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1[[WMG: Jack dies from blows to the head]]²From the ending of "What Now?" and the promo for the season finale, it seems like he gets drunk and drives to Cleveland to see Rebecca. It also looks like he makes it there okay, but gets in a fight with Rebecca's ex. If he gets punched hard enough, or if his head gets slammed on the bar or something, it could kill him. The creators have said it's not something people have guessed so far (and a drunk driving accident is a common guess), and Kate blames herself because she encouraged him to make up with her, so a fight for her honor seems like a possible cause.²** Jossed: It's revealed in 2x14 that Jack died from a heart attack caused by massive smoke inhalation.²²[[WMG: What will happen to the Big Three]]²Based on the end of "What Now?", here are some theories as to what will happen in the finale and beyond to the Pearsons.²* Randall will start his own company of the weather-thing (which I still don't understand). Or he'll devote his life to becoming a musician like William.²* Kevin will choose Sophie over a movie role, possibly choosing to produce another play. And she will likely be upset about him giving up his dream for her.²** Alternately, he will briefly return to LA for the movie, but he will come back. ²* Kate will talk to Toby and learn that Jack's death is not her fault (she didn't force him to drive drunk), and she will be able to move past Jack's death and grow.²²[[WMG: Kate's weight gain]]²While Kate has had some weight issues since she was eight years old (at the earliest), she became morbidly obese in her adult life. A possibility for this could stem from guilt over believing that she is behind Jack's death.²* Confirmed. Kate slimmed down to a healthy weight, then started binge eating.²[[WMG: Jack probably died in a house fire]]²The house the Pearsons grew up in has not been seen in the present day. If the house was on fire, it would explain Kate's (survivor's) guilt, since Jack would have saved her. Also, Jack's coffin isn't seen in the flashback, implying that it was a closed urn service, and why Kate keeps his urn.²* Confirmed as of 2x01 that the Pearson home did burn down. Further speculation based on the episode: Kevin is shown to have a broken leg and is out somewhere with Sophie the night of the fire. In a previous episode, Kevin moved into the basement and called the washer that wouldn't turn off "possessed." Kate lied about Kevin going out, the washer malfunctioned somehow causing the fire, and Jack went down thinking the fire had trapped his injured son.²* Jack is also shown messing with the circuit breaker in three recent episodes implying faulty wiring. Faulty wiring is one of the top ten causes of house fires.²** Confirmed, but the cause of the fire was a defective Crock-Pot.²²[[WMG: Jack died on Super Bowl Sunday (& that episode will air on Super Bowl Sunday)]]²It's well established that Jack died in a fire in 1996 & Kate likes to watch Pittsburgh Steeler games with her father's ashes by her side. Also, notice in the final scene of the season two premiere, set in the immediate aftermath of their house burning down, Rebecca is wearing a Steelers shirt. Now, the Pittsburgh Steelers played in the 1996 Super Bowl. Could it be that Jack died after after watching his football team play?²* Also, NBC aired Super Bowl XXX & will air Super Bowl LII, with an episode of the show to air as part of lead-out coverage. I predict that this episode will be set on January 26, 1996, & will end with Jack's death scene.²** Confirmed, but I think the year of death might be off.²** In fact, the year is confirmend by 2x13 and 2x14 to be 1998, as in the latter the present scenes take place on the 20th anniversary of Jack's death.²²²[[WMG: Jack has a secret child from Vietnam, who Kevin will discover when he travels there in Season 3. Possibly the mother of the child is who gave him the special necklace)]]²²[[WMG: Rebecca will die in the series finale.]]


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