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1[[quoteright:350:]] ² [[caption-width-right:350:''"Would you be so to not be so pretty?"'']]²²Dorothy Miranda "dodie" Clark (born April 11, 1995), creator of ''[[ doddleoddle]]'', is an English singer-songwriter and [=YouTuber=]. The channel is best known for dodie's covers and original music, which [[SignatureStyle regularly]] feature a juxtaposition of light, quiet melodies and emotionally complex and heavy lyrics. She released her first original song, "[[ Rain]]", in 2011 after writing it two years prior.²²----²!!Discography:²* ''Intertwined'' (EP; 2016)²* ''You'' (EP; 2017)²* ''Human'' (EP; 2019)²----²!! Tropes intertwined with dodie:²* ACappella: Many of dodie's songs have a cappella and instrumentation all mixed together. More precisely, dodie [[SelfBackingVocalist a cappellas with herself]].²* AlbumClosure: Many of the tracks on ''Human'' are upbeat songs contrasting a journey of difficult self-discovery. "Burned Out" sounds exactly as worn-down and beaten as the lyrics, literally ending the album on "I might just leave soon."²* AllLowercaseLetters: How dodie tends to title many of her videos, as well as format her channel names.²* AscendedFangirl: She [=FaceTimed=] her idol, Music/DemiLovato, and freaked out all the while.²* ColorMotif: Her favorite color is yellow (namely the special shade of "dodie yellow"), and it reflects heavily in her clothing and album art.²%%* ConceptVideo: For "If I'm Being Honest" and "Sick Of Losing Soulmates".²* CuteClumsyGirl: She tripped and fell [[ while going up to accept a Shorty Award]].²%%* DreamTeam: ²%%** With Creator/JonCozart ([[ 1]], [[ 2]], [[ 3]], [[ 4]], [[ 5]])²%%** With WebVideo/EmmaBlackery ([[ 1]], [[ 2]]).²* EverythingIsAnInstrument: Dodie's songs frequently make rhythms out of rubbing hands, snapping fingers, and hitting or shaking random objects.²* GainingConfidenceSong: "An Awkward Duet", the crossover between her and WebVideo/{{Paint}}, is ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin- an awkward, uncomfortable duet between two nervous singers, singing about how nervous they are to sing. Toward the end, they start to get into the song and proudly claim that they both sound pretty good...until dodie goes for a bold, unscripted bit that stops Jon's singing. The duet returns to being awkward as a result.²%%* {{Meganekko}}²* OneWordTitle: The titles of the albums ''You'', ''Intertwined'' and ''Human''.²* PurelyAestheticGlasses: [[ Worn]] [[ more]] [[ pairs]] [[ than]] [[ many]] [[ that]] [[ need]] [[ them]].²* SelfBackingVocalist: "Sick of Losing Soulmates" has a chorus of dodies lamenting "What the hell would I be" and "Hide the truth" rather than her usual layered harmonies.²* StatuesqueStunner: Would you believe that the seemingly small and sweet Dodie is actually 5ft8.5ins? (It helps that she has a lot of rather tall Youtube friends that dwarf her by comparison!)²----


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