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1''The Artist and the Machine'' is a webcomic that was launched in August 2014. ²²Art is a magical girl. Mech is a robot sent to kill her. But Art decides to befriend the robot, and Mech decides he likes her better alive. Much {{Hilarity Ensues}}.²²The webcomic could be found [[ here,]] but the site is currently offline. The tumblr page for the comic can be found [[ here,]] however no updates have been seen since 2015.²----²!!''The Artist and the Machine contains'' examples of:²²* {{Adorkable}}: Mech!²* BadassAdorable: Depending on your tastes, both Art and Mech. ²* EverythingsBetterWithSparkles: Art's powers are blue and sparkly!²* FacePalm: Art does one when Mech is surprised that she won't just let him go through with his mission.²* FieryRedhead: Art has quite the temper, especially when someone's trying to kill her. ²* HeavenlyBlue: Art's color scheme. Her powers are associated with a lovely blue glow. ²* IncrediblyLamePun: Puugle. 'Cause he belongs to an artist who's bad with names. ²* InnocentBlueEyes: Art. In contrast with Mech's red eyes.²* JustAMachine: Or is it? ²* KillerRobot: What Mech was supposed to be. ²* LiteralMinded: Mech. ²* MadScientist: The Scientist doesn't seem to be very mad. Unless Art is around...²* MagicalGirl: Art and her friends Quill, Copik and Stylo. ²* NaiveNewcomer: Mech, with emphasis on the naïve.²* ReluctantHero: Art isn't that excited about being a magical girl. ²* RedEyesTakeWarning: Subverted. Mech has red eyes, but doesn't seem to be evil, even if he does try to kill the heroine.²* RobotBuddy: Mech for Art. ²* SpotOfTea: Art brings two cups to share with the robot who just tried to kill her, as she wants to have a chat.²* TeamPet: Puugle is a black pug. ²* TransformationSequence: Art is a magical girl, after all... Available [[http:// here in animated form]] ²----


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