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1[[quoteright:350:]]²[[caption-width-right:350:Well, it's big enough for these explosions.]] ²A ShootEmUp released on UsefulNotes/{{Steam}} on February 24 of 2012.²²Has a lot of unlockable modes, and RandomlyGeneratedLevels with things like Planets, asteroids, LASER planets. Luckily you're able to deal with such things and even if you bite it the points you earn can make you stronger.²²²²!! Tropes found in Really Big Sky Include:²* BulletHell: The Laser Boss and [[spoiler:Hell mode]].²* EasyModeMockery: You can't upload your score in [[EasierThanEasy Peaceful?]] Mode.²* MoreDakka: Several of the upgrades you can buy for Classic and [[spoiler:Remix]] mode increase your firepower.²* NintendoHard: The whole game, but especially [[spoiler:Nightmare and Hell mode]].²* OneHitPointWonder: You, of course, but this can be [[SubvertedTrope subverted]] by buying the Radioshield upgrade in Classic mode or selecting it as a perk in most of the other modes.²* ThisIsADrill: Part of what sets this game apart from other [[ShootEmUp Shoot 'Em Ups]] is that you can drill through asteroids and the like.²----


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