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1''[[ Oracle of Askigaga]]'' is an RPG by Creator/{{Marrend}}. The game uses ''[[UsefulNotes/RPGMaker RPG Maker VX Ace]]'' as its engine, but has an entirely original soundtrack.²²The game follows the prince of Askigaga as he travels to temples in three nations, to get the blessings of a Goddess, in order to be married to the princess of Hachisuka, and bringing an end to the war between their nations.²²Download [[ here.]]²----²!! This game provides examples of:²* EvolvingAttack: There's six skills to level up with use. Two for each character.²* OnlySmartPeopleMayPass: At one point of the game, you have to correctly pick out the true assassin within a small group of people in order to proceed.²* PeninsulaOfPowerLeveling: There's barely any grinding in this game as it's possible to gain 30 levels in 30 minutes from grinding in the final temple.²* RebelliousPrincess: The princess of Hachisuka would rather go out and mow down the armies of Askigaga herself instead of marrying their prince to bring peace like her father wants.²----


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