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1An online, RP-enforced game, The Inquistion: Legacy is sent in an alternate universe called "Urth", where a mad king set off on a religious quest to eradicate magery throughout the world due to the death of his family at the hands of a group of mages known as the Council of Seven. He conquered the known world but for one nation, the Daravi, with whom the Kingdom of Lithmore remains at war even today. The game takes place generations later in the capital of the realm, Lithmore City, where the Church dominates the land whilst mages hide beneath their very noses.²²The main website is [[ here.]]²²----²²!!Tropes that are found in the game:²²* AHomeownerIsYou²* AlchemyIsMagic²* AllDeathsFinal²* AnAdventurerIsYou²* AnEntrepreneurIsYou²* AnyoneCanDie²* BadassNormal: Most combat-oriented, non-mage characters qualify.²* BlueBlood: Many players have a noble character, and they have have powers and rights that non-nobles don't.²* ASCIIArt²* {{Backstory}}: Not only is the game's mythology surprisingly deep and detailed, but characters are required to have one written before joining a guild.²* BurnTheWitch: Pretty much the theme of the game, more or less.²* CatsAreMagic: Player characters don't have cats as pets, because they're taught to be the familiars of mages.²* CityGuards: You can play one.²* CharacterCustomization: In character generation, you pick your height, weight, date of birth, social class, whether or not you're a mage, write a description, and design a wardrobe. People sometimes spend days in chargen.²* ChurchMilitant²* CruelandUnusualDeath: Being set on fire is a leading cause of death in Lithmore.²* ConfessInConfidence²* CrapsackWorld²* CrystalDragonJesus: The Holy Order of Dav arguably has a lot in common with Roman Catholicism. Masses are held, priests take confessions, etc.²* ElaborateUndergroundBase: There are a couple hidden away in Lithmore City.²* ExperiencePoints: Can be used to improve your character, etcetera. Earned only through roleplay.²* FantasticRacism: Almost everyone looks down on the Charali/Hillman, and the Daravi are despised.²* FunctionalMagic: Magic is forbidden by the Church and Crown, though. Don't get caught using it!²* GrayAndGrayMorality: Are the mages the villains of the game, or is the Order?²* KillItWithFire: The preferred method for dealing with mages, via a PublicExecution.²* InUniverseGameClock²* ImpoverishedPatrician: Not all nobles are wealthy.²* ItemCrafting: A lucrative career path²* MagicIsEvil: According to the Holy Order of Dav, anyway.²* PlayerVersusPlayer: It happens from time to time, although the point of the game isn't PK.²* SoulsavingCrusader: Inquisitors. Or maybe WindmillCrusader is a more appropriate term.²* TheSixStats²* TheUndead: A certain type of mage can make zombies!²* ThievesGuild: AKA The Brotherhood of Common Goods.²* WanderingMinstrel: There's an entire guild full of them, although the player character bards don't do much wandering.²* WarriorPrince: King Dav ab Harmon, first Patriarch of the Holy Order of Dav.²* TheWitchHunter: Knights and Inquisitors hunt mages.²----


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