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1Kongregate is a website owned by the [=GameStop=] network, as home to an active community of developers and the gamers who provide feedback (and occasionally donations) to their works. Users can upload games (which make them become ranked as "developers"), though there are some requirements.˛˛The website offers {{achievement|System}}s for games, though these have to be manually added. Achievements come in four different options: Easy, Medium, Hard, and [[HarderThanHard Impossible]]. The different difficulties give different numbers of points. One achievement of Easy (or sometimes Medium) difficulty is chosen per day to be the "Badge of the Day", giving double points. Each week, starting on Monday, there's a unique Kongpanion creature which can be gotten by getting a Badge of the Day, as well as a special shiny version if a user manages to get at least five. Kongpanions are listed on profiles with unique designs and names, and can used as a mechanic in some games.˛˛A large part of the site is the social networking aspect of [[WebGames flash gaming]]. Players can comment on games, which can be liked or disliked. Popular games may even have their own chat rooms and {{fora}} sections—games without chat rooms can simply let players communicate to each other in "global" chat rooms filled with players from various games.˛˛The website can be visited [[ here]].˛----˛!! Kongregate provides examples of:˛* AchievementSystem: Many games have them, though usually around four at the most.˛* GottaCatchEmAll: Kongpanions encourage this.˛* HarderThanHard: The "Impossible" badge difficulty.˛* [[MarathonLevel Marathon]] [[AchievementSystem Achievement]]: Some badges are described to be Endurance badge, meaning the ratio of time to difficulty is very skewed towards time. A good example is [[VideoGame/{{Gemcraft}} Gemcraft Zero]]'s badge for completing all levels, which will take time even if you know what you're doing.˛* PlayEveryDay: Encouraged by the AchievementSystem and Kongpanions.


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