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1Geun Soo Min is a {{manhwa}} artist who recently had to quit his job due to his deteriorating eye sight. One day he meets a deaf woman, So Ri Jeon, and they strike a connection despite the barrier. ''Can't See Can't Hear But Love'' is a romance-centric {{Korean Webtoon|s}}.---- !!This comic contains examples of:* BettyAndVeronica: So Ri is the "Betty" and Yun-Jeong is the "Veronica" towards Geun Soo. Geun Soo doesn't give much attention to Yun-Jeong as anything but an assistant, though.* CuteMute: So Ri is a spunky woman who is mute due to her deafness.* BigBeautifulMan: Geun Soo is a large man who attracts the attention of two different women. * DrivenToSuicide: Yun-Jeong was forced into being a ballerina by her mother despite wanting to be a comic artist. She ultimately became suicidal until reading one of Geun's comics.* SpellMyNameWithAnS: "Geun Soo" or "Geon Soo"? "So Ri" or "Sori"? Both spellings have been used to describe the characters.


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