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1''[[ Blank It]]'' is a webcomic by Lemuel "Lemmo" Pew and Aric [=McKeown=]. It follows two [[EasyAmnesia amnesiac]] {{author avatar}}s as they wander what is mostly a blank white landscape, dotted with increasingly bizarre locations, technologies, and civilizations.²²Currently on SeriesHiatus. Meanwhile, the authors have started up a Website/{{Tumblr}} webcomic called [[ Kaleiope]].²----²!!Provides examples of:²* AlliterativeTitle: [[ This]] strip, titled "Alert: Alliteration Ahead". Appropriately, the dialogue revolves around the letter P, granting the strip AddedAlliterativeAppeal.²* AmusingInjuries: People certainly get their hands chopped off a lot.²* AppliedPhlebotinum: Hand Juice, used for re-growing hands.²* AuthorAvatar: When assigning themselves names, the characters come up with the names of the comic's creators.²* BalefulPolymorph: [[spoiler:Pericles]] ''really'' didn't like being forced to become solid...²* BeautifulVoid²* BlahBlahBlah: The [[ about page]].²** According to Website/{{Google}} translate, that page is in Irish.²* BodyHorror: Chapter 1's [[ hand juice incident]] is fairly tame as these things go, but Chapter 2 gets bodily horrifying [[ right]] [[ quick]].²* BreadEggsBreadedEggs: "[[ We'll be the rulers! The kings! The rulers of kings!]]"²* BrickJoke: Many, many examples of this, due to the cyclical nature of the comic world.²* [[BSideComics B Side Story]]: "Spilling the Beans", the [[ intermission after Chapter 1]], tells the tale of how one superhero deals with his secret identity [[TheUnmasquedWorld being revealed]]. [[spoiler:It's really a {{plan}} by his brother- the real superhero- to defeat his arch-nemesis, the [[TakenForGranite Stare Master.]]]]²* {{Cosmic Plaything}}s: Aric and Lemmo, most certainly.²--> ''Aric:'' "What are the odds of us having any say in how this turns out?"²--> ''Lemmo:'' "I'd say a one in higher-than-I-can-count chance. It'll bother you less if you think of it as a ride."²* CutHisHeartOutWithASpoon: "[[ If you ruin this moment with existentialism]], I'm going to [[EyeScream cut through your optic nerve with my molars]] and bury my pants in your eye sockets."²* EruditeStoner: Definitely Lemmo's archetype. Random and seemingly childish at times, but capable of surprising wisdom when it's called for.²-->'''Lemmo:''' [Regarding the inexplicable nature of their universe] It'll bother you less if you think of it as a ride.²* GoofyPrintUnderwear: Both Aric (polka dots) and Lemmo (VideoGame/SpaceInvaders).²* HealingPotion: Hand juice counts!²* HumongousMecha: The [[spoiler:Cookie Kingdom castle]], which charges after Aric and Lemmo. Who else defends them than [[spoiler:a swarm of trap robots which form a mecha to rival it]].²* IgnoredEnemy: [[spoiler:Pericles]] upon his [[TheBusCameBack return]]. [[SubvertedTrope Until]] [[spoiler:mutant-top-half-Lemmo]] picks a fight with him. [[spoiler:And gets sliced up for his efforts]].²* ITakeOffenseToThatLastOne: In [[ this]] strip.²* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: The pilot bugs use insults as a power source for their ship's rear lights. When someone goes off on an especially nasty tirade, the light produced is bright enough to obscure their speech bubbles.²* OntologicalMystery: The driving point of the comic, as is usually the impact of this trope.²* RealityIsOutToLunch: At the start of Chapter 2, Lemmo and Aric find themselves in a looping universe, which stops looping once Lemmo realizes it does so. It then re-orients itself vertically, and squeezes our heroes into goo through the gaps of a wooden floor.²* {{Revenge}}: [[spoiler:[[ChekhovsGunman Pericles]]]] wants it upon our heroes [[spoiler: because they gave him a name, and thus disgraced him in front of his community of [[NoNameGiven unnameables]]]].²* ScaryShinyGlasses: Aric has these [[ here]].²** Aric also has an earlier example [[ here.]]²* ShoutOut: For example, the strip titled "[[Music/RiseAgainst Rising Against]]".²* ShovelStrike: [[ Silly Aric,]] [[ shovels are for digging!]]²* TookALevelInBadass: [[spoiler:Pericles]], with matching [[BadassBeard beard]] too. It makes up for being an initially IgnoredEnemy.²* WhiteVoidRoom: Also known as the "canvas".²* TheWormThatWalks: Made up of tiny robots.²* WildMassGuessing: Not on [=TVtropes=] itself, but in the webcomic wiki. Their WMG page explicitly notes that it was named for the [=TVtropes=] pages.²----


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