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No Place Like Home is a 2007 internet film VERY loosely adapting The Wizard of Oz, directed and produced by Ryan Murphy and Patrick Ryan, written by Murphy, Ryan, and Neil Cicierega, and starring Murphy, Ryan, Cicierega, Kevin James, J.L. Carrozza, Sean Murphy, and Lauren Mack, with music by Cicierega and Jake Quilty-Dunn.

A vagrant drunkard named Tom stops into a bar, gets hammered, and wakes up to find his shoes gone and the place empty, except for a pair of red sneakers on the ground. As soon as he puts them on and heads out the door, the bar vanishes, and he finds himself in a strange land... that sucks, so he seeks the help of a wizard to send him literally anywhere else. Along the way, Tom meets a few new friends who also seek various forms of aid from the wizard, but he also makes a powerful and mysterious enemy....


The cast:

  • Patrick Ryan as Tom
  • Neil Cicierega as the Scarecrow/Drunk
  • Kevin James as the Robot/Bartender
  • J.L. Carrozza as the Cowardly Lion/Drunk
  • Sean Murphy as the Wizard
  • Lauren Mack as Glinda the Good Witch/Munchkin
  • Jake Quilty-Dunn as Jake/Minion
  • And "introducing" Ryan Murphy as the Wicked Witch

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