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1[[WMG: The US IT Crowd is a sequel to the UK series.]]²After the series finale, Moss was transferred over the company's American branch. He initially liked it, what with its familiar-named persons right down to have their very own Roy, whom he hit it off with. However, even though this branch still had its Denholm, after it acquired their own Jen Barber, he realized that it was no replacement for his home branch so he requested an immediate transfer back to the company's UK branch.²²[[WMG: Jen is an OccidentalOtaku.]]²She has a few anime prints around her office, and a depiction of a geisha. [[SubbingVersusDubbing She also seems offended when the Johns don't want to watch anything subtitled]].²²[[WMG: Moss is [[ObfuscatingStupidity doing it on purpose.]] ]]²At least sometimes. See, Moss is incredibly smart. He's likely aware of how he comes across to those around him, so he invokes some of his more outlandish ditzy mannerisms and moments to either get a good laugh or something else he wants. He's been doing this for years because of how funny it is. What convinced me of this was the bit at the beginning in "The Work Outing" when he invites himself to go to the musical with Jen and Phillip. He totally just wanted to go to the theatre.


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