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1[[quoteright:350:]]²[[caption-width-right:350: ''The battle of young men and women caught in the currents of fate amidst this twisted history will increase in intensity.'']]²Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary (軒轅剣 蒼き曜 Ken En Ken: Aoki Kagayaki) is a Japanese anime television series co-produced by TV Tokyo, Softstar and Nada Holdings, and animated by Creator/StudioDEEN. It is based on the Taiwanese role-playing video game Xuan-Yuan Sword: The Millennial Destiny. The series is being streamed by {{Website/Crunchyroll}} among the world except for Asia. It premiered on October 1, 2018.²----²²!!This show provides examples of:²* AnArmAndALeg: Fu Ning lost both of her arms from one of the Taibai Empire soldiers when she was ten years old. In the series finale, she ends up losing her [[spoiler:legs as well after Yin has no choice, but to cut off her legs in order to freed her from the rubble instead of leaving her and Zhao to die.]]²* ArtificialLimbs: Ning was given prosthetic limbs by Yun in episode 3. However, after [[spoiler:Ning was torture, she receives new ones from the Taibai Empire in episode 11.]] In the series finale, [[spoiler:Ning is also be given prosthetic legs after Yin freed her from the rubbles. However, she can't move her prosthetic limbs from before due to Yun being heavily damaged from the final battle.]] ²* BetaCouple: Tan Yuezhi and Muyu Rou. In episode 6, Fu Yin and Ning saw both of them kissing at night. Thankfully, Yuezhi and Rou aren't related to each other which is confirmed in episode 7. ²* CelibateHeroine: Fu Yin never been attracted to any guy she meets beside Pu Zhao. ²* ChickMagnet: Fu Yin, Fu Ning, and Long Cheng are attract to Pu Zhao. However, she gave up being together with Pu Zhao and focus on fighting the Tai Empire with her adoptive family in the series finale. ²* ChildhoodFriends: Pu Zhao is childhood friends with Fu Yin and her sister, Ning in the past. ²* DeathOfAChild: In episode 3, Fu Ning was distraught when she found a dead young girl that she and her sister saved from the previous encounter with the Taibai Empire's armies. This leads Ning kill one of the leaders in the Taibai Empire out of hatred. ²* DisappearedDad: Fu Yin and her sister, Ning's father was not mention within the show. It implies their father is either decreased or divorce.²* DidNotGetTheGuy: In the end, Fu Yin does not end up with Pu Zhao and continues to fight the Taibai Empire with her adoptive family. ²* EyeScream: [[spoiler:Pu Zhao loses both of eyes after he destroyed the barrier that contains the dark fire core and the mass of energy destroying his sight. This was the only way to save several people from the blast.]]²* InterruptedSuicide: [[spoiler:As Pu Zhao was about kill himself since he refuses to kill neither Long Cheng or Ning until one of Cheng’s bodyguards knock him unconscious in episode 10.]]²* LackOfEmpathy: In episode 12, Long Juan doesn't shown any remorse after her mother was killed by her half sister, [[spoiler:Cheng.]]²* LoveTriangle: Fu Yin, Fu Ning and Pu Zhao.²* MadeASlave: In episode 11, [[spoiler:Fu Ning becomes a soldier slave for the Taibai Empire and they treat her as animal.]]²* NotBloodSiblings: The Rebel Force leader, Xiang Chu's children aren't really related to him by blood since he took orphans in who lose their families to the Taibai Empire and make them his children. ²* OfficialCouple: [[spoiler:Pu Zhao and Fu Ning in the series finale.]]²* ThePowerOfHate: In episode 11, after [[spoiler:Ning been mentally tortured about few days, she completely lose her mind and develops a strong hatred towards her own sister, Fu Yin. She believes she stole Pu Zhuo away from her and wanted him for herself.]] However, she manages to snap out of it and come back to her senses in the series finale.²* PrecociousCrush: The empress of the Taibai Empire, Long Cheng has a crush on Pu Zhao. ²* RefusalOfTheCall: In episode 4, Fu Yin refuses to join the Rebel Force since she strongly dislike wars and she just want to live a peaceful life as a performer with her sister, Ning. However at the end of the episode, she reconsider their offer to join them. ²* RobotGirl: Yun is a girl form Mujia spirit who can be transformed into a more powerful fox-shaped fighting robot "Yun-hu". ²* SingleTargetSexuality: Pu Zhao only has eyes on Fu Yin. When he thought Fu Yin died in the fire three years ago, he never felt in love anyone and refuses to move on. Subverted in the series finale, he ends up with [[spoiler: Ning.]]²* TheSleepless: After being a slave in the Taibai Empire for three years, Pu Zhao becomes immune from falling asleep without suffering any negative effects to his mental state.²* TragicKeepsake: Pu Zhao kept the necklace given by Fu Ning as keepsake when he thought both Ning and her sister perished in the fire three years ago.²* TraumaticSuperpowerAwakening: It is revealed Long Cheng unleash a hidden powers inside her three years ago when her father was attack by an assassin. [[spoiler:As the result, not only she unintentionally killed the assassin, but her father as well. She also unleash her full powers again after Lady Pang betrays her and kills her.]]


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