has been in the family since before the start of the series, the Loud family's house still fits this. "Homespun" in particular makes it clear in how severe a state of disrepair it is.²* AlliterativeList:²** Lincoln, in the pilot, has "three P's to go poo and pee": patience, perseverance, and problem-solving.²** In "Baby Steps", Lincoln says that the key part of being an older sibling is the three C's: caring, confidence, and cookies. Clyde also comes up with his own three C's for looking after a cat: the first two are the same, but the third is cat treats.²* AlliterativeName:²** Every child in the Loud family's first and last names both start with an L.²** In "Out of the Picture", there's Marty Malach, who lives behind Liam's barn. He's later referred to as Matty Malach by Clyde then Manny Malach by Lincoln.²* AlliterativeTitle: "Back in Black", "Pets Peeved", "Picture Perfect", "Sound of Silence", "Suite and Sour", "The Sweet Spot", "Tale of Two Tables" and "A Tattler's Tale".²* AllJustADream:²** All of the eventual events of "Butterfly Effect" turned out to be one big ImagineSpot by Lincoln wondering [[WhatIf what would happen]] if he doesn't tell Lisa the truth.²** "One of the Boys" turned out to be a weird nightmare that Lincoln had.²* AllWomenLoveShoes: Lori and Leni. Leni's shown to have a whole closet of shoes, but mostly wears sandals, while Lori has a whole bunch of shoes under her bed, which she didn't notice due to kicking them off at random times.²* AlphabeticalThemeNaming:²** All the kids' names start with L. In addition, all the girls' names (or nicknames) have four letters in them, whereas Lincoln has seven.[[note]]Though he is occasionally referred to as Linc, similar to their names.[[/note]]²** Mrs. Loud's first name is Rita and she has an aunt named Ruth.²** In the ShowWithinAShow “Dream Boat”, the names of the protagonist Karen's love interests start with B.²* AluminumChristmasTrees: In "Driving Miss Hazy", Leni mentions there is a country named after her. [[ There is an actual country that shares her name.]]²* AmbiguousDisorder:²** Some of Leni's behavior suggests that there's more to her than simply being a DumbBlonde, such as needing instructions presented to her in a very specific way. She can't even walk and chew bubblegum at the same time.²** Some scenes, especially the episode "April Fools Rules", show that Luan's obsession with pranking can become very extreme to the point where you may wonder if it's not a psychosis. Additionally, she talks with Mr. Coconuts like she would a normal person in "Lock 'n Loud", which may suggest that the puppet isn't alive, but is her SplitPersonality.²** Lola tends to lash out at people for the pettiest of offenses and can get riled up to AxCrazy extents. Then again, she's six and some kids act that way when they're six.²* AmplifiedAnimalAptitude: The Loud family's most commonly seen pets are all smarter than bog standard for their species: ²** Hops the frog understands English and is able to communicate with Lana and Lincoln as seen in:²*** "Toads and Tiaras" where he shames Lincoln for hurting Lana's self esteem, ²*** "Frog Wild" where he helps the kids save a bunch of lab frogs destined for dissection and ²*** "Snow Way Out" in which he shames Lana for selfishly putting winning a contest over her siblings' health and safety. ²** Charles the dog and Cliff the cat also understand English and can operate human appliances as seen in "Pets Peeved". ²** Geo the hamster can follow instructions as seen in "No Guts, No Glori" despite Lori berating him and the other pets as not being able to understand anything beyond "sit". ²* AnachronismStew: The series seems to be set in the current day, where smartphones, tablets, laptops and websites like Website/YouTube are used. However, everything else, from the music to the video games and other pop culture items, seem to be set from the '80s-present.²* AnimalLover:²** Lana is the one who found all their pets when she was a baby, according to Lincoln's vlogs. She also likes to rescue animals.²** Lincoln has also rescued animals and he likes to play with all the pets.²** Although Leni is afraid of spiders and rats, she likes other animals. In fact, she apparently has to restrain herself from adopting all the pets from the pet store.²** Lily knows the words "doggy" and "kitty cat" and likes to play with the pets.²* AnimalMotifs: Due to the original premise for the series, rabbits are commonly associated with the Loud family:²** Rabbits are known for their explosive breeding, and there are 11 children in the Loud family.²** Lynn Sr. has a tie of a ugly rabbit.²** Lincoln's most prized possession is a stuffed rabbit he calls "Bun-Bun".²** Lincoln's very appearance is rabbit-like, with his white hair, buck teeth, and large feet.²** Luan has a pet rabbit named Gary.²** Lincoln once referred to quinoa as rabbit food.²** "White Hare" features the original conceived premise via a dream Lincoln has.²* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: Some of the siblings can be like this:²** Leni is one to Lori, who she often gets on the nerves of with her stupidity.²** Luan is this when pranking her older sisters and telling them jokes but inverted when doing the same to her younger siblings.²** Lola tends to be manipulative and blackmailing, while Lana tends to be messy towards their older siblings.²** Lincoln, more-so in earlier episodes, is often seen as one by Lori, though she really loves him deep down (and sometimes not so deep down).²** Most strongly exemplified in "A Tale of Two Tables", where Lincoln is stuck at the kids' table for meals with his younger sisters and wants to sit at the adult table. However, when he gets his wish, he decides that the grass is greener on the other side and persuades his parents to send him back.²* AprilFoolsPlot: Some episodes focus on Luan's excessive April Fools pranks.²* ArtisticLicenseBiology: In "Linc or Swim", a bee's stinger is sharp enough to puncture the kiddie pool and it stings Lincoln and survives.²* ArtShift: In "Slice of Life", the art style changes to a more {{Animesque}} style when Lincoln and his sisters are about to duke it out over who gets the last slice of pizza. It happens again with the pets at the end of the short when ''they're'' about to fight over the last slice.²* TheArtifact: Lincoln himself has become this by Season 3. The original premise of the show ''was'' about Lincoln dealing with the craziness of having 10 sisters, with the plots following his perspective accordingly. Then Season 3 came and Lincoln is now a recurring AbsenteeActor, with his sisters being more than capable of starring in their own plots without depending on him. It's to the point that Lincoln-centric episodes now tend to explore his other personality traits and relationships with other people besides his family.²* ArtisticLicenseLaw: Sometimes a Loud sibling aged below 13 can be seen sitting in the passenger seat of the car. In real life, this would be illegal.²* ArtisticLicenseMedicine: The flu in "One Flu Over the Loud House" manifested in minutes, if not seconds, spread from humans to a dog, cat, hamster, and canary, and doesn't make the infected tired.²* AsideGlance: In "Space Invader", after Lynn Jr. remarks to Lincoln that she notices [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar there's a complete lack of balls in his room]], she then rambles on about he doesn't have any balls (as in, sports balls), prompting him to give an uncomfortable look to the audience.²* AstonishinglyAppropriateInterruption:²** In "No Guts, No Glori", Lincoln says, "In this house, we call Lori the Queen of---" and is interrupted by Lori saying, "No!".²** In "Frog Wild", Lincoln says, "That sounds--" then the scene cuts to Lana saying, "Horrible!".²** In "A Novel Idea", Lincoln is playing astronaut and says, "One giant leap for..." only to hear Lana scream and say, "Lana?!". Then, he says, "Zip" meaning nothing, only to look outside and remark, "Line?!" after seeing his sisters on a zip-line.²* AttackBackfire: In "Fool Me Twice," Lynn Sr. hires a group of stunt doubles to take their place on April Fools' Day. When Luan locks them in the garage, she tells them them look at the monitors where they see that Luan talked the doubles into:²** Lincoln's double: professes his love to Mrs. Johnson.²** Lola's double: she hands her championship tiara to her rival.²** Leni's double: gets a hideous permanent and vows to show her friends.²** Luna's double: interrupts her rock recital to play bad polka music.²** Lana's double: runs away from a worm.²** Lynn Jr.'s double: ends a 300 winning streak by wimpishly batting at a tetherball.²** Rita's double: takes her unfinished and unedited book and submits it to her publisher.²** Lisa's double: ends her physics symposium by saying cats go "meow".²** Lucy's double: she shows her friends her eyes, which she vowed never to show anyone.²** Lynn Sr.'s double: cost his team a trivia challenge by giving an incorrect answer to an easy question.²** Lori's double: continuously farts on her date with Bobby and blames it on her squeaky shoes.²* AuthorAvatar: Chris Savino based Lincoln on himself when he was a kid.²* AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther: Lincoln and his sisters clash a lot, but at the end of the day they'll always be on each other's side. The theme song makes it clear.²-->''"Duck, dodge, push and shove\²This is how we show our love"''²* TheBabyOfTheBunch:²** Lily is literally this, as she is the only baby in the Loud family.²** Luan qualifies as this in a more metaphorical sense, as she appears to be the least seriously treated member of the family, with everyone - even [[ExtremeDoormat Leni]] and ''Lily'' (who's the literal example of this trope) - mercilessly expressing irritation towards her eccentricity.²* BabySeeBabyDo:²** Zigzagged in "Potty Mouth". Lily says, "Dannit!" and her older siblings think she meant "dammit" (aka the "D-word"), and think that she is copying them because all of them (except Lucy and Luan) once said the D-word in front of her. They try to recreate the accidents without swearing to have her imitate that instead. [[spoiler: Later, it's revealed that she was trying to say, "doughnut" because she wanted a doughnut. She does say a real swear (bleeped) but that's never stated to stem from copying]]. At one point, she also imitates Lana singing Jingle Bells, Lori and Leni sharing a sweater, and Lynn cheering.²** In "Room With a Feud", Lily copies Lori's "literally" tic.²** In "Changing the Baby", Lily's older siblings try and get Lily to copy them so they'll have someone who shares their interests. Lily also copies Clyde's "two thumbs- this guy!" gesture.²** Carlitos Casagrande's defining character trait is that he is often seen mimicking the movements of the other members of his family[[note]]even the dog[[/note]].²* BabysittingEpisode:²** In "No Guts, No Glori", Lori babysits her younger siblings.²** In "Sitting Bull", all the older sisters babysit different families for money.²** In "Two Boys and a Baby", Lincoln and Clyde look after Lily while the rest are at Aunt Ruth's.²* BabyTalk:²** Lily, being, well, a baby, uses baby words like "kitty-cat" and "poo-poo".²** When Lisa soils her diaper pretending to be Lily in "Potty Mouth", Lincoln asks, "Did Lily-wily go poo-poo in her diapie-diapie?"²* BallsGag: In "Space Invader", Lynn observes a "complete lack of balls" in Lincoln's room. She means sports balls, but Lincoln looks visibly awkward.²* BeautyBrainsAndBrawn:²** Lori, Leni, Lola, and Lily are the beauties, the first three due to being fashionistas and the latter because she's a baby.²** Luan, Lincoln, Lucy, and Lisa are the brains: Lisa is a genius, Lincoln is strategic, Luan is good at thinking up pranks, and Lucy is a very talented poet. Lana also has a brainy side because she's good at engineering.²** Luna, Lynn, and Lana are the brawn; Luna because she's expressive when rocking out, and Lynn and Lana because they roughhouse.²* BeautyIsNeverTarnished: [[AvertedTrope Averted]] thoroughly. The Loud sisters burping, farting, using the bathroom, clogging the toilet, etc. is frequently shown or mentioned. Lori farting is a RunningGag. Slapstick humor is also used frequently, and [[SlapstickKnowsNoGender the girls are far from immune]]. ²* BeYourself: A frequent {{A|nAesop}}esop on the show is not to hide your true self; the moral of episodes such as "Toads and Tiaras" and "Back in Black".²* BigBallOfViolence: Whenever the Loud siblings get into a fight they're seen in a dust cloud. FreezeFrameBonus sometimes include a ripped-off ''{{eye|Scream}}ball''. Sometimes subverted when something cuts the fight abruptly - you can see how they manhandle each other.²* TheBigDamnKiss:²** Lincoln undergoes one with Ronnie Anne in "Save the Date".²** Luan and Benny share a heartwarming FirstKiss at the end of "Stage Plight", realizing that they were both nervous to proceed to do so in the play because they've never done it to anyone before.²* BigFriendlyDog: Lalo is very affectionate and he's big enough for little Carlitos to ride on.²* BigLittleSister: Zigzagged with Lola. [[YourSizeMayVary She'll either be taller than her older twin sister Lana or the same height as her depending on the scene]].²* BigNo: Lincoln tends to react this way (i.e. screaming, "No!") whenever his plans are foiled.²* BigSisterBully:²** Lori, the oldest of Lincoln's sisters:²--->'''Lori:''' Beat it, twerp.\²'''Lincoln:''' Aw, come on, Lori, no fair! I was here first!\²'''Lori:''' Well, I was ''born'' first.²** Sometimes, Lynn acts this way toward Lincoln, calling him names (most commonly "Stinkoln") and playing rough.²** Lola can be pretty mean to Lincoln and her other siblings as well with her bratty nature (except maybe Lily), but she's one of the younger Louds, so she inverts this trope, making her a little sister bully.²* BigStormEpisode: "Homespun" is about the Louds sheltering from a tornado.²* BirdsOfAFeather: All of the siblings' crushes in "L is for Love" each have something in common with them:²** Leni and Chaz both like fashion.²** Luna and Sam both like music.²** Luan and Benny both like comedy.²** Lynn and Fransisco both like sports.²** Lincoln and Paige both like video games.²** Lucy and Silas are both goths.²** Lana and Skippy are both mechanics.²** Lola and Winston both like being fancy.²** Lisa and David both like chemistry.²* BirdPoopGag:²** Walt the canary has pooped on Lincoln, in Lincoln's room, and in a dogcatcher's drink.²** In "Back Out There", Lincoln's friends are wearing tuxedos, which a flock of birds poop on.²** When Lincoln and Clyde's birdhouse collapses with a bird inside, the bird poops on it.²** Vanzilla often gets covered in bird poop, so when Lynn Sr. replaces it, he gets obsessive about keeping bird poop off the new van.²** Flip the huckster once tries to trick the ten older Loud kids out of their garage sale money by claiming that a certain cloth is good at cleaning bird poop.²* BirthdayEpisode: The licensed game "Surprise Party" is about Lori's seventeenth or eighteenth birthday.²* BittersweetEnding: Several episodes end with Lincoln content with his position, despite being screwed over in some way.²** "Left in the Dark": Lincoln misses the ''ARGGH!'' finale, but what's better than that is he ''lived'' it, thanks to Luan recording the whole adventure during the blackout.²** "Sleuth or Consequences": Feeling sorry for Lucy and not wanting her to be a laughingstock, Lincoln decides to take the blame for her clogging the toilet with a ''Princess Pony'' comic, meaning he's grounded and can't go to the Ace Savvy convention. Lucy makes it up to him by making him his own comic.²** "Raw Deal": Lincoln misses out on all the fun at Grand Venture State Park, since he panicked over Lucy's prediction that the day will be tragic and ends up making it come true himself. However, he does witness the geyser erupting before the family leaves.²* BizarreTasteInFood: Lincoln. In "Changing the Baby", he's seen eating a peanut butter and ''sauerkraut'' sandwich.²* BlackBestFriend: Clyde to Lincoln, although Clyde does have a personality as well.²* BlackDotPupils: Every character is drawn with squash-and-stretch black ovals for eyes.²* BlandNameProduct: The board games in "Lynner Takes All" are all fictional, but "Settlers of Catland" is a pretty blatant parody of ''Settlers of Catan''.²* ABloodyMess:²** In one of the podcasts, it's revealed that on Lori and Bobby's first date, Bobby thought Lori was bleeding but it was just salsa.²** In "Homespun", Lori mistakes sauce on Bobby's hands for blood.²** In "Get the Message", Lincoln's blueprints have ketchup on them, which Clyde mistakes for blood. ²* BottleEpisode: There are a bunch of episodes that take place only at and around the titular household.²* BoyishShortHair: Luna has short hair and her [[TheRockstar interest in rock music]] is stereotypically associated with boys. Lisa also has a short, scruffy bob cut (which is actually a wig in at least some episodes) and is [[OmnidisciplinaryScientist interested in all manner of physical, hard sciences]]. ²* BrainyBaby:²** Lily mostly behaves like a normal baby, but she has also exhibited several senses of knowledge and skill, as she seems to be aware of what's going on around her, occasionally joins in on the sisters' fights, and knows how to use a cell phone.²** In the comic "It's Just a Phase", Lisa is revealed to have started being a scientist when she was one.²* BrattyHalfPint: Lola is quite bratty, shouting, telling tales, stealing food, etc.²* BrattyTeenageDaughter:²** Given her modern ValleyGirl personality, Lori tends to get uptight when things don't go her way.²** Lynn is one of the rare examples who's ''not'' a ValleyGirl, as she's a PassionateSportsGirl who will often resort to TantrumThrowing over the pettiest of offenses like [[SoreLoser losing a board game]].²* BreakTheCutie:²** Lincoln is disciplined in "No Such Luck" to such a ridiculous extent that he's forced to sleep outside ''in the rain''.²** Luna undergoes a painful image revamp in "Really Loud Music" in which she undergoes a massive GirlinessUpgrade and is forced to perform as a materialistic, glamorous pop star because it's more popular than rock, her real aspiration. She suffers a milder case of this in the climax of "Racing Hearts" in which she is left bummed out after she realizes how little she and Sam have in common.²** Luan becomes so disheartened over her siblings' harsh criticism in "No Laughing Matter" that she decides to retire comedy as a whole and thereafter transitions into a former shell of herself.²* BrotherSisterTeam: Lincoln often teams up with his sisters when they have a common goal.²* BumblingDad: Downplayed with Lynn Sr., who, while shown to be a bit childish and clumsy, hasn't really done anything outright stupid.²* ButtMonkey:²** Lincoln is the ''quintessence'' of this trope. Any episode he plays a major role in, he's bound to have his day ruined by his sisters' antics (although that's been toned down after Season One). Aside from that, he's also bullied very often at his school.²** Clyde is not free from the receiving end of the AmusingInjuries stick either.²** Leni tends to qualify owing to her klutzy nature, what with her frequently bumping into walls.²** Luan gets this treatment from her family [[LamePunReaction in regards to her puns]].²** Lori is actually starting to lean more towards this direction in the recent seasons. "Selfie Improvement" and "City Slickers" both feature montages of her suffering humiliations.²* ButYouWereThereAndYouAndYou:²** In "One of the Boys", Lincoln dreams that he has ten brothers who are based on his sisters.²** Invoked in "Pulp Friction", where Lincoln deliberately bases the team of heroines on his sisters, the villain who reforms on Principal Huggins, and the villain who's actually evil on Scoots.²* CallBack: Leni exploits the fact that every sibling has the clothing, wigs and accessories necessary to dress up as any of the others, first shown in "Cover Girls", for her plan to help Clyde in "Change of Heart". [[spoiler:In the same episode, after complaining repeatedly throughout the series about Leni stealing her clothes, Lori steals Leni's clothes to dress up as her.]]²* CallingYourBathroomBreaks:²** Lana says she has to take a leak in one of the podcasts, and Lola says she needs to tinkle in another.²** Lana says she has to pee in "Mall of Duty".²** Luan says she has to pee in "Room with a Feud", which prompts an uncontrollably hysterical response from Leni. She uses it again as an excuse to not have to kiss Benny in the play in "Stage Plight".²* CargoShip: InUniverse, two of the sisters (Lucy and Leni) have crushes on inanimate objects (a bust of Edwin and a training dummy, respectively).²** Lily has a crush on her teddy bear, as "L is for Love" shows. Justified, as she's just a baby.²** Luan refers to her ventriloquist Mr. Coconuts as her "soulmate".²* CarryTheOne: In the pilot, Lincoln reminds Lisa to carry a one.²* CatchPhrase:²** Lincoln tends to say "But in a family as big as mine..." when talking to the audience. He's also said, "Let's do this" on occasion.²** Luan - "Get it?" or "But seriously..." (the latter when she's actually being serious)²** Lily - "Poo-poo!"²* CatsAreMean: Zigzagged. Cliff sometimes acts mean, but he's mainly nice. Cleopawtra (Clyde's cat) is feisty, but nice deep down, and Nepurrtiti (his other cat) is not mean at all.²* CharacterDevelopment: Most, if not all of the major characters, have gone through some much-needed development over the course of the series:²** Licoln is perhaps the only one who has really experienced more of a ''de''-evolution, going from being "the man with the plan" to being something of a bland and vanilla protagonist.²** Lori has gone from being the BigSisterBully who would boss her younger siblings around, and play the first-born card to get her way, to being a CoolBigSis who the younger siblings will actually go to for advice and support.²** Luna has gradually shown more signs of having a hidden insecure side when it comes to both her personal life, and as far as the future of her aspirations of being a rock star.²** Luan has also gradually shown more layers as well, including not only an insecure side in regards to her personal life like Luna, but also a compassionate and supportive side toward her younger siblings like Lori.²** Lynn was a typical cartoon JerkJock, who was eventually shown to be a more sympathetic character, attributed mostly to the BackStory she received of being bullied when she started middle school, and that taking on her tough and aggressive personality was her way of standing up for herself.²** Lucy, while always stoic and morose, has gradually shown she is not so emotionally withdrawn from her family as she seems, and has had a number of moments where she shows she really does care about them.²** Lola's spoiled and bratty personality has also gradually been toned down, and while she does still have her moments where she thinks mainly of herself and getting her way, she also has more moments of showing a more empathetic side.²** Clyde's PrecociousCrush on Lori has virtually disappeared altogether, and has eventually shown more interest in girls closer to his own age.²* CharacterTics: Leni walks with her hands drooping down in front of her and her eyes shut.²* CheatedAngle: Even though Lola's cowlick is combed at the right, it sometimes alters between shots.²* CheekyMouth: This fairly regularly shows up any time someone is talking when viewed from the side.²* CheerfulChild:²** Lana is characteristically a happy 6-year-old, especially when in the presence of gross surroundings.²** Darcy, one of Lisa's classmates, is a typical playful GirlyGirl.²** Lincoln himself is a quick-witted imaginative kid, which especially adds up when he roleplays as Ace Savvy.²** Generally, Lily's pretty cheerful.²* TheChewToy: Lincoln's ButtMonkey status is mostly done for laughs, as is Clyde's.²* ChildishOlderSibling:²** Leni, who is sixteen, is [[TheDitz ditsy]] and uncoordinated, so she comes off as less mature than most of her nine younger siblings, especially Lincoln (who's eleven and he's very strategic and logical) and Lisa (who's ''four'' but [[ChildProdigy a genius]]).²** Because Lisa is a genius and because she [[TheStoic hardly expresses emotion]], even the most mature of her older siblings sometimes appear childish in comparison. Lucy, another stoic, sometimes makes her older siblings appear childish in comparison but not as often as Lisa.²** Downplayed for Lynn, who's older than Lincoln, Lucy, the twins, Lisa, and Lily. She can sometimes act childish (like being a bad winner and riding her bike indoors) but usually acts her age, and again, she more only ''seems'' childish in contrast to Lincoln, Lucy, and Lisa.²* ChildProdigy:²** Lisa--she's only four and she's already finished school up through getting a [=PhD=]. She's also constantly running experiments, cures strep throat and does the family's taxes.²** David is in Lisa's kindergarten but he can do chemistry. He's not into biology like Lisa, but it's still pretty impressive.²* ChildrenAreInnocent:²** Lana. She has a playful outlook on unsanitary nature.²** Darcy is a typical CheerfulChild who's always up for fun. ²* ChristmasEpisode: "11 Louds a Leapin'" takes place on Christmas Eve and Christmas.²* CivilisedAnimal: The promotional videos "The Pug House" shows the Louds and Clyde (and presumably Bobby since he and Lori are still dating) as pugs. They're played by live-action pugs, eat dog food, and play fetch, but they still wear clothes and live in a house.²* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}:²** Leni, while mostly TheDitz, is also pretty eccentric too, with Lincoln even having to resort to using "Leni speak" to make her cooperate.²** Luan is a huge goofball who unleashes many pranks at the most unexpected of times.²** Even for a girl her age, Lana's obsession with unsanitary particles and bringing home animals is a bit too strange. [[CollectorOfTheStrange It gets to the point where she even collects poop]].²* ColdHam: Lucy talks very dramatically but is stoic.²* ColdTurkeysAreEverywhere: In "Deal Me Out", Lincoln and Clyde try to give up Ace Savvy because they're afraid they're too old, but then they see kids playing with Ace Savvy toys or watching it, a man dressed as Ace, and the comic store selling Ace Savvy comics.²* ColorCodedCharacters: The opening shades each of the Loud girls in a specific color, which is reflected in their character design:²** Lori is light blue. ²** Leni is seafoam. ²** Luna is purple. ²** Luan is yellow. ²** Lynn is red. ²** Lucy is gray. ²** Lana is blue. ²** Lola is pink. ²** Lisa is green. ²** Lily is lavender. ²** Lincoln himself is linked to orange. ²** These colors also correspond with the clothes the siblings usually wear (e.g. Lori wears a light blue shirt and eyeshadow, Leni a seafoam dress, Lucy wears black and white clothes, Lana wears grayish blue overalls, Luan a yellow skirt, etc). Lily's the only one whose color doesn't match with what she usually wears (a single white diaper), but she does often carry a lilac blanket and is seen wearing a purple shirt in "Project Loud House".²** The parents also have associated colors too. In this case, it's dark green for Lynn Sr. and coral for Rita.²* ComedicUnderwearExposure:²** Lincoln gets his pants pulled down by a bully at school in "Heavy Meddle". There's also the RunningGag of him reading comic books in his undies.²** Luna splits her pants in "Making the Case".²** Lana is forced to flee the bathroom with her overalls down after being ambushed by Lisa in "Snow Bored".²** In the beginning of "Shop Girl", Leni is wearing a messed-up dress that exposes a part of her underwear.²* CoolBigSis:²** Luna is established as one in her first appearance in the pilot. She's very mellow and has a good grip on reality, essentially cementing her as the sister with whom Lincoln gets along the most.²** Lori has shown herself to be incredibly loving and caring of all ten of her siblings whenever she lets go of her irrational selfishness and egotism. She's in fact gradually veering out of her default BigSisterBully role and more into this one as the series progresses.²** Leni is incredibly helpful and kind to her siblings in spite of her ditzy nature.²** Luan, despite behaving like a candy-riddled child most of the time, can very much be this to her younger siblings whenever they are in need of support. She also has a reputation as [[FriendToAllChildren being popular with children]], courtesy of performing for their birthday parties.²* CoolOldGuy: All the kids love Pop-Pop and he's very active in his old age, even ''skydiving'' in "The Old and the Restless".²* CrazyCatLady: Ruth is a bit eccentric and has a lot of cats.²* CreatingLife: Lisa once creates a sentient trash monster.²* CreepyChild: Lucy, especially when compared to the rest of her siblings. While a good character, she occasionally appears creepy due to her suddenly appearing, her gothic tastes, and (as a baby) her creepy stares and the fact that she hardly ever cried.²* CompanyCrossReferences: In one episode, the kids are fighting over the TV remote and constantly switching channels. One of the programs that pops up on the TV for a split second features a yellow sponge and a pink starfish, representing [[WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants another Nickelodeon cartoon]].²* CruelTwistEnding: Surprisingly common, though they happen less frequently as the show goes on:²** In "Two Boys and a Baby", Lincoln and Clyde babysit Lily so that the former doesn't have to visit Aunt Ruth, who he finds to be repulsive. Though Lincoln and Clyde succeed in their job, they end up being exposed to chickenpox along with Lily. Since Aunt Ruth is immune, as she had it once before, Lincoln, Clyde, and Lily are all sent to her house to recover, though in Lily's case, she enjoys it.²** "Cover Girls" ends with Lincoln forced to dress as Lily, and getting photographed by his classmates.²* CrushFilter: Clyde is madly in love with Lori, and regularly envisions her running in slow motion across the beach.²* CurseCutShort: ²** From "Butterfly Effect":²-->'''Luna:''' Check it, bro. I uploaded this song I wrote about our family going down the highway to -- [[LastSecondWordSwap hello]]! I just got fifty more hits!²** Happens to Luna again in "11 Louds a Leapin'", although it's not so much a curse as much as it is a word that's typically not allowed in a TV-Y7 show:²-->'''Luna:''' Merry Christmas, honey/If you don't have a gift I'll gladly take money/I wrote it down on my Christmas list/If I don't get my prezzies I'm gonna get--\²'''Mr. Grouse:''' Louds! Knock off that racket!²** In "Potty Mouth", the siblings almost say the 'D' word but change it to "Dashing through the snow", "Da da da", or "Daniel Day Lewis is a wonderful actor."²* TheCutie:²** Leni is a naïve and idealistic [[TheIngenue Ingenue]] who's without a doubt the sweetest of the Loud kids, rarely if ever waltzing into BigSisterBully or AlphaBitch territory.²** Luan is another innocent goody-two shoes who spreads happiness in the form of comedy and is generally naïve and sweet-natured.²** Lana also qualifies owing to her naive and cheerful disposition in addition to her ChildishToothGap. However, it's downplayed due to her slobbish hygiene and association with unsanitary particles.²* ADayInTheLimelight:²** Each of the sisters gets an episode that focuses primarily on them. The vast majority of the episodes are told from Lincoln's perspective, commonly alongside one of his sisters. However, some episodes place Lincoln in a supporting role while one of his sisters takes the limelight, the first instance being "House Music", which focuses on Luna.²** The Loud parents also have their episodes, such as "Rita Her Rights" for Rita, "Breaking Dad" for Lynn Sr., and "Suite and Sour" for both.²** The Loud pets also received their own episodes, too, with "Pets Peeved" and the Hebrew-only short "So Long, Sucker".²** "Clyde and His Dads", also a short exclusive to Hebrew, focuses on...well, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Clyde and his dads]].²** Even Lisa's robots from previous episodes have their spotlight, the German-exclusive short "Robot Sitcom".²* DaydreamSurprise: "Butterfly Effect" is revealed at the end to be Lincoln imagining what could happen if after he accidentally breaks Lisa's lab. Naturally with someone of his age, it's pretty outlandish.²* DependingOnTheWriter:²** Lori's personality tends to switch with each episode she stars in; she can either be a BigSisterBully, an actual kindhearted sibling, or even a bit of both. One could say that she's a complex character.²** Leni is exactly as stupid as a joke or the plot needs her to be. The same girl who's confused about which sister is the "dumb one" is also keenly aware the others see her as a brainless airhead.²* TheDiaperChange: Lily, being a baby, occasionally has her diaper changed.²* DiaperCheck: Lily's basic schtick. It's justified since she is a baby and is too young to be potty-trained yet. While most people can smell it and don't need to check, sometimes they need to check.²* DisembodiedEyebrows: Most of the characters' eyebrows can be seen through their hair.²* DistinctiveAppearances:²** The youngsters of the family have circular heads, while the teenage sisters have bean-shaped heads.²** The sisters' hair color is a good indication of their varying masculinity and femininity. The brunettes are the {{tomboy}}s, while the blondes are the {{Girly Girl}}s. The only exception to the latter case is blonde tomboy Lana, while the only exception to either of these is Lucy, who has Gothic black hair and is shown to be rather in-between.²* DistractedByTheSexy: ²** In "Study Muffin", the Loud sisters can't get even get a sentence out when in Hugh's presence. And it turns out Lincoln has been flunking his exams because he gets distracted by his sexy substitute teacher.²** Clyde frequently suffered from this in the earlier seasons as a result of his crush on Lori. ²* TheDitz: Leni is the least intelligent of the Loud family, being the DumbBlonde and all.²* DivergentCharacterEvolution: Quite a few characters started off the same, but gradually became different from each other. ²** Lincoln and Clyde have always been seen as so similar to each other that it has attracted a lot of criticism from some fans who deem them an uninteresting duo. "Room with a Feud" even outright stated they have a 98% personality compatibility level. Yet some episodes have shown that they have minor differences. For example, Lincoln likes magic tricks while Clyde doesn't, and the opposite is true in regards to antiques. Clyde is also more neurotic, worrysome and emotionally fragile than Lincoln, but he's also the VoiceOfReason when Lincoln gets [[RedOniBlueOni carried away]] with his ideas. ²** Inverted with Lucy and Haiku, who still seem to be more or less the same goth girl archtype as of season four, not that this is an inherently bad thing, as the writers avoid this becoming a problem by not having many scenes featuring just Lucy and Haiku. ²** Luna and Sam are definitely a noteworthy example. Sam was introduced as a SatelliteLoveInterest and seemed to be just the same rocker chick character as Luna. "Racing Hearts" then came along and demonstrated that the two girls are actually quite different. Sam prefers [[OutdoorsyGal outdoor activities and hobbies]] like sailing and rock climbing, while Luna prefers indoor stuff like dancing and laser tag. ²** Lynn and her sports bestie, Margo. Granted, there wasn't much to go on before "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow", but her initial cameos had her come across as a somewhat gross, aggressively passionate sports nut, similar to Lynn. Then she had a few larger roles and was shown to be more modest and soft spoken, and less egotistical. "Singled Out" also shows she is a [[TomboyAndGirlyGirl girly romantic compared to]] Lynn's [[CelibateHero love hating]] tomboy. ²* DoubleEntendre: This line from Lana in "Get the Message":²-->'''Lincoln:''' Okay. Okay. I'll walk within the speed limit. I swear.\²'''Lana:''' '''''NO SWEARING!'''''²* DumbBlonde: Played straight with Leni (who's very dumb), but averted with the other blondes in the family (who are average intelligence to smart).²* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: ²** The animation in "Left in the Dark" is different than in later episodes. Examples include:²*** Lisa's shirt is dark green instead of chartreuse.²*** Lucy's hairline is raised up a little.²*** Clyde's hair and face are shaped differently.²*** Leni's dress appears with a slightly more de-saturated shade than usual.²** Up until "11 Louds a Leapin'", Mr. and Mrs. Loud's faces weren't seen.²** In episodes where Lincoln would break the fourth wall, and the stories were played out from his perspective, each of his sisters' default personalities were far more exaggerated, making them seem far more one-dimensional and stereotypical.²** Two early episodes show Lincoln reading comic books in his underwear as he claims reading them with clothes on would be uncomfortable. However, in multiple episodes after this, he reads comics while dressed with no problem.²** Rusty Spokes was introduced as one of the members of a bratty biker gang in "Hand-Me-Downer". In later episodes after this, he becomes a part of Lincoln's friendship circle along with Clyde, Liam and Zach.²** When we first see the family at dinner, there were two sets of tables, the adult or "grown-up" table for the five eldest sisters and parents, and the kids or "kiddie" table for the five youngest sisters and Lincoln. Since "Fed-Up", all the family members sit at the dining room table together.²** Clyde's PrecociousCrush on Lori was a RunningGag of his character throughout Season 1 and 2. It was quietly dropped in Season 3, and Clyde has since seen himself falling in love with girls closer to his age, such as in ''Be Stella My Heart'' (Stella) and ''Brave the Last Dance'' (Emma).²* EarlyPersonalitySigns: All of the Loud children have hinted at their personality as babies and young children.²** Lori has always been interested in phones ("Not a Loud"), and has been [[{{Gasshole}} gassy]] and blamed her farts on others since she was one (The comic "It's Just a Phase").²** Leni has been [[TheFashionista experimenting with fashion]] since she was one ("It's Just a Phase").²** Luna had a loud cry as a baby ("It's Just a Phase") and now sings loudly. Also, as seen in "Not a Loud", she was always interested in music in general despite not becoming a rocker until later.²** Luan gave people a PieInTheFace since she was one ("It's Just a Phase") and has been experimenting with stand-up comedy since she was eight ("Head Poet's Anxiety").²** Lynn was "too competitive" at age one ("It's Just a Phase") and tried to lift weights as a baby ("Not a Loud"). Now, she's a super-competitive athlete.²** Lincoln used to take off his pants a lot at age one ("It's Just a Phase"). Now, he reads comics in his undies.²** Lucy used to stare at people in a creepy way and didn't cry much as a baby ("The Crying Dame") and buried the family's dead hamster at age one ("It's Just a Phase"). Now, she's a {{Goth}} who [[TheStoic barely expresses emotion]].²** Lana has been shown to [[FilthyFun love mud]] as a toddler ("It's Just a Phase" and "Deal Me Out") and when she was a baby, she cried until they got to keep their cat, dog, and canary (the vlog and "Head Poet's Anxiety"), hinting at her AnimalLover personality.²** Lola has loved to give things makeovers since she was one ("It's Just a Phase").²** Lisa started doing experiments when she was one ("It's Just a Phase").²* EmbarrassingPyjamas: In "Missed Connection", Carl is embarrassed by his mother entering a video chat with his train pyjamas.²* EnsembleCast: Back in season 1 the show began with Lincoln as the main character and central focus of pretty much every episode, but starting with season 2 the show has gradually shifted to this format, with Lincoln's role being toned down to give other characters their DayInTheLimelight and an opportunity to show them outside their interactions with Lincoln.²* EpisodeTagline:²** In "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", Lincoln and his best friend Clyde say, "How hard could it be?" several times before realizing that [[TemptingFate it can actually be pretty hard]].²** In "Not a Loud", Lincoln and Clyde say, "Field test!" before testing to see if Lincoln has strange powers or was swapped at birth.²** In "Potty Mouth", Lily keeps saying, "Dannit" which is thought to be a mispronunciation of "Dammit". [[spoiler: It turns out to actually be a mispronunciation of "Doughnut".]]²** In "Racing Hearts", whenever Luna or Sam fails at something she's not interested in, she describes it as "not really my thing".²** In "Attention Deficit", both the Loud parents and [[HasTwoDaddies Clyde's dads]] tell the Loud children to wait for specifically ''five minutes'' several times.²** In "Linc or Swim", whenever the Loud family gets banned from the pool, someone says, "Loud family, out!" to which they reply, "We were just having fun", to which the person replies, "[Infraction] is/are not fun!". The phrase "[[SpockSpeak fecal incident]]" (referring to Lily [[PuttingThePeeInPool pooping in the pool]]) is also used several times.²** In "Washed Up", the Loud family is marooned on an uninhabited island and they frequently say, "Louds never quit!". This is relatively true, since the Loud family has displayed {{Determinator}} tendencies in past episodes.²* EpisodeTitleCard: It's done in the style of comic strips. Lincoln always appears somewhere in the top photo next to the title, whether he is the focus or not.²* EscalatingWar: In "Friendzy," Lincoln figures out that having Clyde over activates the "Friend Card," which allows him to get what he wants because he has a friend over. When the sisters figure it out, they invite one of their friends before Clyde shows up. Lincoln retaliates by inviting two of his friends over, and his sisters retaliate by each inviting one more friend than the other, until several dozen kids start a fight over the [=TV=], and the Loud siblings start a fight over whose fault it is.²* EstablishingCharacterMoment: Every one of the sisters gets one in the pilot, all in under two minutes. It also happens in the first minute of "Left in the Dark".²* EstablishingSeriesMoment: The pilot which shows what a huge ordeal it is in a huge family simply to get to the bathroom.²* EurekaMoment: Lincoln in the pilot; after Lori beats him to the bathroom and starts to panic about holding it in, he gets distracted by the smell of Lily's dirty diaper:²-->'''Lincoln:''' Ugh, could clear a room. ''(realization)'' Could clear a room!²* EverybodyCries:²** All of Lincoln's sisters cry in "The Green House", when Lincoln convinces them to lower their energy use, by using a poster of an adorable polar bear to arouse their sympathies. ²** All of the Loud kids cry in "Pets Peeved" when the pets go missing.²* ExpositionFairy:²** In the licensed games "Germ Squirmish" and "Summer School", Lisa sits in the corner of the screen giving the player advice.²** In the game "Lincoln's List", Clyde gives the player advice.²* ExpositoryThemeTune: Like the show, the theme song is about being [[OutnumberedSibling the only boy]] among ten sisters.²* ExpressiveHealthBar: In "Germ Squirmish", a licensed game, as the "infection" meter rises, Lincoln's face next to it looks more and more disturbed, then sickly, then if it fills completely, he gets sick and you lose.²* ExtremeOmnivore:²** Lana eats bugs and pet food sometimes.²** Charles ate Lincoln's bag once. He's also eaten money in "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud House".²** In "Funny Business", Gary the rabbit eats part of Lincoln's comic.²** In "Brawl in the Family", Lana eats paper.²* TheFaceless:²** Lynn Sr. and Rita during the first season, although Lynn's eyes were occasionally seen. They get fully revealed at the climax of "11 Louds a Leapin'", and remain revealed through the rest of the show.²** The Season 4 [[ADayInTheLimelight pets-focused]] episode "Love Birds" brings this back, hiding the faces of every named human character that appears, if not outright making them TheVoice (Mr. Loud, Lincoln, Lola, Lana, Leni, Lisa, and Mr. Grouse).²* {{Fainting}}:²** Luna faints in "Roadie to Nowhere" when she sees Flip's meat molar.²** In "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud House", Luan passes out from being made dizzy due to Luna banging on the furnace which she was hiding in.²** In "Not a Loud", it's revealed that the First Lady delivered Lincoln because Lynn Sr. and the President had blacked out.²** In "Tricked!", Lynn Sr.'s fear makes him unconscious for most of the episode.²** In "Get the Message", Clyde passes out because of Lori.²** Referenced in the song the Louds sing in "Tripped!", which has the lyric, "Mom passed out!". Rita doesn't actually pass out, though.²** In "The Whole Picture", Lincoln passes out upon finding out the camera is empty and so does Clyde upon seeing Lori.²** In "The Spies Who Loved Me", Aunt Frida passes out because she's worried about Ronnie Anne.²* TheFashionista: Leni and Carlotta are very into fashion, and to a lesser extent, so are Lori and Lola.²* FightForTheLastBite:²** In "Slice of Life", Lincoln and his sisters argue over the last slice of pizza.²** Downplayed in "Spell it Out" where Lola and Lucy both want the last piece of pie but they don't argue.²* FilthyFun:²** Lana likes playing in the mud, along with other gross things such as unclogging toilets, NatureTinkling and [[ExtremeOmnivore eating spoiled food]].²** Some of the twins' classmates also play in the mud.²** In "Undie Pressure", Charles and Cliff play in the mud.²* {{Foil}}: Many characters are seemingly similar at a first glance yet have key differences to one another when looked at more closely in this show. ²** Lincoln and Ronnie Anne. Both are the protagonists of their own shows. Both are 11 year old pre-teens who can [[BreakingTheFourthWall communciate their thoughts with the audience]]. Both are part of large families where there are conflicts left, right and centre and both often end up outnumbered in any given debate or argument. Both are capable of using their brains and cunning to scheme and plan in order to get what they want. They also both love video games. However, Lincoln is a NiceGuy who is not particularly strong and is more of a comic book geek. Ronnie Anne is a rough and tumble girl who is a bit more physically inclined, as she loves skateboarding and is a fan of Mexican wrestling. Ronnie Anne isn't really a violent Jerkass, especially after CharacterDevelopment and [[TookALevelInKindness becoming somewhat less bullying and more friendly]] by the time season 4 came along, but she is still a bit rough and abrasive compared to Lincoln. ²** Lori and Leni, since they are the two oldest siblings, but while Lori uses her status as the oldest to dominate and discipline her younger siblings (sometimes out of necessity, to be fair), Leni is completely friendly and passive and does not use her status as second oldest to try and take control of the other Loud kids. ²** Lynn and Lola, the two most aggressive, competitive, hot-headed and somewhat hostile acting sisters of the Loud family. Both of them have violent tendencies and a drive to beat others at any given challenge, but they're both on complete opposite ends of the femininity spectrum. Lola is a GirlyGirl who engages in pageant competitions, dresses in [[PinkMeansFeminine a pink dress]] and a tiara, and loves to look pretty and stay clean. Meanwhile, Lynn is a tomboyish [[PassionateSportsGirl sports nut]] who has an unkempt and sporty appearance and loves to get her hands dirty. ²** Luna and Sam. They're a couple bonded together by their mutual love for rock music and aspirations of being rockstars. They both hang around in the same group of friends and often rock out together. But they have many key differences as shown in "Racing Hearts". Sam is an OutdoorsyGal who enjoys sailing, rock climbing, farm animals and kale smoothies, while Luna seems to prefer indoor activities like laser tag and dancing. On the other hand, they both have a disdain for baking. ²** Luan and Lucy. Both sisters are interested in pantomine and the performance arts (Luan in comedy and Lucy in poetry), and both having inanimate objects they like to talk to (Mr Coconuts and Edwin, respectively). But quite obviously, they differ greatly when it comes to their general mood and how they like to portray themselves to the outside world. Lucy is a [[TheStoic near emotionless goth]] who dresses in all black, sighs and feels down a lot, and keeps quiet most of the time, complaining most people forget she is there. Luan is as happy as can be, wears bright yellow and white so as to make herself easily seen, and is very loud, boisterous and likes being at the centre of attention. Lucy is also surprisingly level-headed despite her superstitions and morbid interests, while Luan borders on crazed psychopath on her worst days (which are usually April Fools days). ²** Lynn and Margo. Lynn's best friend Margo shares her [[PassionateSportsGirl love of all kinds of sports]] and the two often hang around together both in and outside of sporting activities. But while Margo is obviously quite competitive and rowdy herself, she is actually the StraightMan of sorts compared to Lynn's more eccentric character. Lynn is competitive to the point where even Margo can get annoyed by it. She's also more modest and soft spoken while Lynn is a lot louder and more boastful about her skills and accomplishments. Additionally, Margo seems to dislike Lynn's superstitions, not liking it when Lynn stops her from going "number two" before a big game. Margo is also probably a little more passive, while Lynn is more aggressive. ²** Lynn and Ronnie Anne. Both are similar since they are the tough, violent roughhousing girls of their families, and both have very rough ways of showing their affection towards Lincoln or other characters. They both like wrestling and many boyish activities and don't care much for most girly things, as Ronnie Anne dislikes cheesy romances and school dances while Lynn has shown disdain for painting her sister's nails and Lola's pageant shows. However, Ronnie Anne distincts herself from Lynn in that she doesn't take her aggressive bullying ways to the same extremes as Lynn, and has actually mellowed out a little since the early episodes. Lynn is (usually) not a JerkJock and has her redeemable qualities, and can be [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold well-intentioned despite her roughness]] at times, but the sheer extent of her aggression and competitiveness can get the better of her sometimes. [[RedOniBlueOni Ronnie is better at keeping her aggression and energy in check]]. Building on this, they also play with the TomboyAndGirlyGirl dynamic. While both are tomboys, Lynn is the hard butch tomboy to Ronnie Anne's slightly effeminate tomboy. Ronnie Anne's smaller aggressive streak, sensitivity, knack for nurturing others, and [[PinkMeansFeminine pink highlights]] in her wardrobe make her seem a little more feminine than Lynn. ²** Lana Loud is a tomboy through and through, but she doesn't dislike girly girls. This can be shown by how she willingly often hangs around with her more feminine twin sister, Lola. In "Cover Girls", Lana's gang of tomboy friends are briefly shown, and they seem to [[FemaleMisogynist actively dislike girly girls]] to the point that they won't let them join in their group. One of them even rejected Lana herself when she appeared at their mudhole dressed in her girly sister Leni's clothes. Lana, who's just as big a tomboy herself, seems much more accepting of others who are decidely more girly. This is [[JustifiedTrope justified]] as Lana having a girly twin sister (and many other girly sisters, for that matter) likely influenced her to be more accepting and even friendly towards girlier people than her fellow tomboys are. ²** Clyde and Sid Chang. Both are best friends and sidekicks of sorts to Lincoln and Ronnie Anne respectively. But Clyde is the [[RedOniBlueOni blue oni to Lincoln's red]] and is a calm, restricted nerdy boy while Sid is an energetic and excitable GenkiGirl who is very much a red oni, both in comparison to Ronnie Anne and to Clyde.²* {{Foodfight}}:²** The younger sisters have several food fights in "A Tale of Two Tables", with their older siblings and, to a lesser extent, ''Rita'', eventually joining in.²** One licensed game involves a food fight: Lincoln vs. all the sisters except Lily.²** In "No Guts, No Glori", two of the sisters throw food at each other.²* ForcedMeme: The show would occasionally try to evoke LeftTheBackgroundMusicOn repeatedly in a few episodes.²* {{Foreshadowing}}:²** Up until they finally appeared in person, Clyde would always refer to his dads as "my parents" and never "my mom and dad".²** Prior to TheReveal of Luna's bisexuality, in "Study Muffin" she is the only sister who notes Ms. [=DiMartino=] is "smokin'".²* FourFingeredHands: The show's default style; however, the {{animesque}} versions of the characters in the "Slice of Life" short have five fingers.Lisa and Aunt Ruth both have an [[ExtraDigits extra toe]] so they're depicted with five-toed (and six-toed) feet rather than four toes like other characters. ²* FourTemperamentEnsemble:²** Sanguine: Leni, Luna, Luan, and Lana.²** Choleric: Lori, Lynn, and Lola.²** Melancholic: Lucy and Lisa.²** Phlegmatic: Lincoln and Lily.²* FourthWallObserver: Lincoln will often monologue to the camera about some aspect of his life to set up the episode's events. This was dropped throughout most of Season 2, however, to focus on the "slice of life" aspect a little more.²* FreezeFrameBonus: During "Driving Miss Hazy", the Louds' address can be seen on Lori's driver's license, showing that they live in Royal Woods, Michigan. This is a ShoutOut to creator Chris Savino's hometown of Royal Oak, Michigan.²* FreudianExcuse: It's revealed in "Middle Men" that the reason Lynn acts like such a {{jerkass}} is because she had a tough time in middle school in that she was mercilessly bullied and [[AdultsAreUseless the school staff were of no help]], so she put on an abrasive façade to survive the rest of the year without being targeted anymore.²* FunWithFlushing:²** In "Sleuth or Consequences", it's revealed that Lincoln has tried to flush a sweater, some food he didn't like, and his father's CD's.²** In "One of the Boys", Luke apparently flushed Bun-Bun.²* {{Gasshole}}:²** Lori, whose flatulence is a RunningGag.²** Lynn, who loves giving Dutch ovens.²** Lincoln, who can fart on cue, as seen in "A Tale of Two Tables," "Space Invader," and "Roughin' It".²** Lana, who, according to Lola in "Brawl in the Family", often sleep-farts so loudly that it blocks the sound of snoring.²** Lola won the family burping contest in "Come Sale Away".²** In the dream universe in "One of the Boys", the boy versions of the sisters like to burp and fart.²** Lily farts a lot and sometimes burps.²* GenderFlip: The entire premise of "One of the Boys" involves Lincoln [[WhatIf imagining]] what it would be like if his sisters were boys à la ''Series/MalcolmInTheMiddle''. [[spoiler:Interestingly, the episode ''also'' gives a small glimpse of what the Loud-family would be like if Lincoln was a girl (named "Linka") with ten brothers--it's more or less ''exactly'' the same as Lincoln's current life.]]²* GeniusSweetTooth: Lisa is a child prodigy and likes candy.²* GenkiGirl: Leni, Luan and Lily are very happy-go-lucky, Lynn is energetic enough to do many sports at once, and Luna is a rocker. Darcy also seems quite cheery, although she does cry when Lisa rejects her. Sid is also very upbeat and energetic and Polly Pain is energetic too.²* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: Enough to warrant its [[Radar/TheLoudHouse own page]].²* TheGhost: The [=McBrides=]' therapist Dr. Lopez. All we can gather is that she's a woman.²* GirlsLoveChocolate: "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru" shows us that the sisters really love chocolate. Lincoln even calls them "chocoholics" for it. Provided the page image, too.²* GlassesCuriosity: ²** In "Picture Perfect," while trying to make his sisters look presentable for a sibling photo reshoot, he removes Lisa's glasses and puts them on Leni to make the latter look smarter (than she already is, as he himself says).²** In "The Old and the Restless," Lincoln takes a passerby man's glasses and puts them on when the boy thinks he sees Pop Pop about to skydive.²* GoneHorriblyRight: In "No Guts, No Glori" when Lincoln recruits the sisters to lock up Lori when the parents go out, he takes charge and lets the sisters have fun, but they enjoy their freedom so much they're free to make a big mess of the house, leaving Lincoln to free Lori so she can get them under her control.²* GoodParents:²** Mr. and Mrs. Loud are shown to be caring and nurturing parents to their eleven children, although, due to how frequently they go out or flat-out don't appear, we only ever so often get to see this side to them.²** Clyde's [[HasTwoMommies adoptive gay fathers]] do nothing but dote on him and make him nutritious meals.²* GooGooGetup:²** In "Cover Girls", Lincoln has to dress as Lily.²** In "Changing the Baby", Clyde sees Lincoln with Lily and dresses up as a baby to win Clyde back, thinking that Lincoln wants a baby to hang out with.²** In "Potty Mouth", the siblings pretend Lisa is Lily and dress her in a diaper.²* {{Goth}}:²** Lucy is a goth; she wears black, likes the occult, and writes dark poetry.²** Lucy's crush from "L is For Love" seemed to have the same dark interests as Lucy.²** Haiku is also a goth, wearing black, liking a vampire, and being all gloomy and pessimistic.²** By extension, all of the members of "The Mortician's Club" are this, being into the same things as Lucy and Haiku and having similar appearances. ²* GreenAroundTheGills: People often go green in the face when they feel sick. Happens to...²** Lincoln and Lana in "Toads and Tiaras".²** Clyde in "Dance, Dance Resolution".²** Lola in "Patching Things Up".²** Lincoln suffers it alone in "Not a Loud".²** The whole family in "Tripped!".²* GrossOutShow: Downplayed as the show focuses more on its slice-of-life aspect, but a handful of episodes contain toilet humor in one way or another that is sometimes even the center of the plot, from Lori's {{Gasshole}} tendencies to the house's bathroom. Heck, the pilot for the series focused on Lincoln attempting to use the bathroom, followed by [[spoiler:him using Lily's dirty diaper to chase Lori out]].²* GroupHug: Lincoln is often the victim of claustrophobic group hugs from his sisters.²* GymClassRopeClimb: In "Predict Ability", Lincoln tries to get out of having to climb a rope by asking to go see the nurse, apparently having done so many times before, since Coach Pacowski immediately knew what Lincoln was going to say. As part of his attempts to break his predictability, next time he volunteers first for the rope climb and actually makes it to the top.²* HairballHumor: In "Along Came a Sister", Cliff coughs up a hairball that's mistaken for Frank's corpse. When he coughs up another that looks identical, they realise that Frank isn't dead.²* HasTwoMommies: Clyde's the (adopted) son of same-sex ''male'' couple. This is notable for being the first Nick show to feature same-sex couples,[[note]]Though ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'' did end with Korra and Asami in an implied romantic relationship first, this was the first obviously married gay couple on the network.[[/note]] and got complaints for using such in a kids' show.²* HasTwoThumbsAnd: In "Changing the Baby", Clyde says, "Who has two thumbs and totally wants to hang out with his best pal? This guy!". Later, he says about him and Lily, "Who has four thumbs and likes milk? These guys!".²* HaveANiceDeath: Losing at the game "Germ Squirmish" will result in the phrases "Sneezy diseasey", "You're 'snot' looking so good", "Welcome to bed-and-barf town. Population: you" or "Your new name is Germy [=McGermface=]."²* HazmatSuit:²** In "Along Came a Sister", Leni wears a hazmat suit to protect herself from the bug spray.²** In "The Crying Dame", Lisa wears a hazmat suit to check Lily's diaper.²** In "One Flu Over the Loud House", Clyde wears a hazmat suit to take care of the sick Louds.²* HeelFaceTurn: At the end of the comic Lincoln makes in "Pulp Friction", the villain turns good.²** While it's hardly fair to say Chandler was ever really an all-out bad guy, he becomes a lot nicer and friendlier towards Lincoln and Clyde in "Jeers for Fears" than he was beforehand and ceases to be an antagonist. ²* HiddenEyes: ²** Lucy's eyes are hidden behind her BlindingBangs.²** Infected Mrs. Loud in "One Flu Over the Loud House".²** Downplayed with Haiku, who only has one eye hidden at all times.²* HomemadeSweaterFromHell:²** One promotional video is the "Ugly Sweater Guide", which shows sweaters the Louds would either like but everyone else would find ugly or which they would find ugly.²** In one of the vlogs, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne design intentionally-ugly sweaters.²** In "Sleuth or Consequences", Lincoln hates a sweater so much he tries to flush it down the toilet.²* HowCanSantaDeliverAllThoseToys: In "11 Louds a Leapin'", Lisa tries to figure out how Santa works and concludes that it's impossible.²* HowWeGotHere: "Friendzy" starts with the Loud siblings fighting each other, until Lincoln [[BreakingTheFourthWall pauses the action and starts explaining what happened]]. He goes on to explain that fights in the house are common because he and his sisters can't agree on anything, and as a result their parents make all the decisions, until Lincoln figured out the "Friend Card," which allows Lincoln to get what he wants so long as Clyde comes over. When the girls figure out his scheme, they invite a friend over before Clyde shows up and they get what they want. [[EscalatingWar Lincoln retaliates by inviting over two friends, and the sisters counter by inviting one more friend than their siblings]]. As several dozen kids fight over what to watch on [=TV=], the Loud siblings start a fight over whose group of friends started the riot, and Lincoln informs the audience that's how it all began.²* HumanAlienDiscovery: Subverted in the episode "Not a Loud". Lincoln finds out that his birth story is missing from his baby book, so he and his friend Clyde try to find out why. They ask Lincoln's four eldest sisters what happened and one of them, Luna, remembers seeing a lot of men in black suits and so the boys wonder if Lincoln is an alien and those guys were TheMenInBlack, especially because Lincoln has white hair. Eventually, it's revealed that Lincoln is actually human. The guys in black suits were just there because he was delivered by the First Lady.²* HypocriticalHumor:²** Despite their annoyance at Luan's puns, this doesn't stop the others from making their own puns. Lincoln also laughs at the puns in 'Ace Savvy'.²** In "A Tale of Two Tables", the Loud parents prohibit Lincoln from eating at the grown-up table on account of immature behavior, when they themselves are not above said behavior.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: I-Q]]²* IconicItem: Most of the sisters own an object or more that they are closely associated with and practically define their personality:²** Lori - Her phone²** Leni - Her sunglasses²** Luna - Her guitar²** Luan - [[{{Ventriloquism}} Mr. Coconuts]], her WhoopeeCushion, her pies, and her microphone²** Lucy - Her poetry, her bust of Edwin the Vampire²** Lana - Her [[TomboyishBaseballCap cap]], her pet frog (Hops), and her wrench²** Lola - Her tiara²** Lisa - Her experiments²** Lily - Her blanket²* IdiotBall:²** In "Cover Girls", the Loud kids don't realise they can change back to their regular clothes when Pop Pop wants to see them together.²** In "No Such Luck", Lincoln manages to convince Lori, Lisa, and the parents that he is bad luck surprisingly quickly. And in the end, once Lincoln convinces them that’s not the case, they assume the (cramped, worn and heated) suit he’s wearing is good luck and make him keep it.²** In "Brawl in the Family", everyone seems pretty incompetent with their 'Sister Fight Protocol'. While Lincoln is a careless blabbermouth who just can’t resist letting insults loose about the angry sisters.²* IllnessBlanket: Downplayed in "One Flu Over the Loud House", where all the Louds have the flu, but only Rita is wrapped in a blanket.²* InSeriesNickname:²** Lincoln has "Linc" or "Linky". To a lesser extent, he also has "Stinkoln", courtesy of Lynn Jr., but only she calls him that.²** In a similar manner, many of the other siblings are also given shortened nicknames by each other. Lana and Lola are often referred to a "Lans" and "Lols" respectively. Luna is sometimes called "Lunes", Lisa is called "Lis" and Lucy is called "Luce". Lynn Jr is given the abbreviation "LJ" by the family, too, especially since it helps differentiate her from her dad. ²** Bobby has "Boo-boo Bear".²** Lisa has "Lis" (pronounced like the word ''lease'').²* IncompetentGuardAnimal: In "Lock 'n Loud", Lana trains Charles to be an attack dog, but his laziness interferes. This is subverted at the end of the episode when Charles ''does'' attack a burglar, who's actually Lynn Sr., only because he saw some strips of bacon on the backside of the latter's pants.²* InfernalBackground:²** In the episode "Toads and Tiaras", Lincoln has Lola's twin sister Lana fill in for her at a pageant while Lola's out with an injury. When Lola finds out, she is absolutely livid, leading to a scene where the background briefly turns into a raging fire behind her.²** In "Butterfly Effect", Lincoln's ImagineSpot of Lisa getting angry with him over wrecking her experiments has flames appear behind her.²* InjuredLimbEpisode: In "Toads and Tiaras", Lola trips over a can of hair spray before a beauty pageant and breaks both an arm ''and'' a leg, so Lincoln trains Lana to sub for her.²* InnocentSwearing: In "Potty Mouth", the siblings think that they heard Lily say the "D" word (dammit). [[spoiler: Double-subverted, as she was actually saying, "dannit" and trying to say, "donut". However, at the end of the episode, she says a bleeped swear.]]²* InstantIllness: In "One Flu Over the Loud House", the flu took seconds (for the twins, Lynn, Luna, Lucy, and Leni) or minutes (for Lincoln and possibly Luan) to manifest.²* IronicEcho: In "Net Gains," when Lynn is forced to join the worst team in the local basketball league, she comes up with the strategy that the other girls should pass her the ball whenever they get a chance. After winning their first game, Lynn is ecstatic, but the other girls lament that they barely got a chance to play, to which Lynn says "a win's a win, no matter who plays." After their following game ends in defeat, Lynn brings some older girls to help her win. When they win that game, Lynn calls out the older girls for hogging the ball, and not letting her play, to which one of them replies "a win's a win, no matter who plays." ²* {{Irony}}: Lisa hilariously {{lampshade|Hanging}}s this in "Fool Me Twice" when she says, "Oh, sweet irony! We handed Luan the perfect weapons to destroy us!"²* IrritationIsTheSincerestFormOfFlattery: In the episode "Roll Model", after witnessing Ronnie Anne save a dog, Carl considers her to be a hero and decides to copy everything she does, much to her annoyance. Later, it is revealed that Ronnie Anne used to copy Bobby when she was younger.²* JailedOneAfterAnother: In "For Bros About to Rock", Lincoln and Clyde are arrested for buying counterfeit tickets from an undercover cop for a rock concert after the real tickets have been sold out. Luna disguises herself as Lincoln's mom to get him and Clyde out of there, but [[TheDitz Bobby]] doesn't quite understand what's going on and innocently blows her cover, getting her thrown in the same cell.²* JarPotty:²** In one episode, Lana pees in a bucket she calls "Old Sloshy".²** In "Brawl in the Family", the family has to use a bucket instead of the toilet when the sisters sulk in the bathroom.²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Aside from [[NiceGuy Leni]], [[TheBabyOfTheBunch Lily]], and [[CoolBigSis Luna]] who are naturally nice ([[BewareTheNiceOnes with extreme limitations]]), the other girls have good qualities to balance out their not so good moments like helping Lincoln with his oral report after he accidentally destroyed his diorama.²* JumpingToConclusionsDiagnosis: In "One Flu Over the Loud House", Lincoln suspects Lucy to be infected ''twice'' because she looks pale, even though she always does.²* KickTheDog: Luan does this every April Fool's Days, where she sets pranks across the household that are downright ''malicious'' and fatal.²* KickTheSonOfABitch: Towards the end of "Fool's Paradise", Mr. and Mrs. Loud sell the house and pack their bags to move with the rest of the children to Florida, leaving Luan behind in a distraught state. [[spoiler: Until they reveal this as an April Fool's prank to get back at her for pulling much more fatal ones.]]²* KiddieKid: The more mature and older Loud siblings can venture into this territory when their NotSoAboveItAll side is shown. The ending of "A Tale of Two Tables" is a good example of this, where all eleven children participate in a foodfight. However, the ones who can be seen as this on a regular basis are:²** Lincoln, in a {{Downplayed|Trope}} sense. He behaves like an average 11-year-old kid, yet still owns a stuffed rabbit toy named "Bun-Bun", which he cares deeply for.²** Luan. Despite being 14 years old, she has a passion for puns, clowns, pulling pranks, and childlike comedy in general. She also owns and plays with several toys of the novelty variety, most notably her [[{{Ventriloquism}} ventriloquist]], Mr. Coconuts.²** Lastly, 13-year-old Lynn. She rides on a shopping cart and wrecks many aisles in "Cereal Offender" and plays on a tire swing in "Sitting Bull". She's also prone to throwing tantrums if things don't go her way and exhibits poor sportamanship. Finally, "Singled Out" shows her enjoying a food fight with a little 6 year old kid in the Burpin' Burger, and making a mess of the place (her friends even join in, showing they are also less extreme examples of this trope at heart despite being into teenage romances). ²* KidnappedFromBehind: In "Fool's Paradise", one of Luan's pranks at the booby-trapped hotel involves hooking Lily with a fishing line, reeling her from her mother's arms, and lowering a monkey in her place.²* KidsAreCruel:²** Most of Lincoln's classmates are portrayed as immature monstrous bullies who frequently pick on him and pull cruel pranks. This is played up to its epitome in "Heavy Meddle".²** Lola has an explosive temper and is not above threatening ''anyone'' who dares messes with her. She knows how to intimidate even her older siblings.²* KidsShouldntWatchHorrorFilms: Lincoln sneaks into one in "The Price of Admission" against his parents' wishes and is scared of the dark once he gets home. [[spoiler:When his parents decide he can go after all, they almost take him ''back'' to see it before he admits he already saw it and never wants to see it again.]]²* TheKilljoy:²** The show has the Loud family's grumpy neighbour Mr. Grouse, who often tells the family to stop having fun and goofing around because he finds them too... well, loud.²** While Lori isn't usually an example, she becomes one if she's left in charge, disallowing her siblings to goof around like usual to the point of being nicknamed the "Queen of No".²* KindheartedSimpleton:²** Leni's usually a nice girl despite not being that smart.²** Bobby's kindness more than makes up for his stupidity.²* TheKlutz:²** Leni's pretty clumsy, often bumping into the wall and falling downstairs.²** Downplayed for Lincoln, who does pratfalls on occasion.²* LargeHam:²** Lincoln and Clyde can be dramatic when geeking out and when things don't go their way.²** Luna is very expressive and excitable. Justified, as she’s an aspiring rock musician.²** Frida is very dramatic and cries a lot.²** Lynn Sr. overacts sometimes.²** Lori is very dramatic when she's angry or lovey-dovey.²** Lynn often hams it up.²** Lola overacts all the time, no matter what mood she's in.²* LaserGuidedKarma: Frequently happens when the siblings take things too far:²** Happens in "The Sweet Spot" when the sisters fight Lincoln for possession of the best seat in the family van; all they succeed in doing is destroying the van and are immediately grounded for it.²** Happens in "Come Sale Away" where the siblings try to outsell each other and sell ''everything in the house'' to do it. When they realize they sold Lily's blanket by accident, they end up losing ''all'' of their earnings to Flip when he cons them all with duplicates. They come to find Lily's blanket was actually in the wash, and all of them are grounded yet again. In addition, Flip tries to make a fast buck off of the unstable chemicals he bought from Lisa, and ends up trashing his own gas station when he tampers too much with them. ²* LastNameBasis:²** In "One Flu Over the Loud House", Lincoln tries calling himself and his healthy sisters by their surnames, but Lucy points out that "we're ''all'' Loud."²** Mr. Grouse sometimes calls the kids by their surname.²* LaterInstallmentWeirdness: Lincoln's fourth wall breaks become less frequent in Season 2, but are back in Season 3.²* LazilyGenderFlippedName: In "Along Came a Sister", the tarantula is named Frank, but then it turns out to be a girl so she's renamed Frances.²* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: In "Overnight Success", Lincoln says, "Time to make history!" after hearing the doorbell. Immediately after he says this, the first same-gender couple for Nickelodeon appears.²* LikeIsLikeAComma:²** Leni uses the word "like" a lot, which the others find annoying.²** Ruby from "Stage Plight" also says, "like" a lot.²* LikesOlderWomen:²** Clyde (who's 11) has a crush on Lincoln's oldest sister, Lori (who's 17).²*** Same thing with Carl (who's 6 or 8).²** All the sisters except Lily get crushes on Hugh, who's in his twenties.²** Haiku, who's about eleven, likes a centuries-old (fictional) vampire.²* LimitedWardrobe: In Lincoln's bedroom, identical orange polo shirts hanging from a clothes rack can be seen. Also, pretty much everyone always wears the same clothes.²* LiteralMetaphor: Lincoln's dad isn't happy with his wife when she tells him that she has a bun in the oven, since he's gluten-free.²* LiteralMinded: Leni sometimes takes things literally, for example, saying, "I don't know any other Lenis" when Lincoln says, "You're the best, Leni!".²* LittleProfessorDialogue: Lisa says a lot of big, technical words.²* LivingProp: Lily, which is a given, since she's a baby and can barely talk.²* ALizardNamedLiz:²** Lincoln's toy rabbit is called Bun-Bun.²** Lana's frog is called Hops.²** Lucy's bat is called Fangs.²* LonelyTogether: In "Dance Dance Resolution", after Lincoln decides to be with Ronnie Anne, Clyde and Haiku, Lucy's friend, decide to spend the evening together since they both have an unrequited love (Lori for Clyde and Edwin the Vampire for Haiku).²* LostVoicePlot: In "Spell It Out", Lucy finds a spell book and casts a spell which appears to take away her siblings' voices, which causes them trouble. She decides to get them back, sacrificing her own voice, but they claim that they just strained their voices shouting for their grandpa. However, the photo of Great Grandma Harriet (who was also into the occult and is a dead ringer for Lucy) smiles, so what took their voices is a mystery.²* LovableJock: Lynn, [[DependingOnTheWriter depending on the episode]]. She's a JerkJock who loves roughhousing and can come off as quite mean-spirited to Lincoln, but at the end of the day she really loves him and her family in general.²* LoveInterests: All the kids have gotten a love interest at least once (if you count Lily's bear in "L is for Love")²* LoveTriangle:²** Clyde has a crush on Lori, but she's dating Bobby.²** Carl has a crush on Lori too.²* LudicrousGiftRequest: One promotional video has Lana asking for dog biscuits for Christmas.²* MassiveNumberedSiblings: The main theme of the show is how the lead character comes a family of eleven kids--and, on top of being the {{middle child|Syndrome}}, Lincoln's also the only son.²* MeaningfulName: In a family of eleven kids, the Louds ''definitely'' live up to their name.²* MediumBlending: The characters are drawn in regular cartoon form, but the backgrounds use a crude style similar to those of newspaper comic strips, especially the outdoor scenes. Also, if you look closely at the background, you can see the paper detailing within.²* MiddleChildSyndrome: Lincoln is right smack in the middle of his sisters. While his sisters have actual bedrooms, Lincoln's room is actually a converted linen closet. But while the girls have to share their rooms, Lincoln is the only one who gets his own space.²* MistakenForPregnant: Implied at the end of "Ties That Bind", when Lynn Sr. mentions Rita having a bun in the oven (a literal bun) and Lincoln is shocked.²* MistakenForThief: In one of the podcasts, Lincoln suspects his sisters (particularly Lynn and the twins) of taking the hammock, when really it was [[spoiler: Mr. Grouse]].²* MrFixit: Lana is a ''Miss'' Fixit. She likes fixing cars, toilets, sinks, [=TVs=], and more things besides.²* MyLifeFlashedBeforeMyEyes: In "Two Boys and a Baby", both Lincoln and Clyde experience this when Lily farts on them. In the case of the latter, he states that the ''former''[='=]s life flashed before his eyes.²* NakedPeopleAreFunny:²** Sometimes, jokes are made about Lily taking her diaper off.²** In "The Old and the Restless", Pop-Pop streaks, then tries to go skinny dipping.²* TheNapoleon: Lola seems to be part this, part SpoiledBrat, as is Lynn. Particularly short in height? Yes. Acts big all the time, like being energetic or bossy? Also check. Yup, she qualifies.²* {{Narcissist}}: Lola. In "Undie Pressure," she continuously stared at herself in her compact mirror, and almost lost it while trying to go without looking at herself over the family bet.²* NegativeContinuity: Due to the series being very episodic and not having much of a continuity, episodes can become quite notorious for contradicting previous episodes. See the episode recaps for specific examples. Towards the end of Season 2 and onward however, this starts changing. Examples of this include Stella becoming part of Lincoln's gang after her introduction, Sid moving to the city and becoming Ronnie Anne's friend in season four, and relationships such as Benny and Luan or Sam and Luna actually progressing over time, not to mention the establishment of Lynn's table at the end of season three. ²* NeverTrustATrailer: The trailer where Lynn brings a boy home while the other girls surround and chastise him for bullying Lincoln is from "Heavy Meddle". The boy is innocent since [[spoiler:the bully is a girl]].²* NiceGuy: Out of the siblings, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lincoln, Lucy, Lana, and Lily are all usually this. Although they have their faults, like Luan's pranks and Lana's gross habits, they're very sweet people. Most often anyway.²* NoAntagonist: ''The Loud House'' doesn't seem to have a clear-cut central antagonist, with most antagonists being one-off [[TheBully bullies]] or {{jerkass}}es.²* NightmareSequence: In "A Tale of Two Tables", Lincoln has a nightmare about staying at the grownup table.²* {{Nosebleed}}: A running gag is that Clyde will experience these whenever he's around Lori:²** He has one in "Get the Message" when Lori is in front of him.²** He has one in "Chore and Peace" when he finds out Lori is back again with Bobby.²** He has two in "The Waiting Game" when Lori talks to him and Lincoln at the arcade. He realizes that he can stop the nosebleeds if he doesn't see, hear, or smell Lori.²** He has four nosebleeds in "A Fair to Remember". He has two when she talks to him, one when she hugs him, and one when he receives a gift from her.²** He has one in "Baby Steps" when Lori walks into the house just as he's about to leave.²** He has ''six'' in "Change of Heart", though one is from Lynn inadvertently nailing him in the nose with a frisbee.²* NoseNuggets:²** Lana picks her nose.²** "One Flu Over the Loud House" has Luan say, "It's snot what you think!" and Lucy get infected by Lily's snot bubble.²* NotAllowedToGrowUp: So far, there have been three episodes set on separate April Fools' Days, thus proving that at least two years have passed in-universe. Yet none of the characters appear any older, or are stated to have aged. The staff plans to avert this in Season 4.²* NotMeThisTime: Lincoln's claim that starts the plot of "Sleuth or Consequences" is that, despite usually doing it in the past, this particular instance of the toilet being plugged isn't his fault.²* NotSoAboveItAll:²** According to Lola in the pilot, Lincoln, who's normally sensible, once read comics in his underwear ''on the roof''.²** Lincoln's older sisters eventually decide to join him at the kids' table and have fun with their younger siblings, starting with the youngest of the five, Lynn Jr. Then, Rita flings peas at Lynn Sr. Lucy and Lisa also join in the food fight and laugh at Lana's armpit farts.²* NotSoStoic: Though Lucy and Lisa are mostly TheStoic, they can have reactions that are out of character for their personalities, and Lucy once got over-joyed in one scene.²* NotUsedToFreedom: In "Frog Wild", Lincoln and Lana set some frogs free. They then realize that the frog don't know how to defend themselves against predators because they were bred in captivity.²* ObsessiveHobbyEpisode: In "The Crying Dame", Lily cries a lot and so her siblings give her a singing toy fox which she plays with again and again. The song annoys the siblings, so they take the toy away but Lily gets sad again, so they cheer her up by singing the toy's song and dancing and (in Lincoln's case) dressing up as the toy.²* OcularGushers: Happens whenever a character cries, their tears will spurt out.²* OdeToFamily: The theme tune talks about how Lincoln has trouble with his ten sisters but loves them dearly.²* OfficialCouple:²** Lynn Sr. and Rita are married.²** Lori and Bobby are dating.²** Clyde's dads.²** Luna and Sam are dating.²* OffscreenTeleportation: Lucy has an uncanny ability to do this, often spooking the living daylights of whoever's nearby.²* OhCrap: When the girls discover Lincoln's sweet spot chart and confront him about it.²* OlderThanTheyLook: Lynn, Luan, and Luna all seem to have a case of delayed puberty. Despite being 13, 14, and 15, respectively, neither of them have visible breasts. To boot, Lynn is [[TeensAreShort around the same size as Lucy and Lincoln]], who are 8 and 11, respectively, and has freckles; Luan wears braces, has a [[VocalDissonance high-pitched, little girl voice]], and is a KiddieKid, and Luna has YouthfulFreckles.²* TheOneGuy: Lincoln is the only boy in his family, not counting his father.²* OneOfTheGirls: In "Roughin' It", Lincoln realizes that he frequently hangs out with his sisters and worries they're turning him soft, leading him and Clyde to take a boys-only camping trip.²** Leni's friend Miguel is a highly effeminate teenage boy who frequently hangs out with her and Fiona, as well as Leni's other friends Jackie and Mandee on occassion. ²* OneSteveLimit: ²** Lynn (Jr.) shares her name with her father. It's not a big deal though since everybody refers to the latter as "[[LastNameBasis (Mr.) Loud]]" most of the time, including his friends. Even Rita prefers using pet names.²** Girl Jordan is referred as such because there's already a Boy Jordan.²** If you count The Casagrandes, then you have Becky, the teenage redhead from the parent show, and then Becky the blonde wrestler girl from the spin-off.²* OnlyOneFindsItFun:²** In "The Crying Dame", only Lily likes the song of Fenton, the singing toy fox. Everyone else finds it annoying, including Lori, who liked him at Lily's age.²** Most of the Louds find the "Princess Pony" comic too saccharine, even Lola who likes ponies and is in her PrincessPhase. However, Lucy, despite being goth, likes it.²* OnlySaneMan:²** Lincoln is usually the show's voice of reason.²** Lori is often this as well, though she is quite condescending.²** Lisa is probably the second-to-most rational of Lincoln's sisters, for she is also not goofing off with them for the most part.²* OutOfCharacterMoment:²** Lucy and Lisa, who are known for being TheStoic, can act very (stereotypically) girlish.²** In "A Tale of Two Tables", ''Luan'' tells Lincoln not to tell jokes at the table.²* OutOfContextEavesdropping:²** In "Ties That Bind", Lincoln and his sisters hear their parents talking about getting rid of eleven ties and think they're thinking of getting rid of ''them''.²** In "Baby Steps", Clyde overhears his dads talking about adopting another cat (Nepurrtiti) and thinks that they're adopting a baby.²* OutOfFocus: Starting in Season 3, Lincoln's presence is more downplayed in favor of fleshing out the family and the supporting cast. There are a good chunk of episodes where he either plays a minor role, or is absent completely.²* OverlyLongName: A running gag is that Lincoln's plans tend to have very long names; something he himself always lampshades.²* PeripheryDemographic: [[invoked]] There appears to be one for Blarney the Dinosaur, if Clyde showing up to the Blarney movie in cosplay and referring to himself as a "[[FanCommunityNicknames Blarneydune]]" is anything to go by.²* PerpetualFrowner:²** Lucy is definitely this, but knowing her, what did you expect? She's a goth girl, after all. She can be happy on several occasions, though.²** Lisa is also usually seen frowning whenever she appears on-screen. Granted though, she is among the more mature Loud siblings. However, she can also be very happy, albeit more often than Lucy.²** Walt nearly always has an angry expression.²* PhoneaholicTeenager: Played straight with Lori, who is often on her phone (usually texting or talking to Bobby; although it's implied that she was like that since she was a baby), downplayed with Leni who likes her phone but isn't extreme with it, averted with the other teens who don't often use phones (despite being shown to individually have them in "Sitting Bull"), and inverted with Lily, who is a ''baby'' and sometimes seems to like phones.²* PintSizedKid: Some of Lincoln's friends (sans Clyde) are the same height as toddlers despite being in their pre-teens. Although Rusty and Stella are actually quite tall for their age. ²* PlainPalate:²** Lisa invented "kelp leather" which is tasteless but provides the right nutrients. However, she does like candy (despite worrying that it'll affect her blood sugar) and is disappointed in "The Mad Scientist" when the scientists give her flavourless cubes and draws the line at injecting nutrients into her bloodstream.²** In "The Old and the Restless", Sue tries to invoke this by telling the residents of the old folks' home to eat plain food because it's easier to digest. When Lincoln reminds Pop-pop that his digestion is perfect, he eats chili instead.²* PlayingSick:²** In "One Flu Over the Loud House", Lincoln decides to pretend he's caught the flu to "blend in".²** In "Gown and Out", Lola pretends to be sick to get out of a pageant because she doesn't want to lose.²* PlotAllergy:²** In the licensed game "Summer School", Clyde claims he's allergic to bats, dogs, canaries, hamsters... and cats, which is weird because he's not actually allergic to cats and he has no reason to lie.²** Lana is allergic to rhubarb.²* PoorlyDisguisedPilot: ²** "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" seems to be set for one with Ronnie Anne as the central character outnumbered 10 to 1 with her brother, mother, and extended family. There are many parallels of Ronnie Anne's position with Lincoln's in his family, including the hall closet being converted into a bedroom and the episode ending with her talking to the audience.²** The Season 4 "...With the Casagrandes" miniseries takes this a step further. For example, while there had been two other episodes focusing on the Casagrandes before this, Lincoln and Lori were always visiting in those episodes. In "Friended! With the Casagrandes", Lincoln is reduced to having one scene via a video call. The plot revolves around Ronnie Anne getting a new girl's family to move into her building, who feels a bit like a Clyde to her Lincoln. Even the structure of the episode feels different from a standard ''Loud House'' episode.²* PottyDance:²** In the pilot, Lincoln squirms a bit while waiting outside the bathroom as Lucy recites her poem.²** In "Mall of Duty", the twins do a potty dance when they (along with Lucy and Lisa) need to pee. Lisa squints without dancing, and Lucy remains her usual, stoic self.²** In one of the comics, the Loud kids except Leni are waiting in line for the bathroom and the twins, Luan, and Lucy are visibly squirming.²* PottyEmergency:²** The pilot short involves Lincoln trying to make it to the bathroom at the other end of the hallway to pee, but has to tend to his sisters' mischief. He's briefly deterred when Lori beats him there, but he ends up chasing her out with one of Lily's dirty diapers.²** In "[[Recap/TheLoudHouseS1E5ProjectLoudHouseInTentsDebate In Tents Debate]]", to get Lincoln to see the downsides of spending the Loud Family's summer vacation at the Dairy Land, Team Beach (Lori, Leni, Lucy, Lola, and Lily) stands in front of the bathroom when he has to take a leak to simulate having to wait in long lines at the park. When Lincoln finally gets there, he finds that the toilet is "Out of Order", so he settles for going in the shower.²** A [[ deleted prank]] from "[[Recap/TheLoudHouseS1E18AprilFoolsRulesCerealOffender April Fools Rules]]" had Lincoln get up from bed surrounded by numerous cups of water, thanks to Luan. In order to exit his bedroom, he needs to drink all the cups of water. When he finishes all of them, he opens the door to find more cups in the hallway, meaning, he has to drink those as well. By the time he finishes all of them it is clear he is desperate to go and when he finally gets to the bathroom door to use the toilet, the knob comes off, much to his despair.²** Lynn has one while at the gas station in "[[Recap/TheLoudHouseS1E21TheLoudestYardRawDeal Raw Deal]]" as a result of her fortune being about her patience being tested.²* PowerOutagePlot:²** ''Lights Out'', a LicensedGame, is about the power cutting out in the Loud house and you play as Lincoln trying to get to the fuse box and fix it before his TV show ends.²** In "Left in the Dark", Lincoln tries to distract his sisters from the TV, but when he finally succeeds, the power cuts out, so he and his sisters have to brave the dark basement and get the power working again.²* ThePrankster: Luan loves to prank her family, particularly on April Fool's.²* PrecociousCrush:²** Clyde has a huge crush on Lori. Due to being 11 years old, though, he is often paralyzed whenever he is around her.²** All of the younger sisters developed a crush on Lincoln's tutor Hugh in "Study Muffin".²** Lincoln and the rest of his male classmates have a crush on his teacher, Ms. [=DiMartino=].²* PrejudiceAesop: The episode "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru" has Lincoln trying to give advice about girls only for it to fail miserably, the moral being that girls and women are just as varied as boys and men.²* PretendWereDead: Parodied in "One Flu Over the Loud House": Lincoln decides to pretend to be sick to avoid his sick sisters, because he's comparing them to zombies and has seen this trope in zombie movies.²* PrincessesPreferPink: While not a real princess, Lola often pretends to be one, and she wears a pink dress.²* PrinceOfPranksters: More like Princess of Pranksters since she's a girl: Some of Luan's pranks are very elaborate, such as wrapping the whole house like a gift.²* PrincessPhase: Lola seems to be going through one; she's nearly always dressed as a princess.²* ProneToVomiting: Downplayed for Lincoln. He gags a lot when he's grossed out but doesn't generally vomit unless he's riding on the teacup ride (even though more extreme rides don't seem to bother him) or if he swallows something weird (even if it wouldn't generally make someone sick, like when he ate a dusty bagel).²* {{Pun}}:²** Luan often makes puns.²** In "A Tale of Two Tables", Lana and later Lincoln ask, "Do you like seafood?", then opening their mouths with food in their mouths and adding, "See food! Get it?"²** Some episode titles are puns, such as "Undie Pressure".²* PungeonMaster: Luan frequently makes puns.²* PunnyName: ²** In "It's a Loud, Loud Loud House", Sharon [=DeMonet=] is a pun on "sharing the money".²** Mom's full name is Rita Loud; say it quickly, and you'll get the term "read aloud".²* PuppyLove:²** Lincoln has had crushes on three girls: Paige, Ronnie Anne, and Cristina.²** In "L is For Love", all of Lincoln's younger sisters had crushes on boys, except for Lily, who had a crush on a ''teddy bear''.²*** Luna is shown closing the episode by putting at "secret admirer" card in the locker of a girl in she hangs out with.²** In "Back in Black", Lucy gets a crush on a boy.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:R-Z]]²* RawEggsMakeYouStronger:²** In the episode "The Loudest Yard", when training Lincoln for football, Lynn prepares the typical raw eggs for him. All they do is make Lincoln get sick and throw up. ²** In "Sitting Bull", Lynn has a couple of little kids she's babysitting guzzle down some raw eggs after making them do strenuous exercises. One of the kids is seen puking up the egg he swallowed later, to which Lynn remarks that it was a waste of "two perfectly good eggs", implying that the boy's sister likewise threw up her egg off-screen.²* RealityEnsues: Has its own page [[RealityEnsues/TheLoudHouse here]].²* RearrangeTheSong: ²** The theme tune has several different permutations, some of which double as {{Leitmotif}}s for some characters. ²** The all piano version of the tune is an {{Homage}} to ''ComicStrip/{{Peanuts}}''. ²** The title card for "Tricked!" has the theme tune played on pipe organ and theremin for Halloween. ²* RecycledSoundtrack: The sting "Vibe Link (b)" is heard often, which was also used in ''WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants''.²* RedOniBlueOni: This show has many examples. ²** The twins, Lana and Lola. In an interesting twist, however, the prim and proper, girly Lola is the red oni, while the dirty and rough Lana is the blue oni. Lola has a HairTriggerTemper and can be quite the manipulative psychopath on her worst days, while Lana is actually quite calm and relaxed, especially by the standards of the Loud siblings. ²** Of the youngest siblings, the near stoic, scientifically driven Lisa (blue) and the emotional baby Lily (red). Lisa also plays blue oni to her more socially outgoing friend, Darcy. ²** Luan is the red oni to Lucy's blue oni. Both are interested in the performance arts, but Luan is a cheerful comedian while Lucy is a Goth. ²** Luna is also the red to Lucy's blue. Both wear dark clothing and have "edgy" fields of interest. But Luna is an energetic, aspiring rockstar, while Lucy is TheStoic and a gloomy goth girl. ²** Of the middle children, PassionateSportsGirl Lynn is the red oni to both TheEveryman Lincoln and TheStoic Lucy's blue.²** Between the girliest sisters, hot-headed Lola is the red to {{Nice G|uy}}irl Leni's blue. Similarly, on the tomboyish side, CompetitionFreak Lynn is the red to laid-back Lana's blue. ²** To a minor extent, Leni could be considered a red oni relative to Lori's blue out of the oldest sisters. Lori is more rational and level-headed (though she does have a bit of a temper at times, though nowhere near as bad as fellow girly girl Lola's), while Leni is less intelligent and can do some very silly things as a result of this. ²** Even though they've never interacted on-screen, the two rough and tough tomboys Lynn and Ronnie Anne fit this trope. Lynn (hyperactive, energetic, sports nut) is the red, Ronnie Anne (grouchy, snarky, irritable) is the blue. Furthermore, Lynn will often rely on her strength and brute force to solve a problem, while Ronnie Anne in spite of her roughness often resorts to scheming, plotting, cunning and trickery when faced with a challenge, similar to Lincoln. ²*** Their methods of babysitting show this, too. Ronnie Anne was shown to be quite a nurturing caretaker for her and Lincoln's egg (not to mention Bobby and Maria) in "Shell Shock" while Lynn struggled with babysitting in "Sitting Bull" because she was too aggressive and destructive. ²* RestaurantOwningEpisode: The episode, "Cooked!" has the Loud family acquire an abandoned seafood restaurant and turn it into a family restaurant called Lynn's Table. On the day of the grand opening, a printing error leads to the kids coming up with their own promotions, but their lack of teamwork and crazy promos lead to an ultimate nightmare in the kitchen for Lynn Sr.²* RoadTripPlot: "Tripped!" is about the Louds being unlucky on a road trip.²* {{Robot}}: Lisa has made three robots called Todd, Mr. Reinforced Titanium Alloy Arms, and the Friendbot.²* RockIsAuthenticPopIsShallow: In the episode 'Really Loud Music', rocker Luna wants to send her music to a contest but is afraid nobody would like her type of music and and tries to think of a type of music everyone would love. She then decides to create a generic pop music that does make her win the contest but isn't truly her.²* RodandReelRepurposed: In the episode "Two Boys and a Baby", when Lincoln and Clyde [[TheDiaperChange change Lily's diaper]], Lincoln attempts to dispose of the dirty diaper with a fishing pole. Unfortunately, Lily's dirty diaper accidentally [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar hits the ceiling fan]] and [[NauseaFuel makes a mess of Lily and Lisa's room]] ([[DiscretionShot which, thankfully, isn't shown to the viewers]]).²* Rule63: The episode "One of the Boys" features a canon example involving Lincoln [[WhatIf imagining]] what it would be like if his sisters were boys à la ''Series/MalcolmInTheMiddle''. Also, the episode briefly shows a dimension that, while more or less exactly the same as Lincoln's original world, has a girl (Lincoln's female counterpart ''Linka'' Loud) with ten brothers.²* RunningGag: ²** Lincoln gives his plans {{long title}}s that end in lampshading its length. This is first seen in the debut episode "Left in the Dark," in which Lincoln tells Clyde about Operation: Distract My Sisters so that I Can Get to the TV First and Watch the Special Live Season Finale of ''AARGH!'' and Think of a Shorter Name for This Operation.²** Characters getting attacked by wild raccoons that show up out of nowhere is a frequent occurrence.²** Lincoln gets so worked up with what he expects of his sisters from previous experiences that he ignores them trying to stop him by saying his name [[RuleOfThree repeatedly]] only to have his expectations subverted. This happens in "Room with a Feud" and "White Hare" at the least. ²** People unfamiliar with the family mispronounce their name as "La-ood".²** Anytime the parents come into money, it's gone by the end of the episode, leaving them stretching their shoestring budget again.²* SantaAmbiguity: In "11 Louds a Leapin'", Lisa does in equation that she thinks proves that Santa Claus doesn't exist. She changes her mind when she thinks she's seen him, but it turns out to be Mr. Grouse in a Santa suit. However, Santa's existence is not outright disproven either.²* SayMyName:²** When Luan pranks the family with blue paint, they shout, "Luan!".²** In "Funny Business", when Gary poops in Luan's hat, she says, "Gary!".²* SeasonFluidity: So far, the series is more on [[NegativeContinuity the “fluid” side]] of the scale, with only a small number of episodes having a lasting impact on the continuity (Lincoln getting into a relationship with Ronnie Anne, Ronnie Anne + Bobby moving away from Royal Woods, and Mr. Loud getting a new job being the most prominent examples). No matter what happens in an episode, you can bet [[SnapBack everything is back to normal at the start the next episode]] (like the family car getting destroyed in “The Sweet Spot”, but being back to Vanzilla-normal again in the following episodes, or the Loud siblings selling all the furniture in “Come Sale Away”, but somehow, the family got it all back by the start of the next episode).²* SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan: ²** In "One of the Boys", there's the Loud brothers. While some of them could be seen as this with each other (the quiet, poetic Lars versus the athletic, brutish Boy Lynn, or obviously the gruff, dirt loving Leif and the bratty pink-wearing Lexx), they're really all the same gross ruffian at the end of the day, making them all manly men (or boys?) to Lincoln's [[InTouchWithHisFeminineSide sensitive guy]]. ²** By a very narrow margin, there's also Clyde's sensitive guy to Lincoln's manly man. Both are conventionally nerdy, somewhat wimpy kids with a series of feminine qualities, but Clyde takes his these traits to bigger extremes than Lincoln. Also, Lincoln has a thick skin and can handle things going bad, while Clyde is far more emotionally fragile and sensitive. Compare their reactions to finding out their favourite show 'ARGGH!' is fake in "ARGGH! You For Real". ²-->'''Lincoln''': I can handle it, but my friend Clyde is crushed.²** Then you have the nerdy, CasanovaWannabe Rusty Spokes, the timid boy who faints at the drop of a hat, as the sensitive guy to his brother Rocky's manly man, who is relatively athletic and cool, and has a hidden interest in spooky stuff like fake blood and guts. ²* SeriesContinuityError:²** In "Making the Case", Lincoln posts a video of himself kissing a statue with a picture of his classmate Cristina taped to it. Lincoln mentions that Cristina transferred to a different class. In "The Green House", Cristina is shown in Lincoln's class. However, it's possible that the episodes aren't chronological.²** According to the official Instagram, all the Loud sisters have the middle name Marie, but in "Driving Miss Hazy" both Lori and Leni had L. as their middle initial on their driver's licenses.²** There's an episode in which Lynn Sr. asks Lori about how Bobby's dad's surgery went. But the next time we see Bobby's family, they have a single mom... ²** In ''Anti-social'', the plot revolves around the kids showing dad how his life could be better with technology, but this implies he's completely unaware of how technology works, despite his former occupation being an IT, which requires some knowledge on modern technology.²* SharePhrase: "Dang it." Initially mostly used by Lincoln, but later frequently heard from all siblings. Best demonstrated in "Homespun" and again in "Potty Mouth".²* ShesAManInJapan:²** The Arabic dub of the show makes one of Clyde's [[HasTwoMommies two dads]] a female, due to homosexuality being a crime in most parts of the Middle East.²** In some dubs, the [=McBrides=]' unseen therapist Dr. Lopez is referred to by male pronouns.²* ShoutOut: [[ShoutOut/TheLoudHouse Has its own page]].²* ShownTheirWork: Lily is 15 months old and can walk by herself. Most babies can walk independently by that age.²* ShowWithinAShow: Lincoln and Clyde are fans of a show called "Argh!".²* SiblingRivalry: While they do usually get along, the siblings argue sometimes. The theme even mentions pushing and shoving.²* SickEpisode: "One Flu Over the Loud House", which is also a zombie parody. The siblings get the flu one by one and it's treated like a zombie apocalypse.²* SillyPrayer: In the episode "Fool's Paradise", [[AnimalLover Lana]] prays for her pets, including her ant farm.²* SkinnyDipping:²** In "Linc or Swim?", Lily takes off her diaper while swimming. Unfortunately, she then poops.²** In "Suite and Sour", the parents get kicked out of the hotel for skinny dipping.²** In "The Old and the Restless", Pop-Pop claims he doesn't need his trunks to swim.²* SlippingIntoStink:²** In the episode "Pasture Bedtime", Liam goes rolling down the hill and lands in manure. He doesn't seem to mind, though.²** In "Raw Deal", Lori trips on some oil and lands in garbage, therefore "going on a long [[{{Pun}} trip]]" like [[ProphecyTwist her fortune said]].²* SoundEffectBleep: Used at the end of "Potty Mouth" by Lily, after [[spoiler:the siblings realize she hasn't been swearing the whole episode - she was saying "donut". But then Charles comes over and steals her donut, which causes Lily to use ''another'' choice word, which is bleeped this time]].²* SoupIsMedicine: Parodied in "One Flu Over the Loud House", when the healthy siblings squirted the sick family members with chicken soup to slow them down.²* SpeakInUnison:²** In "One of the Boys", when Lincoln's thumb hurts, his sisters say, "Oh, poor Linky!" in unison.²** In "Slice of Life", all the kids except Lana (who chants, "Pizza, pizza, pizza"), shout "PIZZA!" in unison.²** In "Changing the Baby" when the kids wonder who Lily will crawl to and she crawls to Clyde who has her blankie, the kids say in unison, "She chose ''Clyde''?!".²* SpellMyNameWithAnS: ²** It's spelled Luan. ''Not'' "Luann" or "Luanne."²** Lincoln's crush from "Making the Case" is named '''Cristina''', not "C'''h'''ristina."²** Lola's male counterpart's name is spelled as ''Lexx'', as opposed to being spelt as just "Lex."²** In one game, Fangs is called "Fang".²** The closed captions sometimes spell Lily's name as "Lilly" or "Lili".²* SpidersAreScary: ²** Leni definitely thinks so due to her arachnophobia.²** Lynn Sr., so much so that his scream is even very similar to Leni's.²** Inverted with Lucy, who is a goth and adores all things creepy, including spiders. She had a family of three living in the cobwebs over her bed who were swept out in "Insta-Gran" whose loss she mourned. She had named them.²* SpinOff: On March 6, 2018, Nick announced ''Los Casagrandes'' as a companion series to ''The Loud House'', starring the Casagrandes, Ronnie Anne and Bobby's family as seen in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" and "City Slickers".²* StatusQuoIsGod: A large number of episodes involve Lincoln trying to improve the living conditions in the house, only to realize that things were better before.²* StealthEscortMission: In "The Spies Who Loved Me", the Casagrandes fear for Ronnie Anne's safety when she goes downtown on her own, since she's not used to city life. So Carlota and Carl secretly follow her, while they keep the rest of the family informed through their cell phone. Their worries turn out to be for nothing, since Ronnie Anne can take care of herself and isn't happy when she finds out.²* StealthHiBye: Lucy sometimes appears or disappears without warning.²* StockSoundEffects: The "foghorn noise = stinky" trope has been used in one of the podcasts for Lily's poop, "Funny Business" for Gary's poop, and "Brawl in the Family" for dirty laundry.²* StylisticSuck: In one of the vlogs, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne design intentionally-ugly sweaters.²* {{Swirlie}}: In "One of the Boys", Luke dunks Lincoln's head in the toilet.²* TastesBetterThanItLooks: Downplayed in the episode "Friend or Faux?". Lisa invents some "kelp leather" which looks like a greyish-green, slimy lump but it doesn't taste bad. However, it doesn't taste good either; it actually has no taste at all.²* TeensLoveShopping: Played straight for Lori and Leni (Leni even describes the mall as the best place in town), but downplayed for Luna, Luan, and Lynn, who like shopping but have other things they like a lot more.²* ThatPoorCat: In "Ties That Bind" and "Deal Me Out", Cliff is heard yowling when Lincoln bumps into him offscreen.²* ThemeNaming: Bobby and Ronnie Anne's cousins are ''all'' named some variation of Carlos: Carlota, Carlos Jr., Carl and Carlitos. They are almost certainly named for their father.²* TitleThemeTune: The theme tune repeats "In the Loud house!".²* ToiletHumor: ²** The pilot for the series focused on Lincoln attempting to use the bathroom, followed by [[spoiler:Lincoln using Lily's dirty diaper to chase Lori out]].²** There is no shortage of poop jokes coming from youngest sister Lily, though the toilet humor in the show is toned down from the pilot.²** A large number of Lynn's gags involve her bathroom habits, from forbidding herself (and her entire team) from "going number two until we're number one", to repeated jokes about her desperately needing to go.²** Lana's tomboy habits involve her fondness for unsanitary, smelly things such as collecting feces and eating her own mucus.²** Lisa studies poop.²* TokenWizard: Zigzagged for Lucy Loud, a young Goth. She tries to do magic frequently, and while a portrait of her great-grandmother was seen to smile after she attempted a spell, one game has things floating around her, suggesting she's telekinetic, and she sometimes appears as though she's teleported, she's never proven to be magical.²* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: All the girls have varying degrees of masculinity and femininity, but Lana and Lola are the most obvious and centralized examples. This is showcased in "In Tents Debate" where the girly girls (Lori, Leni, Lucy[[labelnote:note]]Though she only wanted it in hopes of a shark attack[[/labelnote]], Lola, and Lily) vote to spend their vacation at the beach while the tomboys (Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lana and Lisa) vote for an amusement park.²** In general, the level of girliest to most tomboyish between the sisters is considered as this: Lola, Leni, Lori, Lily, Lucy, Luan, Lisa, Lana, Luna, and then Lynn. Ronnie Anne is usually considered to be probably somewhere around Luna or Lynn's level as well. ²* TomboyWithAGirlyStreak: Lincoln's tomboy sisters (Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lana, and Lisa) are not completely devoid of a girly side; they [[{{Squee}} get giddy over the prospect of Lincoln having a girl interested in him]] and watch a soap opera called ''The Dream Boat'', about which they discuss shippings between the show's characters.²* TooUnhappyToBeHungry:²** In the episode "The Crying Dame", Lily is very sad because she misses her favourite toy, so when her big sister Leni tries to feed her, she just pushes the food away.²** Played with in "[[Recap/TheLoudHouseS3E18HouseOfLiesGameBoys House of Lies]]". Lisa installs lie-detecting cameras around the house to try to reduce the family's habit of lying to each other. When everyone finds out the truth about each other, Lynn Jr. leaves the table with her bowl of cereal[[note]]Lynn Sr. served cereal for dinner that night because the family didn't like his cabbage and fish sauce casserole the night before[[/note]], claiming she lost her appetite. One of the cameras tells Lynn Jr. she's lying and that she still has her appetite.²* TotallyRadical: Luna uses words like "dude" and "bro".²* TruncatedThemeTune: The Season 4 premiere, "Friended", shortens the theme song and includes an introduction from Ronnie Anne.²* {{Tuckerization}}: ²** Almost each of the Loud siblings were named after someone or something from Chris Savino's life.²*** Lincoln was named for the street where his childhood home was located.²*** Lori, Luan, Lynn, Lana, and Lisa were named for his five sisters.²*** Luna and Lola were named for Dachshunds his family owned.²*** Lucy and Lily were names he and his wife planed on giving to a potential daughter (they have three sons).²** Many of the pets featured on the show are ordinarily named after prolific cartoonists and comics artists.²*** Charles was named for Charles M. Schulz, creator of ''ComicStrip/{{Peanuts}}''.²*** Cliff was named for Cliff Sterrett, creator of ''Polly and Her Pals''. ("Sterrett" also being the name of Luna's preferred brand of amplifiers).²*** Walt was named for Walt Kelly, creator of ''ComicStrip/{{Pogo}}''.²*** Watterson was named for Creator/BillWatterson, creator of ''ComicStrip/CalvinAndHobbes''.²** Leni was named for Lennie from ''Literature/OfMiceAndMen''.²** One of the rabbit sisters from "White Hare" was named for Savino's wife, Bethany.²* UrineTrouble: In a flashback in "Head Poet's Anxiety", Charles pees on Luan.²* TwoGirlsToATeam: {{Inverted|Trope}} with the Loud family--not counting any of the family's pets, Lincoln and his dad are the only men in the house, as everyone else is a girl (Mrs. Loud and her ten daughters).²* TheUndead: Never seen, but ghosts and zombies are sometimes mentioned.²* ValleyGirl: Blonde beauty roommates Lori and Leni both play the teenage girl stereotype straight.²* VerbalTic: Three of the sisters have words that they use a lot: Lori has "literally", Leni has "like", and Luna has "dude". Luan's recurring "Get it?" after laughing at her own puns may also count.²* VisibleOdor: The dirty diapers generally have a green "stench cloud" coming from them, as does any fart or burp and several cases of dirty clothes.²* VocalEvolution:²** For characters who have had their voice actors recast:²*** Lincoln's voice sounds noticeably deeper in the "Slice of Life" short, as well as in the later episodes of Season 1. This is due to the fact Grant Palmer hit puberty during production. However, Starting with "One of the Boys", Lincoln's voice has reverted back to its original high pitch (albeit a bit whinier), thanks to Collin Dean taking over. Followed by Tex Hammond and Asher Bishop.²*** Clyde's voice gets deeper in the early episodes of Season 3 due to Caleel Harris hitting puberty. Starting with "Head Poet's Anixety", he was replaced by Andre Robinson.²** For character who have retained their voice actors:²*** Lynn's voice has been the most inconsistent, and has been all over the place, ranging from sounding like [[WesternAnimation/MuppetBabies2018 Summer Penguin]] [[note]]Also voiced by Jessica [=DiCicco=][[/note]], to sounding like a more charismatic version of Lucy, to even sounding very similar to Luna and Lana.²*** Lucy's emotionless and deadpan monotone inflections have been very consistent, however, the tone of her voice had a more child-like sound in earlier episodes, as opposed to the flatter, wooden, and more mature sound she's known for.²*** Lana's voice has gradually gotten deeper, raspier, and more boyish-sounding.²*** Lola's voice, conversely, has gradually gotten higher, squeakier, and more girly-sounding.²* VocalDissonance:²** Lisa is a 4-year-old, yet has a stoic, lispy voice reminiscent of a young adult or pre-teen nerd. Justified, as she's a ChildProdigy.²** Luan is 14 years old, yet she has a high-pitched voice reminiscent of a prepubescent girl; she also occasionally has a lisp (possibly due to her braces and bucked teeth), but it's not as frequent or prominent as Lisa's.²* VolumetricMouth: This is occasionally seen whenever a character shouts.²* VomitDiscretionShot: People throw up offscreen in "Get the Message", "The Sweet Spot", "In Tents Debate", "Changing the Baby", "Toads and Tiaras", "Two Boys and a Baby", "Cover Girls", "Save the Date", "The Loudest Loud", "Dance, Dance Resolution", "Patching Things Up", "Kick the Bucket List" and "Not A Loud".²* VomitIndiscretionShot: Happens to Lily in "Changing the Baby" and "Cover Girls", where she throws up onscreen.²* WearingItAllWrong:²** In the episode "Stall Monitor", Lincoln is stalling so his parents will be late for the parent-teacher conference. First he comes out of his room with no pants, then with no shirt, then he puts his pants on his head.²** In "[[Recap/TheLoudHouseS1E3DrivingMissHazyNoGutsNoGlori Driving Miss Hazy]]", Lincoln, who is tasked with doing Lori's laundry so Lori will take him to the comic book store, bumps into Leni, who is on her way to Lori's bedroom to make Lori's bed.[[note]][[LiteralMinded Leni believes that making a bed involves actually building one, rather than neatening it]].[[/note]] When the two pick themselves up and talk to each other, Leni is seen wearing a pair of Lori's pants on her head.²** In "Crimes of Fashion", when Lincoln is considering giving up playing superhero and discards his [[SuperheroesWearCapes cape]], Leni tells him he can wear it as a scarf and does so herself.[[spoiler: Then, it's revealed that a little boy is using the missing scarves as superhero capes]].²* {{Wedgie}}:²** In "Sleuth or Consequences", Lori gives Lincoln a wedgie and puts the underwear on his head.²** In "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", a girl threatens a boy who gave her a Dutch oven with an "American wedgie".²* WhoWearsShortShorts: Lori wears short shorts.²* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes:²** Leni hates {{spiders|AreScary}} because she's afraid of them, as does Lynn Sr.²** Lana, Bitey, and Clyde are all afraid of heights.²* WhyWeCantHaveNiceThings: In "Overnight Success," Lincoln [[BreakingTheFourthWall tells the audience]] that he had to beg his parents to let Clyde come for a sleepover. The reason for begging them was because [[{{Flashback}} Leni and her friends overloaded the power grid, Lynn Jr. turned the living room into an impromptu soccer field, and Luna held a rock concert in the living room and had Lynn Sr. kicked out for not being on the list.]]²** In "Pipe Dreams," Lynn Sr. contemplate building a second bathroom, just for him and Rita, only for her to tell him that the kids will take it over as soon as it's built. To illustrate her point, Rita reminds him of the adjustable mattress they bough just for themselves, which the kids wrecked in less then a minute after they used it as an impromptu mechanical bull.²* WritersHaveNoSenseOfScale: Lincoln states in "One Flu Over The Loud House" that the family house is 13 people sharing 1,200 square feet. Since that makes the house only a couple rooms bigger than most singles apartments, this couldn't possibly be accurate. Just the upstairs ''hallway'' shown in the title intro looks to be about 1,200 square feet. A more realistic size would probably start at 8x that size.²* YouAreGrounded:²** In "Sleuth or Consequences" when all of the siblings are guilty for clogging the toilet, Dad declares everyone is grounded until the culprit is found. The guilty party is Lucy, but Lincoln decides to take the blame for it so she doesn't become a laughingstock; this results in the sisters un-grounded while he ''is'' grounded, meaning he has to miss the Ace Savvy convention he was longing for, so Lucy decides to make up for him.²** In "A Tattler's Tale", Lola takes the heat for all the stuff her siblings did, resulting in her punished.²** In "Suite and Sour", all of the siblings are grounded for the rest of the weekend for causing a ruckus at the hotel.²* YouCantFightFate: A typical plot usually involves Lincoln scheming to avoid confronting a rocky situation, only for events to backfire so it ends up happening anyway.²* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Lincoln has white hair, which only occurs if one dyes their hair or is an albino.[[note]]Though the creator implied that it wasn't always that way.[[/note]] Alternately, it could be considered a reference to [[ComicStrip/{{Peanuts}} Charlie Brown]], who famously has hair so fair and blonde that it blends into his skin. He apparently gets it from his grandfather, who Lincoln greatly resembles.²[[/folder]]²----²->''"[[ClosingCredits Cramped inside this tiny space\²May sound bad but ain't the case in the Loud House...\²Duck and dodge and push and shove\²That's the way we show our love in the Loud House\²Laundry piles stacked up high! Hand-me-downs that make me cry!\²Standing in line to take a pee! Never any privacy!\²Chaos with eleven kids, that's the way it always is\²In the Loud House!]]"''²----


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