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1Hey-yo! A minor Troper who nevertheless tries to do what's right! That's Pulse!²²I hope I'm doing okay as a Troper, even if I've done only a little editing and forum...-ing. ²²I'm mostly hangin' around the Video Games fora, particularly [=JRPGs and Nintendo series.=] Oh, and Touhou, when I can say something interesting!²²The Wall's over [[{{Troperwall/Pulse}} here]]!²²On the chance that someone wants to comment here, there's a space for that coming in 3, 2, 1...²-----²Go!²²I found you! You were hiding inside my wrist... ~@/{{Anomalocaris20}}²²OMG, you're so awesome! Thanks for your help with my team! :D - {{@/Hobgoblin}}²²Vandalism! [[AffablyEvil In the proper place!]] - {{@/Belfagor}}²²To give credit where credit is due, I couldn't have thought up everything without your help, so I'd say you're just as cool, if not moreso. Thanks a bunch. :) - @/{{X2X}}²²I like your avatar, but I have no idea what it's from. :P - ~@/{{Saiga}}²²[[ Feel free to join!]] - ~@/{{MagcargoMan}}²²Hi, thanks for Kanata from a few months ago! - @/{{DiurnalBrocolli}}²²DON'T SEXUALLY REASSIGN ME BRO! :P -Tropers/TheMike²²Puuuulse! You're awesome! And also kind of adorable. Don't ever change~ Tropers/EDog19²²Wait, I never vandalized you? Must be corrected! - ~@/{{phoenixdaughterAM}}²²²You're ridiculously adorable, Pulse! Can I take you home and keep you? ~ [[Tropers/{{YinHachiko}} Yinny]] :D²²Hello. You genderbent me. Thank you~ --[[@/{{Eskay64}} Sarah]]


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