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1The sequel to ''WesternAnimation/UnaPeliculaDeHuevos'', ''Otra Pelicula De Huevos Y Un Pollo'' is noticeably DarkerAndEdgier than its predecessor and features more instances of GettingCrapPastTheRadar and ParentalBonus. Most of the cast members reprised their roles in the second installment. After hatching into a chicken, Toto is not very comfortable with his new life and wishes he was just an egg again, much to his mom's dismay. At the same time, an evil Warlock egg from a ghost town in the desert who feels empty and wishes to have a heart, reads a spell book wich claims that the only way to gain feelings is stealing a chicken's heart and eating it. He sends his vulture egg henchmen to the city, where they find and kidnap Toto, prompting his friends to go and rescue him in yet another adventure whith the help of the now-redeemed Coco and his reptile egg army.˛˛The second film was just as successful as the first one and especially pleased long-time Creator/{{Huevocartoon}} fans.˛˛NeedsWikiMagicLove.˛˛!!This Works Contains These Tropes:˛˛* AnimalTalk: This is more evident in the sequel, where Toto (as a chicken) yells loudly at the sorcerer human to take him away from the sorcerer egg, but all the human hears is just pure chirping. The animals also perceive eggs as sentient too. This makes sense, since eggs are laid by oviparous animals.˛* MonsterIsAMommy: The iguana that is usually ridden by the Warlock Egg turns out to be Iguano's mom and promptly ditches her master in favor of catching up with her child.


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