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1Click the edit button to start this new page.께Is the edit button AWESOME enough to grace Reecer6's AWESOME fingers? I think not!께...께...께Oh wait, I pressed it.께[[folder:I like things]]* ProfessorLayton* KatamariDamacy* {{Nitrome}}* {{Pendragon}}* CrazyTaxi* LittleBigPlanet* Many, many books without pages.* All the bands and singers who are not terrible.* For One Thousand Blank White Cards Purposes, Michael Jackson.[[/folder]]께[[folder:Here's some tropes about me that may or may not be true]]* MadeOfExplodium: All my house plants explode if you so much as push them.* NinjaPirateRobotZombie: I am a Ninja Pirate Robot Zombie Dinosaur [[{{Scribblenauts}} Scribblenaut]] EldritchAbomination Kitty Astronaut Lawyer Baker Cyborg Human Black Hole Cowboy Indian Cop Robber Prisoner American Canadian African Italian Polish guy Japanese guy Chinese guy Technician Singer [[BeyondTheImpossible Race Car Driver Race Car]] Skater Politician Democrat Republican [[OhWaitThisIsMyGroceryList Eggs Milk Potato Cake Batter Baguette 1 Dozen Apples 1 Banana Bunch and a Loaf of Bread]].** {{Squick}}. @/{{Noaqiyeum}}[[/folder]]께[[folder:VANDALISM AREA!]]콿h, it's empty. D:[[/folder]]


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