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1''The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction'' is, to put it simply, an animated Music/OneDirection fanfic, created by Mark Parsons. In it, One Direction is a band of superheroes out to save the world's pussycats from the evil [[PunnyName Lord Faptaguise.]] It can be watched [[ here.]] It had two sequels, aptly named [[ The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction 2]] and [[ The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction 3.]]----!!''The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction contains examples of:* BigNo: Exaggerated with Harry, who gives one that apparently lasts for ''[[UpToEleven several minutes]]'' when he realizes Lord Faptaguise has kidnapped his cat.* BroughtToYouByTheLetterS: In their superhero costumes, the members of 1D have the letters of their first names on their chests. Gets a bit confusing with Louis and Liam, who both have Ls on their chests.* BuffySpeak: Lampshaded by Harry:-->'''Harry:''' [Tac-O's] even make the milk taste like tacos!\'''Liam:''' That's even disgusting-er.\'''Harry''' That's not even a word!* ChekhovsGag:** Louis hitting Harry in the balls whenever he makes an IncrediblyLamePun [[spoiler: allows Harry to hit the high note needed to activate the Pussy Magnet.]]** Niall keeps making fun of Zayn's hair, comparing it to things like a ski slope. [[spoiler: When they need a ramp to skateboard out of the garbage pit, guess what they use?]]* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: After helping Niall out of the garbage pit, Zayn isn't seen again, even in the ending. Come the sequel, and it turns out he just stayed there for nine months.* ColorCodedCharacters: Each of the band members has a monochromatic outfit in their superhero forms. Harry is orange, Louis is red, Niall is blue, Liam is purple, and Zayn is yellow.* FemmeFatale: April/May, who seduces Harry to capture him and bring him to Lord Faptaguise.* GroinAttack: Louis gives these to Harry as punishment for his bad puns.* IncrediblyLamePun: Harry keeps making these. The other members, especially Louis, never find them funny.* ItsPersonal: Said word for word by Harry, when he finds out his cat was stolen by Lord Faptaguise.* MissionControl: Psymon.* PowerUpFood: For Harry, tacos, complete with a ComicStrip/{{Popeye}}-esque transformation.* PunnyName: ** Lord ''Faptaguise.'' Liam only realizes the pun when Lord Faptaguise insists on patting Harry down.** 1D's MissionControl is named Psymon, which sounds identical to Simon, as in Creator/SimonCowell, the owner of their record label.* ShoutOut:** Psymon, as a floating head in a tube that acts as MissionControl, is a reference to [[Franchise/PowerRangers Zordon.]]* {{Squick}}: InUniverse, Tac-O's, a meat, cheese, and lettuce flavored cereal served in a tortilla bowl that also makes the milk taste like tacos. Only Harry likes them, while the other members of One Direction find them disgusting.* TemporalThemeNaming: Played for laughs with Lord Faptaguise's FemmeFatale, May, who used the fake name April.-->'''Lord Faptaguise:''' Well done, May.\'''Harry:''' May? I thought your name was June.\'''April/May:''' April.\'''Harry:''' Whatever.* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Tacos, for Harry. They're also his PowerUpFood.----!!''The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction 2 contains examples of:* LikesOlderWomen: Harry, who's dating the elderly Sarah.* LoveInterest: Natalie and Sarah for Niall and Harry, respectively.----!!''The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction 3 contains examples of:* ChristmasEpisode: The series details One Direction saving Christmas.----


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