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1Tropers/{{Moriatti}} does not have enough notability for TV tropes.²!!Pages that Moriatti should be merged with.²* {{Magnificent Bastard}}²* {{Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain}}²* {{Joke Character}}²* {{Running Gag}} Ask him about Microwaves, and later on, vehicles.²!!Active [=RPs=] that Moriatti is part of:²* [[ The Massive Multi-Fandom RPG]] as [[StarWars Darth]] [[TheDragon Vader]]²* [[ Generic High Fantasy RP]] as [[TheObiWan Sir Roland Wolfe]]²* [[ Sorrowful Gate]] as Lieutenant Jimmy "Shrapnel" Jones²²²!!Vandalism that Moriatti wished upon himself:²And thus the vandalism began! ~ Tropers/{{Phencer42}}²²I vandalized your page with the Contributors index navigation. Hope you don't mind! ~ @/TParadox²²I'm in ur page, writin teh graffitiz. ~@/{{Zudak}}²²Reciprocate, CHUMP! ~ @/WanderlustWarrior²²I don't mind. ~ @/{{Korodzik}}²²Is there cake in here? ~ @/MagmarFire²²I'm in your page too, fixing your formatting. -Tropers/Artemis92


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