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1A media junkie, dreadful musician, frequent lurker and infrequent contributor to TVTropes, student of the sciences, small-time writer, and all-around geek. His current projects include two novels and a webcomic in DevelopmentHell, attempting to cure his creative block, and torturing Dr Irving Barsama over at [[Literature/TheKingdom The Kingdom]].˛----˛This Troper provides examples of:˛* AuthorAppeal: Expect a love of strong, black coffee from many of his characters.˛* CatchPhrase: Multiple˛** "Ain't dead yet."˛** "I'm gonna go set something on fire"˛** "Meh, it's what I do."˛* FriendToAllLivingThings: Stray animals wander up to him. [[IAmNotMakingThisUpDisclaimer Birds have been known to fly through open windows and sit peacefully on his kitchen table.]]˛* MustHaveCaffeine: He started drinking coffee when he was ''four''.


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