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1'''''No Place Like Home''''' is a 2007 internet film VERY loosely adapting ''Film/TheWizardOfOz'', directed and produced by [[WebVideo/GuaranteedVideo Ryan Murphy]] and Patrick Ryan, written by Murphy, Ryan, and Creator/NeilCicierega, and starring [[DirectedByCastMember Murphy]], [[WrittenByCastMember Ryan]], [[CastFullOfWriters Cicierega]], [[WebVideo/GuaranteedVideo Kevin James]], J.L. Carrozza, Sean Murphy, and Lauren Mack, with music by [[Music/LemonDemon Cicierega]] and Jake Quilty-Dunn. ²²[[TheTramp A vagrant drunkard]] named [[{{Expy}} Tom]] stops into a bar, gets hammered, and wakes up to find his shoes gone and the place empty, except for a pair of red sneakers on the ground. As soon as he puts them on and heads out the door, the bar vanishes, and he finds himself in a strange land... [[CrapsaccharineWorld that sucks]], so he seeks the help of a wizard to send him literally anywhere else. Along the way, Tom meets a few new friends who also seek various forms of aid from the wizard, but he also makes a powerful and mysterious enemy....²²The cast: ²* Patrick Ryan as Tom²* Neil Cicierega as the Scarecrow[=/=]Drunk²* Kevin James as the [[TinMan Robot]][=/=]Bartender²* J.L. Carrozza as the [[EverythingsBetterWithSamurai Cowardly Lion]][=/=]Drunk²* Sean Murphy as the Wizard²* Lauren Mack as Glinda the Good Witch[=/=]Munchkin²* Jake Quilty-Dunn as Jake[=/=]Minion²* And "introducing" Ryan Murphy as the Wicked Witch²²----²!!Features the following tropes: ²²* AbsoluteXenophobe: The Munchkins aren't fond of humans trespassing on their turf.²* AdaptedOut: Toto (unless you count [[CompanionCube Tom's flask]]), Uncle Henry, Auntie Em, Miss Gulch, the Witch of the East (Tom just finds the shoes on the ground), and Professor Marvel.²* AllJustADream: Per the movie.²* AnvilOnHead: [[spoiler:How Glinda sends Tom back from Oz after the shoes fail.]]²* BarbieDollAnatomy: Discussed in the Scarecrow's case.²* ButYouWereThereAndYouAndYou: Subverted. The actors playing Scarecrow, Robot, Lion, and the Witch's Minion all appear in the bar scenes, but Tom doesn't recognize any of them as their Oz-ian counterparts when he comes to at the end.²* DiegeticSwitch: "Yellow-Brick Road", the opening credits song, turns out to be played by Jake in the bar as Tom walks in.²* DirtyCoward: Nope, not the Lion. [[spoiler:It's the Wizard.]]²* EverythingsBetterWithSamurai: The Cowardly Lion is actually a wandering {{Ronin}}.²* ExactWords[=/=]LiteralGenie: [[spoiler:"There's no place like home" kinda only works if you ''have'' a home.]]²* HongKongDub: Parodied with (almost) all of the Cowardly Lion's dialogue.²* InformedFlaw: The Lion's cowardice. [[TheSoCalledCoward He's incredibly brave & stoic throughout his entire screen time, being far more proactive than any other character in fighting the villains.]]²* ItWasWithYouAllAlong: Metaphysically speaking. Metaphorically speaking, too. It's all good. (Special mention to the Lion, though, who ''never'' at ''any'' point shows ''any'' signs whatsoever of cowardice.)²* IncrediblyLamePun: "You may call me the Cowardly ''Lion'', so named for the cowardice which ''lines'' my very heart."²* KillItWithWater: Subverted. Dousing the Witch with water appears to have no effect other than being annoying. [[spoiler:It does keep the Witch distracted long enough for the Lion to slice his head off, though.]]²* MagicFeather: To represent the Scarecrow's brains, a [[UsefulNotes/AmericanEducationalSystem General Equivalency Diploma]]. To upgrade the Robot's operating system so he can process emotions, a copy of Windows XP. To reward the Lion's courage, a bowling trophy. [[spoiler:And absolutely nothing at all for Tom, because this Wizard is even ''less'' magical than the original.]]²* MundaneMadeAwesome: "Joy! Rapture! I have a [=G.E.D.!"=]²* NoMoreForMe: Tom after he returns from Oz. [[spoiler:Too bad the barkeep doesn't have anything non-alcoholic.]]²* NonindicativeName: The Cowardly Lion is neither.²* OffToSeeTheWizard: Natch.²* PlayingWithFire: The Witch's henchmen's power.²* RealityWarper: Seemingly the Witch's power.²* RougeAnglesOfSatin: The end credits thank "[[Creator/LFrankBaum Frank L. Baum]]."²* SirSwearsALot: Tom has a filthy, filthy mouth.²* TheManBehindTheCurtain: Or, at least, under a blanket.²* TheresNoPlaceLikeHome: [[spoiler:...if you ''have'' one.]]²* VisualPun: The Wizard [[spoiler:leaves Tom holding the bag]].²----


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