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1I edit various pages from time to time if I feel the urge to edit mistakes or add examples on a page I'm reading (and said reading material tends to be more than one page at a time, considering the nature of this site). However, for whatever reason most of my editing became focused on the pages for WebVideo/{{Vinesauce}} as of mid-2015 or so, including the ''WebVideo/VinesauceTomodachiLife'', ''WebVideo/MayorVine'', and ''WebVideo/VinesauceMiitopia'' pages as of those series' separation from the main Vinesauce pages. In addition, AskTheTropers, Administrivia/TropeRepairShop, and (to a lesser extent) ImagePickin and various cleanup threads eat up my time as well, and I sometimes multitask between those and the wiki proper.께Around mid-2019, I decided to help update the pages for ''VideoGame/TrialsOfMana'' to use the official English translations after the release of an official localization for the Super Famicom version, which I started a playthrough of after the release of the ''Collection of Mana'' CompilationRerelease on the UsefulNotes/NintendoSwitch. I also updated wicks to match the pages' new names/locations. Both were done according to the site policy to use the most recent official English names for foreign-language works.께A while back, I made a page on the [[GameMod ROM hack]] ''VideoGame/SuperMarioBros3Mix'' (which I have since completed) after I played some of it (and also after I watched Vinny from Vinesauce play it). These days I generally don't edit it and focus more on the [=YouTube=] videos its creator (WebVideo/CaptainSouthbird) makes.께As of 2016, I've been playing more {{Fan Translation}}s than "typical" ROM hacks (like the aforementioned ''Super Mario Bros. [=3Mix=]''), particularly of Super Famicom [=RPGs=].께Regarding my edits to the Vinesauce pages, I also made the UsefulNotes/Nintendo3DS version of Vineschnoz[[note]]Not the original, which was made by Vinesauce affiliate Weinerless Steve for a one-off stream of the UsefulNotes/NintendoDS game ''Tomodachi Collection'', which is the Japan-only predecessor to the [=3DS=] game ''VideoGame/TomodachiLife''.[[/note]] and I'm not proud of how the final product turned out (by which I mean I think he ended up being kind of rushed). In December 2017 I finished a [[Recap/MayorVine project to recap]] all ''WebVideo/MayorVine'' videos that existed at the time. I have no plans to do this with ''WebVideo/VinesauceMiitopia''.께I'm a pretty big fan of WebVideo/{{Yuriofwind}} and I edited his pages quite a bit around early 2017, though I haven't edited his page much lately.께My editing tends to be fueled by boredom, insomnia, and caffeine. See Administrivia/TropingUnderTheInfluence for why the second of the three has its downsides and why I sometimes make errors that even I find weird (and hopefully fix later).께Should it matter, the browser I use is Firefox (the standard, non-ESR version), my primary operating system is Manjaro Linux[[note]]Arch Linux derivative, for those curious[[/note]], and my secondary operating system is Windows 10. I use the same browser on both operating systems.께In case you're wondering, I originally came up with [[ this username]] in 2003 for a now-defunct ''VideoGame/AnimalCrossing'' message board and stuck with it out of habit. My favorite ''Animal Crossing'' villager these days is actually [[ Bob]].----


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