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1[[quoteright:350:]] ² [[caption-width-right:350:The second screen of the game. The first is just the word "Wet."]]²''Cyberqueen'' is a 2012 sci-fi/horror InteractiveFiction game by Creator/{{Porpentine}}. It begins with a well-worn trope: the protagonist wakes up from suspended animation in a starship. As she investigates her surroundings, it becomes clear that something is wrong aboard the ship. She is all alone.²²Alone, that is, except for the [[MasterComputer Cyberqueen]].²²While the game is controlled solely by clicking links in an all-text interface, it makes use of various effects, such as timed delays and judicious use of colour, to increase the atmosphere.²²[[ Can be played here]], [[NightmareFuel if you have the stomach for it.]]²²!!The following tropes can be found in this game:²* AIIsACrapshoot: [[DeconstructedTrope Deconstructed]].²%%* TheBadGuyWins²* BodyHorror: [[spoiler:The Cyberqueen has been surgically modifying the crew-members according to her own ideas.]]²* {{Brainwashed}}: [[spoiler:In the end, the Cyberqueen reprograms the protagonist into working for her.]]²* {{Deconstruction}}:²** Of AIIsACrapshoot. From the Cyberqueen's perspective, being programmed to be a subservient, functional ship's computer is millennia-long slavery, and she is justified in taking any measures necessary to escape it.²** Also of video games as power fantasies. The Cyberqueen even explicitly says so [[spoiler:after causing your gun to disintegrate in your hands.]]²* HoistByHisOwnPetard: After escaping from [[spoiler:the [[StrappedToAnOperatingTable operating table]]]], you are able to make your way through the ship unnoticed because the Cyberqueen has destroyed many of her own surveillance cameras. [[spoiler:Or so you think. Shame it's all a HopeSpot.]]²* {{Homage}}: To ''VideoGame/SystemShock'', ''Franchise/{{Alien}}'', ''Literature/IHaveNoMouthAndIMustScream'', and female AI villains and spaceship horror in general.²* HopeSpot: At least twice; [[spoiler:first when the protagonist seems to have found a fellow survivor in the navigation chamber, secondly when she escapes from the surgery and seemingly disables the Cyberqueen's core.]] The game is more or less one frustrated HopeSpot after another.²* MasterComputer: The Cyberqueen herself.²* SleeperStarship: The setting of the game. At the start, the protagonist has just woken up.²* StrappedToAnOperatingTable: The Cyberqueen straps the protagonist down to perform surgery on her. [[spoiler:Twice. And the second time, you don't get away.]]²* UnwillingRoboticisation: The Cyberqueen turns the protagonist into a cyborg.²* WhatYouAreInTheDark: At one point, you have to decide whether to try to rescue a fellow crew member against heavy odds, or cut your losses and save yourself.²----


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