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1->''"'Oy, you mad bro?' '''GODDAMN RIGHT I'M MAD!''' I'm always mad- get that camera off my face- I'm always mad at you!"''²-->-- '''Angry Grandpa''', [[ reading a shirt sent by a fan.]]²²'''The Angry Grandpa''' was a series of Website/YouTube videos featuring Charles "The Angry Grandpa" Green getting violently angry about minor annoyances. The videos often featured Grandpa destroying various items in his house for minor inconveniences (such as [[ the time he destroyed his entire kitchen when he misplaced his candy]]), as well as his son Michael "Pickleboy" Green (who also acts as the cameraman) playing pranks on him. Sadly, Charles died on December 10, 2017. ²²----²!!This show provides examples of:²²* ActuallyPrettyFunny: Michael's reaction to getting pranked is sometimes this.²* AgitatedItemStomping: occasionally appears during his destruction videos.²** This bites him back in the Hamburger pie meltdown, when he angrily stomps ''with his bare feet'' on a pile of Hamburger pie that has came out of the oven after cooking for an hour.²** This also backfires when Grandpa tries to stomp on raw Barilla spaghetti noodles.²* AllForNothing:²** In ''[[ FAMILY MELTDOWN]]'', Angry Grandpa throws a tantrum when Bridgette refuses to pay his 350 dollar cable bill. A week later, in ''[[ The Reconciliation]]'', they attempt to reconcile and Michael pays his cable bill, only to discover that [[spoiler:Angry Grandpa hadn't watched any TV because he was texting too much, and he had another bill coming up.]]²** Michael ''[[AHomeownerIsYou bought]]'' a house (with a huge backyard and pool at that!) for Angry Grandpa as a means to not just get him out of the trailer park, but to make amends with him after all the things that happened between them. Come few episodes, Angry Grandpa ''wrecks the pool'', decides to live in a tent, and destroys the deck in the backyard to make firewood '''[[WhatAnIdiot despite the backyard being surrounded by trees]]'''.²* AnAesop: The series of videos in which Grandpa deals with being evicted from his Trailwood trailer by Boeing (such as ''[[ Angry Grandpa Says Goodbye...]]'' becomes a commentary on how low-income communities are powerless against large corporations who want to build on their land.²* {{Angrish}}: Naturally. The more angry Grandpa gets, the more incomprehensible he becomes.²* AprilFoolsPlot: Given the number of pranks that Angry Grandpa doles out / suffers through, this happens every year.²* AssShove: Discussed.²** Most of the fictitious TSA procedures Michael describes in ''[[ GRANDPA'S AFRAID TO FLY! (PRANK)]]'' involve this.²** In ''[[ GRANDPA'S HAD ENOUGH!]]'', Michael finds a naked Ken doll in the back yard of his new house with dirt on its head, and asks of Grandpa has been keeping it in his bottom.²** From ''[[ ANGRY GRANDPA'S NEW TABLE!!]]'', following Angry Grandpa's flatulence:²--> '''Pickleboy:''' ''[Retreating]'' See ya, pop! Hope you like your new table, shove it up your ass, 'cause it seems empty now!²* AtomicFBomb:²** In ''[[ Prank Calling Angry Grandpa]]'', Grandpa lets off one of these when calling Michael back.²** Grandpa lets one off in ''[[ POOR MAN'S LASAGNA MELTDOWN!]]'' just before [[FadeToBlack fading to black]].²²* AwfulWeddedLife: Angry Grandpa and Tina Green before their divorce. Given Angry Grandpa's personality, it's impressive that they managed to stay married for 30 years.²%%* BadassBeard²* BattleStrip: Angry Grandpa has done this multiple times, most notably in ''[[ Diet Coke & Mentos Explosion!]]'', after being sprayed with a Diet Coke + Mentos geyser.²* BeeAfraid: Michael and Grandpa in ''[[ GRANDPA'S SCARED OF BEES!]]''²* BerserkButton: Has many. Examples include hiding his food, showing admiration for Barack Obama and saying that his cooking sucks.²** When he was asked about a cat he once owned (despite his hatred of cats), he destroyed a toaster, as shown in [[ this video]].²** In ''[[ POOR MAN'S LASAGNA MELTDOWN!]]'', when Michael suggested using Barilla noodles to make the Poor Man's Lasagna, Angry Grandpa immediately grabbed the Barilla box and proceeded to smash its contents into flakes, having vowed never to eat any more Barilla products after reading about Barilla's anti-gay remarks.²* BigNo: In ''[[ The Buried Alive Prank]]'', Grandpa lets off one of these when [[spoiler: Michael asks him if he can come over to have turkey wings for dinner after pranking him.]]²* BlatantLies: Angry Grandpa is fond of this, though Michael and Bridgette pull these off during pranks.²** In ''[[ GRANDPA'S AFRAID TO FLY! (PRANK)]]'', Michael lets off a string of these to Grandpa, who has never flown in a plane before in his life, about post-9/11 TSA security checks.²* BilingualBonus: One of Angry Grandpa's T-shirts says "Gubbdjävel," which roughly translates to "dirty old bastard" from Swedish. ²* BondOneLiner: Angry Grandpa ''loves'' doing this after destroying something in his rages.²* {{Bowdlerise}}: More recently in Michael's daily vlogs, he's had to mute swear words due to Website/YouTube's increasingly-restrictive censorship policies that demonetize videos for having any swear words in them.²* BringMyBrownPants: ²** Angry Grandpa pissed himself after [[ his encounter with the Obsessed Fan]], as revealed in [[ the aftermath video]].²** A puppy wets itself while it's getting yelled at by Grandpa in [[ Angry Grandpa's New Puppy.]]²** Michael's pranks sometime startle Grandpa to the point that he shits himself (e.g. Firecracker Wakeup Prank, Buried Alive Prank, The Mouse Hunt, etc.).²* {{Callback}}: Pickleboy gives Charlie a brick inside of a [=PS4=] box the same way that Angry Grandpa did to Michael. Unlike Michael, however, Charlie finds it ActuallyPrettyFunny.²* CameraAbuse: Angry Grandpa has on occasion attempted to grab the camera from Michael.²* CandidCameraPrank: Several of Michael and Grandpa's pranks involve the use of strategically-placed hidden cameras, including ''[[ SCARING GRANDPA]]'', ''[[ GRANDPA SEDUCES TINA THE PRANK]]'', ''[[ Angry Grandpa and the Hidden Camera!]]'', ''[[ Grandpa Makes Pickleboy His B*tch]]'', and ''[[ The Meanest Prank Ever]]''.²** Bridgette and Michael once convinced Grandpa that they had filmed him using the toilet by recording his empty bathroom and Bridgette waving from it.²* {{Catchphrase}}:²** "You can all kiss my fat ass!", which has become something of a tagline for the series.²** "What's up, you guys? KidBehindACamera here!"²** "Bridgette West heeeeeeeeerrreeeee!" ²** "That's almost it for today, you guys."²* ChekhovsArmory: Both PlayedStraight and [[{{Aversion}} Averted]]²** Angry Grandpa has recieved [[WallOfWeapons an impressive collection of dangerous weapons from fans]], including axes, swords, hammers, and tasers. He has used these to threaten Michael, Bridgette, and (Neighbor) Tina at the end of several videos, often the climax of one of his rages.²** Averted in ''[[ THE WALKING DEAD PRANK!]]''. Although the mailbag series has established his [[WallOfWeapons growing collection of weapons]], he notably does not use them, as Pickleboy had hidden them to avoid [[AxCrazy Grandpa trying to kill the people pretending to be zombies]].²* ChewingTheScenery: Grandpa's tantrums involve this from time to time.²* CigaretteOfAnxiety: Being both high strung and a chain smoker, Angry Grandpa is prone to this. A good example of this is ''[[ Angry Grandpa's Still Married! PRANK!]]'', in which he smokes in practically every scene he's in. This tendency is {{exploited}} in ''[[ Angry Grandpa Lighter Fluid Prank Backfires]]''. Jennifer makes Grandpa want to smoke a cigarette by blowing smoke in his face and telling him she lost her job.²* TheCommandments: unintentionally {{Parodied}} by Grandpa in the ''[[ ANGRY GRANDPA'S 10 DEMANDMINTS!!]]'' as conditions for himself moving back into his own house:²## [[AC: [[DudeWheresMyRespect Thow Shallt respect me!!]] A.G.P.]] [[note]]"Thou shalt respect me! A.G.P. (Angry Grandpa)"[[/note]]²## [[AC:Kiss Nobudy Ass but Mine]] [[note]]"Kiss nobody's ass but mine!"[[/note]]²## [[AC: [[IncessantMusicMadness Don't sing arond me!!!]]]][[note]] Don't sing around me![[/note]]²## [[AC: Thaw shall treet me like an adult!]] [[note]]"Thou shalt treat me like an adult!"[[/note]]²## [[AC: You will take me out fur fun!]] [[note]]"You will take me out ''for'' fun!"[[/note]]²## [[AC: [[StrawHypocrite Dont Cus yo DADDY]] ]] [[note]]"Don't cuss (at) your daddy!"[[/note]]²## [[AC: Thow shall not steel my toys!]] [[note]]"Thou shalt not steal my toys!" [[/note]]²## [[AC: You aunt my naybur! Dont come ovur all the time!!]] [[note]]"You ain't my neighbor! Don't come over all the time!" [[/note]]²## [[AC:[[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment Tret me Adult!]] ]] [[note]]"Treat me (like an) adult!"[[/note]]²## [[AC: Thowe shal kiss my ass!!]] [[note]]Thou shalt kiss my ass![[/note]]²* ConsummateLiar: Angry Grandpa and Pickleboy. This makes them surprisingly effective at pranking each other.²* ContentWarning: Averted with language, though played straight with vomit: videos with this will have a warning right on the title, probably to avoid being flagged by Website/YouTube.²* ComicalOverreacting: Although Michael shows cases of this, Angry Grandpa excels at it when agitated. Case in point: ''[[ Angry Grandpa Gets Robbed (Prank)]]''²-->'''Grandpa:''' You need to shut up.\²({{beat}})\²I was '''ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBBED!'''²* {{Corpsing}}: Michael cracks up when trying to play dead after faking convulsions and foaming at the mouth in ''[[ GRANDPA KILLS PICKLEBOY!! (PRANK)]]''²* CuttingTheKnot:²** In ''[[ HAMBURGER PIE MELTDOWN!]]'', Angry Grandpa cooks Hamburger Pie with his son Michael. AGP lays down for a nap, thinking Michael will take the pie out in twenty minutes. Michael wakes him up an hour later - 40 minutes too late - and they rush to save the pie, which is now burning. Michael can't find pot holders, so Grandpa tries to grab the aluminum foil container that has been sitting in an oven for an hour with his bare hands. [[spoiler: It fails miserably.]]²** Angry Grandpa's 'solution' to certain issues with appliances and technology is to break them and force his son Michael to replace them. ²* CycleOfRevenge: This shows up especially between Michael and Grandpa:²** In ''[[ Grandpa pissed at Pickleboy]]'', Grandpa gets upset because he believes Pickleboy drank his soda without his permission. This causes him to prank him several times by pretending to take Pickleboy out for lunch and then either [[ driving him back home]] or [[ leaving him at a restaurant and going to another restaurant]]. Following ''[[ The Olive Garden Prank]]'', Pickleboy [[ convinces Grandpa that he drove home and hit someone after drinking]], which causes Grandpa, months later, to [[ prank Michael into believing that]] [[spoiler: Grandpa murdered someone]].²* TheDogBitesBack: In ''[[ PICKLEBOY BREAKS GRANDPA'S CHAIR!]]'' Grandpa needles Pickleboy about being overweight, getting to the point where he's literally tossing candy at Pickleboy to mock him. Pickleboy responds by purposefully tripping on one of Grandpa's chairs, then snapping off one of its legs as he tries to get up. This leaves Grandpa speechless for a full ''fifteen seconds''.²* DisproportionateRetribution: The videos have a lot of this:²** There was the time Grandpa destroyed the entire kitchen when his bag of candy was supposedly stolen. [[spoiler:It turned out to be sitting on the counter, meaning that he caused thousands of dollars in damage over nothing.]]²** He once destroyed Michael's Xbox 360 over a prank.²** He threw a fit when [[ he found out that his grandchildren opened their Christmas presents before he arrived to see them do it.]]²** Grandpa smashes Pickleboy's [=PS4=] and a glass coffee table with a wrench, simply because Pickleboy ''didn't come over to make Christmas cookies with him.'' In Pickleboy's defense, he thought Grandpa was planning to prank him.²** He was also on the receiving end of this at least once. When he destroyed a piece of Tina's [[Music/ElvisPresley Elvis]] memorabilia, she responded by burning his face with a lighter while he was asleep. ²** As part of ''[[ The Meanest Prank Ever!]]'', Grandpa off-handedly claims he killed a girl who came to his door asking for drugs.²** Michael has been prone to this on occasion. For example, Michael flipped a table full of food (this ruining Grandpa’s party)... all because he was serving seafood and not burgers.²** JerkassHasAPoint: In ''[[ Angry Grandpa Destroys Bathroom]]'', AGP destroys the bathtub and the sink over Bridgette's firecracker prank in the bathroom, when he told them not to put firecrackers in the bathroom. In hindsight, AGP was in the right for forbidding those lethal firecrackers.²---> '''Angry Grandpa''': I told you: No firecrackers in the tub! But no, y'all wouldn't listen, you and your princess!²* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: Invoked by Angry Grandpa in ''[[ ANGRY GRANDPA - MAIL BAG MONDAY #10]]'' with a giant gummy worm.²* DysfunctionalFamily: Angry Grandpa has had such a strained relationship with his wife and immediate children that most of them have moved far away from his reach. He maintains a love-hate relationship with the one son who regularly visits him, Michael.²* EatingPetFood: See IAteWhat²* ElvisImpersonator: Angry Grandpa is forced to do this as part of a prank in ''[[ ELVIS AND THE CLOWN! (150,000 Subscribers!)]]'', despite his hate for Elvis.²* EmphasizeEverything: The title of Angry Grandpa videos are often ALL CAPS.²* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: Given the amount of videos generated on the ''[=AngryGrandpaShow=]'' and ''[=KidBehindACamera=]'', this is bound to happen.²** ''[[ GRANDPA EATS CHEESE PUFFS]]''²** ''[[ GRANDPA HOLDS A SNAKE]]''²** ''[[ ANGRY GRANDPA FLIES TO PHILADELPHIA!]]''²* EyeTake: In ''[[ ANGRY GRANDPA FLIES TO PHILADELPHIA!]]'', Pickleboy drops one of these when Angry Grandpa, panicking on the first plane ride of his life, grabs and shakes him from the adjacent seat.²* FacePalm: A rare first-person variant occurs in [[ BRIDGETTE THOUGHT SHE WAS DYING!!]]²* FailedASpotCheck: In the Caramel Onion prank, Pickleboy gives Grandpa an unusually large caramel apple (really an onion). When Grandpa can't bite into it, he slices into the "apple" with a knife, revealing that it has layers inside. But right as Pickleboy complains that his prank didn't work, Grandpa sticks the slice into his mouth and reacts with disgust, revealing that he hadn't noticed the onion at all.²* FakingTheDead: Played for laughs in [[ GRANDPA DIES! (PRANK)]]²* FalseTeethTomfoolery:²** AGP pranks Charlie by putting his teeth in Charlie's iced tea.²** In an AGP hate comments video, Grandpa stores his false teeth in a glass cup. When he tries to put them in, he gags, apparently because his teeth won't fit in his mouth anymore. When Pickleboy tells him he'll give him five dollars to put his teeth in his mouth for three seconds, Grandpa does so, but has to clean the denture glue that is still in his mouth afterward.²** In the caramel onion prank, Grandpa tried to bite into a caramel onion with his false teeth, but only managed to pull them out of his mouth.²** Grandpa attempted a do-it-yourself repair on his false teeth once but only managed in ruining a 200 dollar set of teeth.²* {{Fartillery}}: In an old Q and A with Grandpa, Grandpa claimed that if he got in a fight with Chuck Norris, Grandpa would just fart and Norris would pass out.²* {{Foreshadowing}}: In [[ ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!]], Pickleboy accidentally reveals his exercise bike before owning up to it and telling the audience to "Click 'Like' if you want Bridgette to secretly record me on that thing!". Guess what Bridgette does in [[ PICKLEBOY'S MUSICAL WORKOUT!!]]?²* FilmTheHand: Pickleboy uses this as a transition in his vlogs.²* FlawExploitation: Many of Pickleboy's pranks play upon Angry Grandpa's selfish or greedy knee-jerk reactions to events.²** In ''[[ THE CAT FOOD BURRITO (VOMIT ALERT!)]]'', Pickleboy tricks Grandpa into eating a burrito made with cat food by claiming that Pickleboy had gotten it for himself.²** In ''[[ Angry Grandpa - Ice Cream]]'', Pickleboy tricks Grandpa into believing that Jennifer is eating his ice cream, making him take her ice cream cone away and eat it... when it actually had shaving cream in it.²** In ''[[ Angry Grandpa Lighter Fluid Prank Backfires]]'', they trick Grandpa into [[CigaretteOfAnxiety trying to light a cigarette by telling him that Jennifer lost her job]], to ignite lighter fluid that they poured on his table.²** In ''[[ Angry Grandpa - The Fake Lottery Ticket]]'', they trick Grandpa into snatching a fake winning lottery ticket and trying to cash it in at Sunoco as quickly as possible by playing on his greedy nature.²** The powdered donut prank, where Michael put flour on Grandpa's donuts and pretended to eat them, causing Grandpa to angrily snatch them away and eat them himself.²* FlippingTheTable: A signature move of his tantrum-throwing, until he tries it with [[ a table made of marble]].²** The move makes a comeback in ''[[ GRANDPA FLIPS OUT! (PICKLEBOY WRECKS DINNER!) ]]''²* {{Gaslighting}}:²** In [[ BRIDGETTE'S UNO FREAKOUT!!]], Bridgette gets upset when Michael keeps beating her at ''Uno''. In a subsequent vlog, Michael reveals that he pocketed the good Uno cards (such as skip and draw four wild cards) and filled the deck with regular number cards so that Bridgette would never get any good cards when playing him.²** In ''[[ Angry Grandpa - The Hit & Run PRANK!]]'', Angry Grandpa gets drunk and Bridgette's dad has to drive him home. The next morning, he calls Michael and tells him he doesn't remember getting home. So what does Michael do? He decides to "teach [his] father the dangers of drinking and driving" by making it look like he hit someone while he was drunk.²* FoodFight: Grandpa has a short one with Pickleboy in ''[[ POOR MAN'S LASAGNA MELTDOWN!]]''.²* GetOut:²** Angry Grandpa often does this to Pickleboy and Bridgette after his anger outbursts, mostly because their pranks cause them. ²** [[TheDogBitesBack Pickleboy and Bridgette also did that on few occasions with Angry Grandpa]], such as when he destroyed Pickleboy's [=PS4=].²* GirlsHaveCooties: A truly bizarre example: Angry Grandpa claims that loose women have "vagina spiders" which crawl out at night from unmentionable places. In ''[[ Ask Grandpa - Q&A W/ Angry Grandpa]]'', Grandpa claims that if he could get rid of one thing, he would get rid of them.²* GoingCommando: Grandpa does this to seduce Neighbor Tina in his Elvis costume in ''[[ GRANDPA SEDUCES TINA THE PRANK]]''. This reveal leaves Michael in stitches.²* GoodParents: "I may be a fucking asshole piece of shit, but I love my kids! I'd ''never'' hurt 'em!" He's repeatedly expressed a desire to see Casey Anthony die due to this philosophy, and also is dumbstruck by the Newtown shootings because that meant that, for the parents of the victims, "Christmas won't ever be right again."²* GroinAttack: In ''[[ Angry Grandpa gets kicked in the nuts]]'', Tina performs one of these after being taunted by Grandpa..²* GrumpyOldMan: Obviously.²* HairTriggerTemper: As mentioned elsewhere on this page, a common theme of the videos is Grandpa destroying things over minor inconveniences.²* HappyEndingOverride: Watch the videos where Grandpa is happy and teary eyed about getting a home, hugging Michael and telling him he loves him with all of his heart. Then realize that in the next few months, he and Pickleboy will have several more major disputes, including one in which he refused to live in said house just to spite Michael for freaking out about Grandpa backing into the back yard pool.²* HeWhoMustNotBeSeen: ²** In the earlier videos, Michael rarely appeared on camera.²** Angry Grandpa also had a pet bird in his original trailer that would often chirp in the background of his videos at random intervals, affectionately called "That annoying bird".²* HoistByHisOwnPetard:²** Angry Grandpa pretends to hit on his neighbor in ''[[ GRANDPA SEDUCES TINA THE PRANK]]'', only for his neighbor to pull the prank right back on him by pretending that she wants him.²** In ''[[ GRANDPA'S NEW DAUGHTER (PRANK BACKFIRE)]]'', Michael dresses up as a woman and claims that he is transgender to troll Grandpa. Grandpa takes it surprisingly well and proceeds to drive him to a gas station... [[spoiler: where he forces him to get out of the car and drives off, leaving an embarrassed Michael to hide by the dumpster in the back of the gas station for hours.]]²** In ''[[ The Buried Alive Prank]]'', Pickleboy traps a sleeping Grandpa underneath a vacuum box, only for Grandpa to trap ''him'', who is claustrophobic, underneath the same box.²* HollywoodHeartAttack: Justified: Angry Grandpa will occasionally pretend to have one of these as revenge against Michael for pranking him, complete with complaints of shoulder pain and collapsing. This trick has worked several times, as Grandpa dying is an AdultFear of Michael.²* IAteWhat: Several examples:²** Angry Grandpa²*** Grandpa gets pranked into eating food that he threw in the trash twice, in ''[[ Angry Grandpa - The Garbage dog]]'' and ''[[ The Garbage Burrito]]''.²*** An example of Grandpa eating non-human food items: In ''[[ ANGRY GRANDPA THE CAT FOOD BURRITO! (VOMIT ALERT)]]'', Michael tricks Grandpa into eating a couple of burritos that have cat food put in them.²*** An inversion occurs in ''[[ GRANDPA EATS DOG S**T!?]]''.²** Pickleboy:²*** In ''[[ POSSUM STEW PRANK *Vomit Alert*]]'', Pickleboy enjoys Grandpa's stew until Grandpa reveals that [[spoiler: he had made a stew out of a possum carcass he had found.]]²*** In ''[[ CHILI CHEESE CAT FOOD PRANK! (Vomit Alert!)]]'', Bridgette makes a chili cheese dip with cat food in it.²** Bridgette:²*** In ''[[ BRIDGETTE EATS CAT FOOD PRANK! (Vomit Alert)]]'' and ''[[ BRIDGETTE EATS DOG TREATS! (PRANK)]]'', Bridgette is pranked into eating treats meant for animals.²* ICallItVera: Angry Grandpa calls his chainsaw "Pearl" in ''[[ GRANDPA CHAINSAWED HIS FINGER!!!!]]''.²** Also nicknamed his infamous yellow wrench "Mr. Avenger" in "Angry Grandpa Destroys [=PS4=]".²* ImprovisedWeapon: In ''[[ Angry Grandpa - Salty Coffee]]'', Angry Grandpa uses [[{{squick}} a used plunger]] to threaten Michael.²* InsaneTrollLogic: In ''ANGRY GRANDPA FREAKS OUT OVER SOLAR ECLIPSE!'', Grandpa believes that the world is going to end during the 2017 solar eclipse because once the moon crosses in front of the sun, the sun will disintegrate the moon and because of this, there will never be nighttime again. And somehow, leaving Charleston will help him stay alive.²* InUniverseCamera: Every ''Angry Grandpa Show'' and ''[=KidBehindACamera=]'' vlog is filmed from one or several of these.²* {{Interquel}}: The Grandpa's Got Ebola prank takes place before ''and'' after the Caramel Onion Prank.²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Angry Grandpa may have a HairTriggerTemper and swears too much, but he still loves his kids and grandkids. Seeing news reports of children getting hurt or killed (such as with Casey Anthony or the Sandy Hook massacre) sends him into a particular rage at the perpetrators.²-->[[TearJerker "Merry Christmas, kids. And to the shooter, burn in hell."]]²* {{Leitmotif}}: Several prank videos play the instrumental version of ''Habanera'' (also known as ''L'amour est un oiseau rebelle''), an aria from Georges Bizet's 1875 opera ''Theatre/{{Carmen}}'' in the background as they set up the prank.²* JustPenniesADay: Grandpa in ''[[ Angry Grandpa - Lights Out - Part 1]]'' parodies this when calling out his wife for not paying the light bill.²* KansasCityShuffle: In ''[[ BRIDGETTE'S UNO FREAKOUT!!]]'', Pickleboy leans the camera over to Bridgette's cards, and Bridgette admonishes him, thinking he's cheating by looking at her cards. It later turns out that he ''was'' cheating, but was actually pocketing the good cards instead of peeking at Bridgette's cards.²* LeftItIn: Michael's [=KidBehindACamera=] vlogs often have scenes in which he asks Bridgette to cut out parts of the vlog.²* ManBitesMan: Angry Grandpa attempts this to get Michael to let go of his hammer in ''[[ TINA MOVES IN - THE PRANK!]]''²* MadeOfIncendium: Both Pickleboy's iPad Pro and Grandpa's Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge began smoking dramatically shortly after being abused by Angry Grandpa.²* MayDecemberRomance: Lauren seemed to be several decades younger than Grandpa when the two of them dated and later got engaged before his passing.²* MeanCharacterNiceActor: Fans who have met him have stated that when he's not angry, he's really nice.²* MilkingTheGiantCow: Angry Grandpa is particularly fond of this when extremely angry.²* MistakenForDying: A few examples:²** Michael pranks Angry Grandpa into believing that he was bitten by the Gaboon Viper and proceeds to 'die' in a painful way.²** Michael pranks Grandpa into thinking that he poisoned his own son with laxative-filled brownies, and that he wanted his last moments to be documented.²** Neighbor Tina managed to convince Grandpa she was deathly allergic to eggs after eating some of Grandpa's fluffy biscuits in one prank.²** Grandpa has done this to Michael several times by pretending to have a heart attack following an outburst, with mixed results.²* MoodWhiplash: Grandpa sometimes goes from violently throwing things around and screaming to completely happy. Justified, seeing as how he suffers from bipolar disorder in real life. ²* MustHaveNicotine: Angry Grandpa is often seen with a cigarette in hand, and a few of his tantrums occur due to a [[ shortage of cigarettes]] [[ in his house]].²* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Grandpa has a few of these moments, mostly when the outcome of one of his tantrums breaks something that he can't replace.²* NeverMyFault: Grandpa is terrible at admitting blame to the point that he will ask others why they made a mess mere moments after he did this himself. When Pickleboy rewatched the hamburger pie meltdown video in 2019, he noted that Grandpa would try to avoid responsibility for his actions by pretending to be senile.²* NotHimself: Occasionally, AGP is unexpectedly generous or forgiving, implying an upcoming prank.²* OhCrap: Occasionally an after effect of his tantrums. Frequently the reaction of bystanders and victims of his rage.²* PlayingSick: Grandpa in several pranks, including ''[[ Grandpa Makes Pickleboy His B*tch]]'', ''[[ Grandpa's got Ebola!]]'', and ''[[ GRANDPA DIES! (PRANK)]]''.²* PleaseSubscribeToOurChannel: While Michael and Bridgette often ask viewers to do this to wrap up a vlog, Angry Grandpa notably does not; while he thanks people for watching him, he doesn't go out of his way to promote himself, though he does provide certain memorabilia to his "young'uns" in ''Grandpa's Army'' every once in a while.²* PottyFailure: Angry Grandpa has soiled himself several times, either while trying to fart or hurrying to the bathroom.²* PrecisionFStrike: Bridgette swears considerably less than AGP and Michael do, so when she does it counts as this. ²* PsychopathicManchild: Grandpa displays shades of this at times, destroying household items while throwing childlike tantrums. This is arguably aggravated by his [[UsefulNotes/BipolarDisorder Bipolar Disorder]].²* PunBasedTitle: ''[[ ANGRY GRANDPA'S NUCLEAR MELTDOWN!]]''.²* RageBreakingPoint: Although Grandpa is irritated at various points during ''[[ POOR MAN'S LASAGNA MELTDOWN!]]'', the last straw comes when Michael refuses to eat his Poor Man's Lasagna after Grandpa refuses to pick moldy cheese out of it. Grandpa loses all semblance of composure, tosses the lasagna onto the floor, starts cussing out Michael, and then crawls on the floor screaming and crying in rage like a spoiled child.²* RageQuit: DoubleSubverted: In the first Christmas video, Angry Grandpa storms out when he finds out he showed up too late to see his grandkids open presents. It turns out that he was just standing outside of the door, and when he comes back in he proceeds to rage more until deciding to leave again.²* ReactionShot: Several early videos on the Angry Grandpa Show are of Angry Grandpa reacting to Internet shock videos, showcasing his shock and disgust.²* RewardedAsATraitorDeserves: In ''[[ GRANDPA QUITS SMOKING??! (THE BET)]]'', Grandpa tries to get Michael to pay his light bill in cash so he can get lottery tickets. Michael tells Grandpa he will give him a thousand dollars if he can avoid smoking for two days. Michael tells his brother, Charlie, that he will give him a thousand dollars if he sends him a picture or lets him know otherwise that he has been smoking. The next day, in ''[[ GRANDPA'S BUSTED! (CAUGHT IN THE ACT)]]'', Charlie rats out Grandpa and invites him over to film him smoking (proving that he had lost the bet on-camera). Michael decides ''not'' to give Charlie the thousand dollars because he told on his own father.²* RewatchBonus: If you look closely in ''[[ POOR MAN'S LASAGNA MELTDOWN!]]'', you might notice that the car alarm goes off right when Michael leans on the counter, since Grandpa's keys were hidden under lasagna debris.²* RunningGag:²** In Michael's [=KidBehindACamera=] vlogs, Michael pleading with Bridgette to keep something embarrassing he was filmed doing from going on the vlog.²** Bridgette attempting to convince the audience that Pickleboy wears diapers.²** Michael [[CurseCutShort editing out Bridgette's use of 'F--k Friday']].²* TheScapegoat: To cover up the fact that Clyde (one of Bridgette's dogs) had chewed on Pickleboy's glasses, Grandpa starts gleefully hitting Pickleboy's glasses with a hammer in ''[[ PICKLEBOY'S BROKEN GLASSES!]]'' to make him believe that he had ruined them.²* ScrewThisImOuttaHere:²** In the 2012 Doomsday prank, Grandpa elects to leave without getting any of his things upon learning (falsely) that an asteroid is heading for Earth.²** When Grandpa reads an article about Lindsey Graham warning people that Charleston could be nuked if the US doesn't intervene in Syria, he leaps into his truck and skips town, dumping Michael off at a gas station.²* SirSwearsALot: Both AGP and Michael.²* SpinOff: ''[[ The Angry Grandpa Show]]'' (itself being a relaunch of a banned Website/YouTube account), which deals with Angry Grandpa's outbursts, has launched several spin-off channels, including but not limited to:²** ''[[ [=KidBehindACamera=]]]'', a daily vlog series by Michael, son of Angry Grandpa.²** ''[[ Grandpa's Corner]]'', a channel where Angry Grandpa talks about his experiences and hosts videos of his more poignant moments.²** ''[[ Bridgette West's Channel]]'', hosted by Bridgette, Michael's girlfriend, which includes extras from [=TheAngryGrandpaShow=] and videos of Michael from her perspective.²* StalkerWithoutACrush:²** [=MustDestroyall=], [[ in a]] [[ series]] [[ of]] [[]] [[ videos]]. ²** [[ The Obsessed Fan]] counts as this. Like the [=MustDestroyAll=] series, this was organized by Michael and another fan.²* StressVomit: Michael, in ''[[ The Meanest Prank Ever]]''. Effectively a VomitDiscretionShot as it happens from a distance rather than up close.²* SuckOutThePoison: When Michael gets 'bitten' by the Gaboon Viper in ''[[ ATTACK OF THE GABOON VIPER - THE SNAKE BITE PRANK!]]'', Grandpa [[InvokedTrope invokes]] this by asking the 'snake handler' to suck the venom out. The handler tells Grandpa that it won't work.²* SuddenlyShouting:²** Angry Grandpa will do this from time to time. A notable example is in ''[[ Ask Grandpa - Q&A W/ Angry Grandpa]]'', when he reveals the one thing he would get rid of in the world if he could.²** Inverted in ''[[ POOR MAN'S LASAGNA MELTDOWN!]]'', when Grandpa realizes that [[spoiler: he was the one who opened the package of cheese which grew mold on it, and thus instigated his meltdown when Michael wouldn't eat his lasagna.]] ²* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial: Bridgette West in ''[[ BRIDGETTE'S LAST VLOG?!]]'' jokingly pulls one off when Michael catches her talking with Grandpa on the phone.²* TakeThat: Done Four times so far during the "[=McJuggernuggets=]" saga.²** First is when Angry Grandpa tossed soup right at [[WebVideo/McJuggernuggets Jesse]].²** The second time is when both Pickleboy and Angry Grandpa took turns destroying Jesse's drone and sent it back to him along with a picture with Angry Grandpa with a "colorful" message to say the least.²** The third time is getting [[WebVideo/Boogie2988 Boogie2988]] involved in Michael's prank against Jesse by acting as an obsessive fan²** The forth is Pickleboy composing "''The MCJUGGERNUGGETS DISS TRACK!!''", which is a whole Take That against Jesse and his Psycho Series and him blaming him for using his life as humor.²* TantrumThrowing: Anything not bolted down is at risk of this when Grandpa is upset.²* TastesLikeChicken: Inverted in ''[[ ANGRY GRANDPA - MAIL BAG MONDAY #11]]'':²-->'''Pickleboy:''' ''[Reeling from Grandpa's flatulence]'' Words can't describe that smell.²-->'''Grandpa:''' I thought it smelled pretty good myself! Smelled like last night's chicken!²-->'''Pickleboy:''' Your chicken smelled like ''shit''!²-->'''Grandpa:''' It ''tasted'' like shit.²* TemptingFate: In ''[[ GRANDPA STABS PICKLEBOY (PRANK)]]'':²-->'''Pickleboy''': Hey look, Bridgette, he's gonna stab me, I think!²* ThatMakesMeFeelAngry: From ''[[ ANGRY GRANDPA BEGS FOR MONEY]]''²-->'''Grandpa:''' I'm just '''GODDAMNED MAD AS HELL!'''²* TimeSkip: In ''[[ GRANDPA'S TABLE FAIL! (Goes to the hospital!)]]'', about a month passes between Angry Grandpa initially hurting his arm and his going to the hospital. ²* ToiletHumor: In ''[[ Angry Grandpa and the Hidden Camera!]]'', Angry Grandpa hurries to the bathroom and shuts the door. A moment later, we hear a few short bursts of an agonizing dump he proceeds to take.²* TrashOfTheTitans: AGP's second trailer was this from time to time, as well as Michael's Apartment.²* UnstoppableRage: Nothing within Grandpa's reach is safe when he throws a temper tantrum.²* UrineTrouble: In ''[[ PICKLEBOY BREAKS GRANDPA'S CHAIR!]]'', Grandpa tosses a cup of liquid into Michael's face. Michael initially doesn't react, but [[DoubleTake then touches his face]] and asks what it is. Grandpa reveals that it is his own piss, prompting a [[{{Squick}} Squicked]] SpitTake.²* VomitDiscretionShot: Most of the time Grandpa or Michael has to throw up, they do it over a sink, covering their mouth with something, or something otherwise out of sight. These videos will come with a disclaimer most of the time.²* VomitIndiscretionShot:²** The most extreme example is ''[[ POSSUM STEW PRANK *Vomit Alert*]]'', which is quite tame when compared to others yet still carries the *Vomit Alert* disclaimer.²** {{Downplayed}} in ''[[ GRANDPA CHAINSAWED HIS FINGER!!!!]]'', where Pickleboy gags up a wad of saliva (we hope) when reacting to Grandpa's potent flatulence.²* WardrobeMalfunction:²** In ''[[ GRANDPA LOVES PICKLEBOY?!]]'', Angry Grandpa tries to show off his EmbarrassingTattoo, only for his pants to fall off, with his bare ass and... other parts [[{{Squick}} uncomfortably close to Pickleboy's face]]. This happens off camera, but Grandpa and Pickleboy's reactions tell the whole story.²** In ''[[ Post Rage Cleanup!]]'', Grandpa's pants fall off while he's carrying a rug outside (off-camera).²** Pickleboy has done this on at least two separate occasions. On one, his pants dropped while he was pushing a shopping cart, and in another his boxers underwear ripped while bending over.²* WouldntHurtAChild: According to Michael, Grandpa wouldn't intentionally hurt his children even when he was furious. At least, not physically: he would often break their things instead.²* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: In ''[[ Angry Grandpa's New Puppy]]'', Bridgette and Michael adopt a puppy and pretend to give it to Angry Grandpa. This puppy is never seen again in any other videos.²* WhatHappenedToThePet: Grandpa's dog Hannah was present in early videos set in Angry Grandpa's second trailer park, but vanished soon after. It was later explained that the trailer park that Angry Grandpa lived in wouldn't allow pit bulls, and thus he had to give his dog to his daughter Kim. When Grandpa moved into a house that allowed him to live with his dog, Kim and her family had grown attached to Hannah, and thus Grandpa decided to let them keep her, later getting several other dogs of his own.²* WhamEpisode: A few, some heartwarming and others saddening, but the biggest is "ANGRY GRANDPA HAS CANCER", where during an argument, Grandpa reveals he has cancer. Michael responds shocked, upset, and heartbroken, especially when he asks his father why he didn't tell him.²* WhenEldersAttack²* WhosLaughingNow: Whenever Grandpa gets revenge on Michael for a prank.²* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: {{Invoked}} by Michael as a prank on Angry Grandpa, in ''[[ Angry Grandpa - Snake in bed]]'', ''[[ SNAKE PRANK ON ANGRY GRANDPA!]]'', ''[[ HUNT FOR THE GABOON VIPER!]], [[ SNAKE PRANK ON ANGRY GRANDPA!]]'', and ''[[ ATTACK OF THE GABOON VIPER - THE SNAKE BITE PRANK! ]]''²* WhyDidYouMakeMeHitYou: Angry Grandpa, following a tantrum, will ask why Michael made a mess, or claim that Michael broke something that Grandpa clearly destroyed moments ago. He uses the justification that since Michael angered him, he caused it to happen. Michael, after a few days of reflection, will inevitably replace what Grandpa broke.²* WoundedGazelleGambit: Grandpa pretends to have severe testicular pain to troll Michael in ''[[ GRANDPA MAKES PICKLEBOY HIS B*TCH!!!]]''


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