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1These are the many different verbal tics in the ''Anime/{{Tamagotchi}}'' anime. Some of them are parts of their names. Almost all of them end their sentences with these.* Kuchipatchi has "da-tchi" in Japanese and "tchi" in English. Curiously enough, "da-tchi" is also used in Tamagotchi Friends.* Nandetchi has "de-tchi", which is similar to Kuchipatchi's "da-tchi".* Mimitchi (in some cases) ends her sentences in "hop".* Necktietchi has "tie".* Akaspetchi has "de yansu" in the Japanese version of the anime. He doesn't have one in the English dub.* Sunopotchi has "nopo", similar to that of another Tamagotchi in his hometown.* Nonopotchi has "nappe".* Belltchi has "bell", as heard in the English dub of the anime.* Nachuratchi has "nachu".* Uwasatchi has "wasa" in Japanese. Like Akaspetchi, she doesn't have one in the English dub.* Kikitchi has "dashi" and "desho". Like Akaspetchi and Uwasatchi, he doesn't have one in the English dub.* Mousetchi says "click" ''before'' his sentences.* Hapihapitchi always ends her sentences with "awoo" sorta like a dog.


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