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1[[quoteright:196:]]˛˛->''"A comic about a witch, her familiar, the devil and the hymen-repair business."''˛˛''[[ Witchprickers]]'' is a twice-weekly satirical webcomic by Creator/AgoutiRex. It follows the adventures of a prim and proper witch, Syrynth Sapsorrow, and her timid familiar bat, Ilemauzer, living in an undisclosed location in medieval Germany. As the comic opens, Syryth has her life turned upside down when the devil and his entourage -- consisting of his crotchety grandmother and his spoiled granddaughter -- crash her cottage and decide to take up permanent residence.˛˛Oh yeah, and it's also NotSafeForWork.˛˛----˛!!This webcomic provides examples of:˛˛* AbortedArc: What happened with Ilemauzer and the cap she gets while she's in Hell?˛* AlliterativeName: Syrynth Sapsorrow.˛* AmazinglyEmbarrassingParent: Old Scratch is this to his granddaughter Kitty.˛* AxCrazy: Feathertop Crystalclitoris, a crazed semi-feral wild woman living alone in the Gruselwald woods, and Babi Rusa, a cannibal hag.˛* BatOutOfHell: Averted with Ilemauzer, though she does end up in Hell. Played completely straight with Old Scratch's black bat Gibb, however.˛* [[HumanSacrifice Bat Sacrifice]]: The reason Ilemauzer went to Hell, thanks to an enraged Babi Rusa snapping her neck apart.˛* BigEater: Kitty Scratch, an overweight succubus more interested in food than sex.˛* BlackComedy˛* BlackEyesOfEvil: Babi Rusa has all black eyes. Interestingly, Ilemauzer also has black eyes at first.˛* BrattyTeenageDaughter: Kitty.˛* BreakoutCharacter: Ilemauzer, who started out as a minor character in the webcomic's predecessor, ''The Fantastical Bestiary''.˛* TheCameo: Old Scratch, Kitty and Ilemauzer once made guest appearances in ''Webcomic/{{Guttersnipe}}'', Agouti-Rex's other webcomic; that was in said comic's January 2010 story arc.˛* CatchPhrase: Ilemauzer's "huh?" and Kitty's "feh!".˛* CliffHanger: Unresolved variant (see AbortedArc).˛* CowardlyLion: Ilemauzer herself.˛* DeliberatelyMonochrome: The first five chapters in the ''Witchprickers'' arcs, as well as all the non-continuity arcs, are in black and white. In the middle of the fifth chapter in the main arc, everything was [[MediumAwareness colorized by Old Scratch]] and, for the rest of the story after that, stays full color.˛* DemonHead / LoomingSilhouetteOfRage: [[spoiler:Old Scratch at the very end of Ilemauzer's dream, when he yells at her to "'''GET BACK TO WORK!'''"]]˛* DontGoInTheWoods: The Gruselwald.˛* DreamSequence: When Ilemauzer is in the woods, she had a dream after eating some mushrooms in which the world messes up around her and then several angry heads of people associated with her appear and scold her.˛* EvilChancellor: Subverted with Deminimis, Old Scratch's attorney.˛* EvilCounterpart: Gibb, to Ilemauzer.˛* {{Familiar}}: Ilemauzer to Syryth and Gibb to Old Scratchh.˛* FanService: Ilemauzer's humanoid form. Oh so much.˛* FatBastard: Kitty herself, as well as some of the other devils.˛* FireAndBrimstoneHell: This is the type of Hell that Ilemauzer ends up in.˛* TheGhost: Sister Salamandra, one of the Sisters of Lost Mercy Convent in Retrograd, whom Ilemauzer was supposed to deliver a letter to. This was {{lampshade|hanging}}d when Ilemauzer gets captured by Feathertop Crystalclitoris and mistakes her for Sister Salamandra, only for the latter to angrily declare that she's not Sister Salamandra.˛* HalfHumanHybrid:˛** Ilemauzer, after Old Scratch tried to turn her into a human. Not only that, but her eyes also turned normal giving her color vision, and even her ''[[SerialEscalation wings]]'' turned into hands! However, later in the comic, while she's in the Gruselwald looking for Sister Salamandra, she grows tired of this form.˛** There's also the evil bat Gibb.˛* TheHeroine: Ilemauzer.˛* HornyDevil: Subverted with Kitty (see BigEater).˛* HumanityEnsues: Subverted, when Ilemauzer asks Old Scratch to change her into a human, [[UpliftedAnimal only to turn into a]] [[HumanoidAnimals Humanoid Animal]] instead.˛* InkblotCartoonStyle˛* IntellectualAnimal: Ilemauzer.˛* LeftHanging˛* LovableCoward: Ilemauzer.˛* MediumAwareness: While the comic is originally black-and-white, Old Scratch later colorizes it entirely, much to Kitty's dismay.˛* MushroomSamba: Ilemauzer's dream after literally eating mushrooms is a bitter example.˛* NakedApron: Ilemauzer, when she gets accepted for Hell's Kitchen.˛* NervousWreck: Ilemauzer. Jesus, Ilemauzer.˛* NeverMyFault: At one point, Syryth angrily blames Ilemauzer for causing everybody in Germany to go out of control by accident, telling her that she's useless. This saddens Ilemauzer.˛* ObsessedWithFood: Kitty.˛* OverlyLongScream: Ilemauzer [[ has one]] when she discovers she became a lot more humanoid.˛-->'''Old Scratch:''' [[LampshadeHanging Ah, good! Uncontrollable screaming! That's always a good sign!]]˛* PaintingTheMedium: The dialogue by Old Scratch, Kitty and the other devils was written in a bold, gothic medieval font. ˛* PerpetualFrowner: Ilemauzer, Kitty and Syryth.˛* [[ProperLady Proper Witch]]: Syryth.˛* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Father Damien Thumbscrews.˛* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: Ilemauzer.˛* RugbyIsSlaughter: The "[[ Rule Brittannia]]" arcs concern an extremely brutal sport known as "Scrumby", all that has been revealed about it is that the death toll is extremely high and it's popular everywhere but America.˛* RunningGag: These disembodied genitals that fly by making "Eep!" noises.˛* SatanIsGood: Old Scratch.˛* SayMyName: Terminium the devil chef [[ yells Ilemauzer's name]] upon discovering that Ilemauzer finally left Hell's Kitchen.˛* {{Story Arc}}s˛* TalkingAnimal: Ilemauzer, up until her transformation.˛* TransformationComic˛* UpliftedAnimal: See HumanityEnsues.˛* VerbalTic: Kitty says "feh" a lot.˛* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: Ilemauzer is scared of badgers.˛˛----


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