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1Describe {{Numbuh9494}} here. ²²Okay, sure.²²Numbuh9494 has been wandering around this site for years now -- she doesn't even know how long. She only knows that she started contributing to TvTropes in middle school, and now she's a junior at the University of Washington (so she thinks that's probably around seven or eight years on the site now). ²²She's been a ''CodenameKidsNextDoor'' fan since she was little, and a renewed obsession with it in middle school brought her to this site. She's a Biochemistry Major and she is still anime trash to this day.²²²Fun Facts:²²She's known for her unending cheeriness and was, incidentally, voted "Most Talkative" her senior year of high school. ²²Ever since 2010, whenever the MIT Mystery Hunt has rolled around, she puts her entire life on pause to participate in it as a proud member of the team Duck Soup.²²She is currently a resident adviser in the res halls at UW. It's her second year as an RA and she really enjoys it.²²(By the way, if you want to (though you probably don't) you can check out all of her edits by replacing in the edit URL "Numbuh9494" with "Numbuh9.494." Because even though she goes by Numbuh 9.494 many, many places, that username broke the edit system, so she had to make do with what she had.)²²<<|TheContributors|>>


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