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1Hey, I'm just another guy who likes anime, video games, {{wuxia}} movies, [[KoreanPopMusic Kpop]], Japanese culture, and some other stuff I can't think of off the top of my head.˛˛So I'll just list tropes that apply to me:˛* '''AGoodNameForARockBand:''' "Hey, that sounds like a good band name!" is sort of one of my catch phrases.˛* '''AdjustingYourGlasses:''' When I actually used to wear glasses, I'd do Type 3 as a habit.˛* '''AllAsiansAreAlike:''' I'm a Filipino who likes Japanese and Korean culture and [[JapanesePopMusic mu]][[KoreanPopMusic sic]], but I've been mistaken for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and even Mexican (I know, not Asian, but still). I guess that last one would be "All People With Spanish Ancestry Are Alike"?˛* '''ApologisesALot:''' Used to. Certain people close to me hated it, so [[OldShame I try to avoid this]].˛* '''BeYourself:''' I used to be afraid of this because I was so different from most of the people in my middle school and early high school classes, but now I follow this strongly. ˛* '''BuffySpeak'''˛* '''CampStraight:''' For the most part, averted, until you consider my taste in music.˛* '''DeadpanSnarker:''' I easily slip into this when talking about people I don't like.˛* '''TheDogBitesBack:''' There was this one time when I was a kid and I got back at another kid for bullying me the previous school year.˛** '''DefeatMeansFriendship:''' Then after I got him to apologize, this happened, and later zigzagged a couple of years later.˛* '''EverythingIsRacist:''' Being Filipino, and having had classmates in middle school who weren't exactly kind to Asians, I had this mindset throughout most of middle school until maybe early high school, where I still noticed it occasionally. It got to the point where I would automatically play the race card to pretty much anyone who wasn't nice to me. But I've lightened up a LOT since then.˛* '''FanNickname:''' I have a few.˛** '''{{Barbie}} Falcon:''' [[FZero Captain Falcon's]] pink color scheme in SuperSmashBros.˛** '''Neckbeard/Euphoric Gentlesir:''' Almost any fictional character who wears a fedora.˛** '''[[SonicTheHedgehog Sanic the Hedgeheg]] (sic)'''˛* '''HeroesPreferSwords:''' In video games, I always prefer to use characters with swords. Also, I used to take up kendo.˛* '''GratuitousForeignLanguage:''' A few cases.˛** Chinese: I have a tendency to say "Aiya!" when most people would say "oh my god". Also, thanks to a [[SleepingDogs certain game]], I sometimes use Cantonese insults like [[SpellMyNameWithAnS pok gai/puk gaai]].˛*** I've outgrown this and I think [[OldShame it was silly]].˛** [[GratuitousJapanese Japanese]]: I sometimes say "Yosh!" when I get up from a seat or lift something heavy.˛** [[YiddishAsASecondLanguage Yiddish]]: I'm not Jewish, but thanks to a friend, I've taken to saying "oy vey" when I see something cringeworthy.˛*** Haven't done this one in a while.˛* '''MistakenForGay:''' In middle school, I had a male classmate who was very, ''very'' [[StalkerWithACrush clingy and possessive of me, would stare at me, watching pretty much every movement I made, follow me around constantly, and would get extremely jealous if I hung around anyone other than him]]. And he would deny it whenever I or anyone else called out [[TransparentCloset the obvious]]. But because he was always seen around me, everyone in my class mistook us for a gay couple. It didn't help that most of them were homophobic. ˛** There was another time when a girl mistook me for gay after I told her I liked SuperJunior. And because I know what {{Yaoi}} is. Not because I liked it, which I don't. Just because I know what it is.˛* '''OldShame:''' Too many to list.˛* '''PungeonMaster:''' I like to think I've become this recently. I like to work titles and lyrics of [[KoreanPopMusic Kpop songs]] into stuff, whenever I meet a person who likes Kpop.˛** [[OldShame I don't really do this anymore.]]˛* '''TheOneGuy:''' I probably have more female friends than male friends, so this happens a lot.˛* '''RyuAndKen:''' One of my best friends and I always used to compare ourselves to them, since we were such huge Street Fighter fans as kids. (FTR, I was the Ryu between us, but now I think I'm becoming the Ken while he's becoming the Ryu)˛˛Shows, Movies, Books, Comics, etc. that I like: ˛* '''AfroSamurai'''˛* '''{{Berserk}}'''˛* '''DC's BlackestNight'''˛* '''DeathNote'''˛* '''DragonBall'''˛* '''DragonBallZ''' (That includes the [[TeamFourStar Abridged Series]].) ˛* '''[[Anime/FullmetalAlchemist Fullmetal Alchemist]]'''˛* '''FullmetalAlchemistBrotherhood'''˛* '''{{Mazinkaiser}}'''˛* '''MobileFighterGGundam'''˛* '''MobileSuitGundam'''˛* '''MobileSuitGundamSEED'''˛* '''NarutoTheAbridgedComedySpoofSeriesShow'''˛* '''{{Robotech}}''' (Yes, {{Macross}} purists, you read that right.)˛* '''RurouniKenshin'''˛* '''SamuraiSeven'''˛* '''SengokuBasara''' ([[TropeNamer Troper]] [[JustForPun Namer]])˛* '''SergeantFrog'''˛* '''StepBrothers'''˛* '''SuperDimensionFortressMacross'''˛* '''[[Literature/TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy]]'''˛* '''YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries'''˛* '''YuYuHakusho'''˛˛Video Games I like:˛* '''VideoGame/DeadOrAlive'''˛* '''DragonsDogma'''˛* '''DynastyWarriors'''˛* '''TheElderScrolls'''˛* '''{{Fallout}}'''˛* '''{{Goldeneye}}:''' Honestly, the only FPS I can say I'm really a fan of. I mean, I'd play others, but I'd only really say I'm a ''fan'' of this one.˛* '''LittleBigPlanet'''˛* '''MetalGearSolid'''˛* '''MortalKombat'''˛* '''SleepingDogs'''˛* '''SoulCalibur'''˛* '''StarCraft'''˛* '''StarTrekOnline:''' And I don't even watch Star Trek, other than the occasional Original Series episode.˛* '''StreetFighter'''˛* '''SuperSmashBros'''˛* '''{{Tekken}}'''˛˛Stuff I Don't Like:˛* '''[[SonicTheHedgehog Sanic teh Hedgeheg]]'''˛* '''Just Regular Non-Parody {{Naruto}}'''


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