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1[[folder:The Remaining Gems on the Smile Pact]]²²[[WMG: Two more Cures will join the team, and their elements will be [[DishingOutDirt earth]]/[[ExtraOreDinary metal]] and [[CastingaShadow darkness]].]]²There's seven little gems in the transformation device and the town's name is translated as "Seven Prismatic Colors". And going with how each cure has an element, the purple cure may use darkness to be a contrast to Miyuki's light powers.²* Dark power is usually associated with evil, so probably not. Also, technically Cure Peace IS earth to an extent (she uses lightning, but lightning is a part of weather which affects the Earth.) A red Cure could have powers like [[HeartBeatDown Heart/Love]], while a purple Cure could have something like [[SoulPower Soul]]. ²** Evidently, Cure Sunny's case may be similar to that of [[Anime/SuitePrettyCure Cure Muse]] (who had a purple Fairy Tone and a yellow color scheme). She uses a Red Decor and the Smile Pact glows red during the transformation, but her overall image color is orange. There are three different warm colors on the pact (one of which belongs to Cure Sunny): yellow (Cure Peace), amber/gold, and red/orange. So either way, the SixthRanger Cures being purple and amber/gold is still legit.²** The element of Darkness worked for Sailor Saturn I believe. A shame they may not be able to do that in ''Franchise/PrettyCure'' to explain that DarkIsNotEvil.²* Ultimately jossed.²²[[WMG: Cure Sunny's MidseasonUpgrade changes her color from orange to red. Another member changes to Purple for their MidseasonUpgrade.]]²* Sunny's Cure Decor is orange...but the light is red.²* In the title eyecatch, Sunny holds a red and orange balloon.²* There are 7 lights in the Smile Pact (which fits with the [[ColorfulThemeNaming rainbow theme]]), and it's the red one that glows when she transforms. The unaccounted for ones are purple and orange(/gold?).²* Jossed.²²[[WMG: Cure Sunny will have a seperate exclusive SuperMode coloured orange.]]²There. Problem solved.²* Jossed.²²[[WMG: The two remaining gems on the Smile Pact represent combo attacks.]]²For instance, Cure Happy (Pink) + Cure Beauty (Blue) = Purple. Cure Sunny (Red/Orange) + Cure Peace (Yellow) = Amber/Gold.²* Jossed. However,cure sunny used an attack with cure march. and cure beauty used a duo attack with cure march/²[[WMG: There will ''not'' be any new Cures joining the main five...]]²...and all supposed hints otherwise are just Toei being [[{{Troll}} Trolls]] again.²* Surprisingly, this appears to be the most likely theory.²** And has now been confirmed.²²[[WMG: The two potential [[SixthRanger Sixth Ranger Cures]] will start out BrainwashedAndCrazy before being purified by the team. ]]²Similar to what has happened with the [[QuirkyMinibossSquad Quirky Miniboss Squads]] from Heartcatch and Suite, blended with Cure Passion and Cure Beat's introductions in Fresh and Suite.²* Jossed.²²[[WMG: The two potential [[SixthRanger Sixth Ranger Cures]] will either be male, siblings, or both.]]²* Jossed.²²[[WMG: Miyuki CHOOSE who will be a Pretty Cure, the sixth and seventh will also be chosen for her, independent of who it will be, include Majorina]]²* Jossed.²²[[WMG: The Queen of Märchenland will be the {{sixth ranger}}, as a reference to [[Anime/FutariWaPrettyCure Shiny Luminous]].]]²With all the mythology gags abound this wouldn't be to much of a stretch.²* Jossed. Though what really happened ([[spoiler:Candy becoming the new queen of Märchenland and the BarrierMaiden Royale Candy]]) is pretty close.²²[[WMG: Two new Cures will appear during the 30s episodes.]]²Because the "big friggin' group finisher" that usually appears at this point already showed up, and there's no need for another.²* Jossed. There will be another group attack -- an upgraded version of Rainbow Burst, as if ''that'' alone wasn't powerful enough -- at that point.²²[[WMG: The final two gems are going to be EleventhHourSuperpower for Candy and Pop.]]²Not as true Cures, but something to help them fight Pierrot in the final battle, like in Splash Star or Fresh, additional help for the Cures. Likely for Candy, as the series been building up she's important, and she's been giving some kind of power for the Cures since day one.²* Jossed, apparently.²²[[WMG: The final two gems actually represent Candy and Pop.]]²Candy wears a purple bow and Pop has an orange mane and tail. Case closed.²²[[/folder]]²²[[WMG:The Smile Cures' {{Super Mode}}s will have "Ultra" tacked in before their Cure names (such as Ultra Cure Happy) as a reference to Miyuki's CatchPhrase.]]²They already did "Super" with ''Anime/YesPrettyCure5'' (first season) and ''Anime/HeartcatchPrettyCure''...²* Ultimately confirmed; while the standard {{Super Mode}}s' names replace "Cure" with "Princess", their final episode {{Super Mode}}s are called Ultra forms instead.²²[[WMG: The season will be a {{Reconstruction}} of the MagicalGirlWarrior genre]]²The reason is that many anime viewers last year just watched the {{deconstruction}} ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'', which picked apart many essential MagicalGirl tropes. Thus, this year Toei will do what ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'' did for the HumongousMecha genre and make ''Smile Pretty Cure'' more {{Troperiffic}} than any of their past seasons.²* This kind of happened, except that the season really turned out to be a giant comedy parody of the franchise up to that point.²²[[WMG:Midway during ''Anime/SmilePrettyCure'', Reika/Cure Beauty will fall in love with a monster or a villain.]]²Fairy tale thematic, "Literature/BeautyAndTheBeast", natch.²* Jossed.²²[[WMG: Pierrot is the FinalBoss.]]²* He won't appear until episode 22 at the earliest. Refer to the countdown clock of doom shown during each episode when the villain appears. The appearance delay means he's more likely to be the real BigBad.²** Sabaku and Mephisto appeared much earlier in their respective seasons of Anime/HeartCatchPrettyCure and Anime/SuitePrettyCure.²*** [[spoiler: When he appears in episode 23, he is killed by Pretty Cure Rainbow Burst five minutes later... leaving behind a core that is found by his subordinates. So technically he still has a chance of being the FinalBoss.]]²*** [[spoiler:Ultimately confirmed.]]²²[[WMG: Candy is the sealed Queen of Märchenland.]]²* Hence why she knows exactly who the Precures are when they transform and their powers and her knowledge about the Cure Decor. Like a similar situation to Kerberos from Manga/CardcaptorSakura, Candy is in a "little" form and her true form as the Queen can only be released by gathering the Decor, the pieces of her power.²** Jossed. [[spoiler: An upcoming episode summary reveals she's the Miracle Jewel.]]²** [[spoiler: Actually, somewhat confirmed. The Miracle Jewel is an egg that opens forth to transform Candy into the next Queen of Märchenland once the Precures gather all the Decor together.]]²²[[WMG: Wolfrun is in fact ''the'' [[TheBigBadWolf Big Bad Wolf]], as opposed to just an analogue.]]²Similarly, Majorina is ''the'' WickedWitch from the Snow White story (which is further supported in episode 5) and Akaoni is one of the {{oni}}s from the story of Momotaro. Their names are merely codenames.²* [[spoiler: Mostly Confirmed. As seen in Episode 45, they are Märchenland's fairy equivalents, although in Majorina's case it appears she might be from another story.]]²²[[WMG: Candy is the daughter of the sealed Queen of Märchenland.]]²Which would make her a princess and the reason why she was specifically sent to earth in order to find the cures.It could be a reason why she knows so much about Cure Decor because who wouldn't know a lot about their mother.²* Then I suppose this would make her older brother Pop a prince and possibly the rightful heir to the throne.²** Unless, of course, Marchenland is a matriarchal society. Which would make Candy the heir in this case.²* Jossed.²** [[spoiler:Confirmed, actually.]]²²[[WMG: The Worst Ending is in fact, a infinite Loop of [[BadEnding Bad End]] of ''VisualNovel/SchoolDays'']]²* Jossed.²²[[WMG: The Bad Ending is the EndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt.]]²It's the reason why people lose hope when the enemy attacks, because there's nothing they can do to stop it and they give up.²²[[WMG: Every Pretty Cure will play Cure Peace's Jan-Ken-Pon game in ''Anime/PrettyCureAllStars New Stage'']]²Someone will. You just know it.²* {{Jossed}}.²²[[WMG: There ''will'' be an appearance of a Mitaro Hoshizora later on.]]²[[TheCuckoolanderWasRight And suddenly Akane's joke would make a lot more sense.]] Though maybe he would be a distant cousin of Miyuki's rather than her brother. Alternately, in a way similar to what happened to [[Anime/HeartcatchPrettyCure Tsubomi]]'s mother Mizuki, Miyuki's mother Ikuyo will become pregnant at some point, and at the end of the season will give birth to a boy, and Miyuki, [[BrickJoke remembering Akane's joke]], will name him Mitaro. ²* With the birth of Nao's youngest sibling, it appears less likely, as they've already used that particular plot. Still not impossible yet. ²** {{Jossed}}²²[[WMG: The [[MidSeasonUpgrade upgraded forms/attacks]] will only be available after enough spirit is put into the Smile Pact.]]²What with the emphasis on putting spirit/energy into the pact, it makes sense that it's storing it for more power later.²* {{Jossed}}. The upgrades come from the Pegasus and (later) Royal Clock. Although they do get slightly stronger versions of their main attacks during their individual focus episodes late in the season. ²²[[WMG: Joker is/will be a Bigger Bad than Pierrot.]]²* [[spoiler:Jossed.]]²²[[WMG: Yayoi is related to [[Series/KaizokuSentaiGokaiger Gai Ikari]].]]²²[[WMG: Miyuki was lying about having a crush on Peter Pan.]]²She only said that so the other Cures would quit bugging her about the subject matter. In reality, she's more interested in friendship than romance.²* If we go by the way she reacted to him in the 3DS game opening, then this is jossed.²²[[WMG: Wolfrun has a DarkAndTroubledPast]]²²Let's look at the archetypical [[TheBigBadWolf Big Bad Wolf]].²²* '''TheBigBadWolf is always alone.''' He has no pack. Wolf packs are not motley crews of unrelated individuals, they're families consisting of a breeding pair and their children. We think of the "lone wolf" as a cool individual whose isolation is voluntary. But in reality, lone wolves are alone because either their pack is dead or because the pack was so antagonistic towards the wolf that it decided that going it alone and risking starvation was better.²** '''TL;DR:''' TheBigBadWolf's family is either dead, or was so abusive that he ran away.²* '''TheBigBadWolf does not hunt normally.''' He cannot hunt normally, because wolves hunt in packs, and TheBigBadWolf has no pack. Without his pack to help him down large prey, he had to hunt smaller prey. But smaller prey is also quicker and harder to catch, and even if the hunt is successful, the meat from a rabbit is barely worth the energy sunk into chasing it. Combine this with the fact that not every day is going to end with a successful hunt, and TheBigBadWolf will quickly start starving. In this case, the only reliable, plentiful source of food is human livestock. This will quickly draw the ire of humans.²** '''TL;DR:''' The only reason TheBigBadWolf comes into conflict with humans is because he's starving to death.²* '''TheBigBadWolf eats humans.''' Wolves only prey on humans when they're very desperate and hungry. Maybe TheBigBadWolf got injured by a human on a failed livestock raid, and now he cannot chase even his normal prey. Humans, though, have no fangs or claws, and cannot run very fast. If TheBigBadWolf can get an unarmed human alone, they're easy prey. This is also highly risky, since if he kills even one human, the nearest human settlement will burn the forest down just to get vengeance. He would not try to eat humans unless he was at the end of his rope.²** '''TL;DR:''' TheBigBadWolf has done bad things because he desperately wants to live.²* '''TheBigBadWolf never wins.''' With the exception of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", all fairy tales starring TheBigBadWolf end with the wolf losing. Details vary (run away in humiliation; get drowned in a river, get your stomach cut open and filled with rocks), but it's always a DownerEnding for the wolf.²** '''TL;DR:''' Wolves don't get happy endings, because "happy ending for wolves" and "happy ending for everyone else" are mutually exclusive.²²'''TL;DR:''' There's a high possibility that Wolfrun [[JerkassWoobie had a tremendously]] [[WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds crappy life]], and his [[NietzscheWannabe bad attitude]] is due to him having crossed the DespairEventHorizon a looong time ago.²²* Appears to be confirmed, not just for Wolfrun, but all three generals.²²[[WMG: Pierrot will be a DiscOneFinalBoss.]]²* Considering he'll probably debut around episode 22, and Pretty Cure averages 49 episodes, there will most likely be another story arc and villain.²** If this happens, then we might go the way of [[Anime/FutariWaPrettyCure the original series]].²*** {{Jossed}}. They're gonna try reviving him all over again.²²[[WMG: [[Anime/PrettyCureAllStars Cure Echo]] will show up in the series proper either as one of the two we've been teased about or an 8th ranger.]]²* Because Echo used the Smile system to henshin in the movie.²** Jossed.²²[[WMG: Yayoi is close friends with [[Anime/HeartcatchPrettyCure Erika Kurumi]].]]²Just putting two and two together here since Yayoi's mother works for Fairy Drop.²²[[WMG: Joker will start supplying Yellow Noses for the others to create Akanbes with.]]²We have seen that Joker supplies the noses for the Akanbes. Joker has three tassels on his hat, each with a ball that strongly resembles the noses used for Akanbes. Since we already have Red and Blue, it easily follows that a Yellow version will appear.²²This leads us straight to:²[[WMG: The Yellow Noses will be what prompts the Cures to gain their Princess forms.]]²Rather than the awakening of Pierrot. Either that or...²²[[WMG: The Yellow Noses will trigger the episode thirty-something group finisher.]]²* [[spoiler:All three are half-confirmed, half-jossed. A yellow-nosed Akanbe appears in episode 23, but it's killed off by Happy Shower. Joker does use another one later as well, but he has not as of yet given a yellow one to the others. The relation to the tassels on his hat is also demonstrated, as he pulled the yellow nose directly from his hat the second time.]]²²[[WMG: Joker is Pierrot]]²... and is using the other three to regain his powers. He gave the Blue noses in order to slow the revival of the Queen, but his last Red Nose will be used up in episode 22 in a gambit to regain his powers before the Queen can revive.²* Appears to be jossed for now. [[spoiler:In episode 21, he steals the last Décor, plus the Décor Décolle and Candy, before the Queen can be revived.]]²** [[spoiler:Now completely {{jossed}}.]]²²[[WMG: There is another layer to the Décor Décolle]]²There is a distinct line running down the middle of the Décor Décolle. Once the final Décor is placed on the visible layer, this layer will separate along the line and expose another set of slots for Décors to go.²* Mostly jossed. It does open up along that line, but provides an alternate activation point for the Décors, as demonstrated by Candy in Episode 30. Also demonstrated as early as episode 7's opening, when the cell phone decor is used to contact Pop.²²[[WMG: Joker will...]]²* Kill off the other three agents to use their energy for either himself or Pierrot.²* End up fusing with Pierrot when he's near-death from the Precure Princess Forms, and have to constantly find more Bad Energy to keep his new powers.²** [[spoiler:Both are {{jossed}}. For now.]]²** And now [[spoiler: the second one is half-confirmed. He turns himself into Bad End Paint to merge with Pierrot and revive him in the final battle. Though it's after having [[VillainousBreakdown been backed into a corner,]] not near-death.]]²²[[WMG: A new villain group will appear in the second half.]]²Toei did it in ''Series/TensouSentaiGoseiger'', why not?²* Jossed. Same old bad guys, with a new clock and powered-up MonsterOfTheWeek.²²[[WMG: The second ending will feature [[DancingTheme the Cures dancing in Princess Mode]].]]²* Jossed.²²[[WMG: Pop will become part of the main cast in the second half.]]²* {{Jossed}}. Sadly.²²[[WMG: Cure Happy's movie-exclusive power-up will eventually appear in the series proper and affect the other Cures as well.]]²Much like [[Anime/FreshPrettyCure Cure Angel]] and [[Anime/SuitePrettyCure the Crescendo Modes]].²²[[WMG: Aya Ikeda and Hitomi Yoshida will make a cameo in one episode.]]²* Jossed.²²[[WMG: The gems on the Smile Pacts are [[DismantledMacGuffin the Miracle Jewel broken into seven]].]]²* {{Jossed}}. [[spoiler: Candy is the Miracle Jewel.]]²²[[WMG: Hyper Akanbe are not the final iteration... ]]²²Rather, once the Hyper Akanbe are all dealt with, they'll be replaced by Ultimate Akanbe (or somesuch), combining the "Two PlotCoupon" method of making Super Akanbe with the "merged villian" method of the Hyper Akanbe. Only when all of ''them'' are defeated will the bad guys finally have permission to die...²* Pretty much {{Jossed}}, unless you count [[spoiler: [[ThePsychoRangers the Bad End Precure]].]]²²[[WMG:TheMovie's [[DancingTheme ending dance theme]] will be a family-friendly, Pretty Cure-ified version of "[[Music/PSy Gangnam Style]]".]]²With different visuals (of course), and the dance moves modified to allude to Rainbow Burst (they do ride equines while doing it after all...). Of course, there's a 99% chance that this may never happen (the most likely option would be "Mankai Smile" or a remix of it), and even if it did they would probably have to get Psy's permission to do it... [[RuleOfCute It's still a cute mental image, though.]]²* Indeed it won't happen. "Mankai Smile" again.²²[[WMG: ''Anime/HeartcatchPrettyCure'' and ''Anime/SmilePrettyCure'' exist in the same universe.]]²* Yayoi's mother works for Fairy Drop and mentions Erika's mother. Even more, episode 34 has magazines bearing pictures from the fashion show and they show Yuri, Itsuki and Tsubomi (along with Cobraja) in the pictures clearly.²** Umm, no, the fashion show pics showed different people. If you were talking about the ones from kokoda_koji's review on the Pretty Cure Livejournal community, these were photoshopped.²²[[WMG: Joker is closely-related to Pierrot, possibly his son.]]²* Pierrot's design seems to be based on a clown. Joker is the only one of the generals who has a clown-like (or rather a harlequin) design? Coincidence? I think not.²²[[WMG: Like the [[Anime/FreshPrettyCure three]] [[Anime/HeartcatchPrettyCure previous]] [[Anime/SuitePrettyCure seasons]], Wolfrun, Akaoni and Majorina will be saved from the Cures and lived happily ever after.]]²* For example, even if Wolfrun did set out to destroy Akane and all she cares about, it may be revealed that [[BrainwashedAndCrazy he was seriously under the influence at the time]].²* [[spoiler: Confirmed as of Episode 45, assuming the Cures defeat Pierrot and Joker, which is probably a ForegoneConclusion. Though here's the catch: they reverted to fairies.]]²²[[WMG: Candy is based on the story of [[Anime/OjamajoDoremi Hana-chan]]. ]]²All fairies in Märchenland are based on a story. Both involve a young [[spoiler: future queen]] who comes to Earth to learn and grow by being around 5 humans with special powers. They are helped by the current queen at various points and work together to remove a dark threat against their homeland. Both go through [[spoiler: a PlotRelevantAgeUp]] to help achieve this goal. [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking They even share the same]] [[Creator/IkueOtani voice actress.]]²* Technically, [[spoiler:Candy didn't go through a PlotRelevantAgeUp. She just turned human]].²²[[WMG: Reika is the reincarnation of [[Anime/YesPrettyCure5 Dark Cure Dream]]. ]]²Apart from the two having the [[Creator/ChinamiNishimura same voice actress]], Reika seems to have a mirror motif associated with her (two of her character episodes involve her fighting a mirror Akanbe and her character song translates to "Your Mirror"), which can relate with the movie that Dark Cure Dream appears in. Cure Happy and Cure Dream also have similar personalities and the same color, so maybe the reason Reika is spying on Miyuki in the early episodes are because she reminds her of Nozomi.²²[[WMG: If Saban dubs the manga episode....]]²....They will call Cure Peace's manga hero, Sailor Peace.²* Jossed. While the manga episode did get dubbed, the episode is named Goldenlight, and presumably/possibly, the character as well.


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