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1An American born Chinese person.(maybe Iím a boy maybe Iím a girl who know?) Iím your typical AsianAndNerdy person. Iím also bi So no help with my gender with that.
3Also remember I live on the internet at a different speed which doesnít allow me to actually obtain sources and double check very quickly so take every thing I say with a grain of salt.
5[[folder:media I like]]
7* VideoGame/StarSector great drug smuggling and war crime sim Also my favorite game of all time.
8* VideoGame/DwarfFortress what caused me to fall in love with sim games and itís free
9* VideoGame/CataClysm I remember drinking toilet water in the supernatural zombie apocalypse fondly.
10* VideoGame/RimWorld where half of my ideas for sci-fi come.
12* VideoGame/EndlessSky the mere act of advancing In this feels amazing.
13* VideoGame/SunlessSea I like shipping clay men in the worlds most hostile sea
14* VideoGame/EliteDangerous mining mining mining for void opals.
15* VideoGame/FactoriO is it dusk or dawn? I canít tell
19[[folder:quotes I like]]
21* oí if you arenít even gonna try then donít try and drag everyone else down I un ironically believe in Buddhism and I still have a will to live and to improve things. To accept dharmas now is to accept stagnation to accept endless reincarnation only though finally succeeding shall you find nirvana and escape from the endless cycle reincarnation. Accept the bad accept the good strive for improvement if you can. We as a race still have hope to abandon the petty squabbles we fight to come together as species to explore the stars learn the secrets that still hide among them to do the impossible for if we give up now it is no better then stabbing oneself in the heart. Even if we have to grope our way through nuclear fire, impossible depths and horrible weapons we as a species must persist with all the zeal we were given and we must do our best to advance and progress as a species. Hope is not a thing to be mocked not a thing to be extinguished but a torch in the darkness the persistence to stand against a typhoon and keep walking.
23-me in a half sleep state getting ticked at a nihilist